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Show 849 - Batman

Show 849 - Batman

Air Date:

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Hey baby, Little Steven here with our Underground Garage pop quiz of the week.

Who wears tights, delivers his lines with a special authority, and flies around the universe?

No it’s not Captain Kirk, it’s Batman, and we’re celebrating him this weekend in the Underground Garage.

Joining us will be the Kinks, the Sonics, Traffic, and the J.Geils Band.

There is only one place where you can find out what Rufus Thomas, Tom Jones and Julie Newmar have in common

Join us this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1
    Biff Bang Pow (Creation)
    Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White (Standells)
    Perfect Disguise (Contrast)
    Rockin’ Robin (Henchmen)
    Action Woman (Richard & the Young Lions)
    Midnight To Six Man (Pretty Things)

    Set 2
    There’s A Bimbo Under My Bed (Adam West)
    You Got It Going On (Cheap Trick)
    I Need You (Kinks)
    Spin Our Wheels (Sloan)
    Evil Boy (Stiv Bators)

    Set 3
    Put Your Cat Clothes On (Carl Perkins)
    Black Cat (Jarvis Humby)
    Stray Cat Blues (Rolling Stones)
    Leave My Kitten Alone (Sonics)
    What’s New Pussycat? (Tom Jones)

    Set 4
    A Teenager In Love (Regrettes)
    Paper Sun (Traffic)
    Four Riders (Alan Gerber)
    Bend Me, Shape Me (American Breed)

    Set 5
    Joker Is Wild (Jan & Dean)
    Poison Ivy (Coasters)
    Freeze Frame (J. Geils Band)
    Do The Funky Penguin Pt. 1 (Rufus Thomas)
    King Tut (Steve Martin)

Comments (4)

  • Steed Colliss

    Gear ! Fab ! Gear ! Mike Allred finally in the garage !!!

    Anyone interested in the history of rock and roll should check out his "Red Rocket 7" book !

    "Let me pretend I'm a rock'n'roll star for a moment... Like Brian Jones was... and Ziggy Stardust"

  • jcjohnson63

    Thanks once again for yet another classic update!! NOT a fan of the Regrettes though. Sorry. The rest of the show is pretty cool!! Peace,Love and Rock and Roll!!! :)

  • Kevin Law

    Here's one to keep the party going "Be My Batgirl" might be one for a part 2 on this great subject matter --


  • Ron Lynch

    5 Cool ones plus one. Action Woman (Richard & the Young Lions)everybody should have one, You Got It Going On (Cheap Trick)sweet rock, the plus 1 from Halifax is Spin Our Wheels (Sloan), What’s New Pussycat? (Tom Jones)got to go with this one, my son in law is from Wales, Four Riders (Alan Gerber)man I love this song & King Tut (Steve Martin)the cool banjo player. Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin.

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