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Show 842 - Almost Summer

Show 842 - Almost Summer

Air Date:

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

You just can’t get a straight answer anymore.

What is the origin of the universe?

Why is New York City nothing but pot holes?

And most importantly, why did Buddy Holly wear those big black horn-rimmed glasses?

We got the answers baby, well, to the last one at least, in the Underground Garage.

It’s a non stop Rock n’ Roll dance party this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1
    Cold Metal (Iggy Pop)
    Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly & the Crickets)
    You’re Gonna Lose That Girl (Beatles)
    In The End (Connection)
    Don’t Talk To Strangers (Beau Brummels)
    Fly High Michelle (Enuff Z Nuff)

    Set 2
    Jerk It Out (Caesars)
    Medicated Goo (Traffic)
    Press Your Luck (Prima Donna)
    Root Beer (George Jones)
    Shrinking Man (Ry Cooder)

    Set 3
    Wasn’t Born To Follow (Byrds)
    Evil Boy (Stiv Bators)
    Star (Stealers Wheel)
    Ghost Of James Dean (Ryan Hamilton & the Traitors)
    Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby (Stevie Wonder)
    Taxi Driver (Longshot)

    Set 4
    Foolish Stuff (Kurt Baker Combo)
    Obviously 5 Believers (Bob Dylan)
    Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Little Eva)
    Haunt Me (Death By Unga Bunga)
    Fire (Crazy World of Arthur Brown)

    Set 5
    When The Night Falls (Eyes)
    Soulfire (Little Steven)
    Tobacco Road (Nashville Teens)
    Old John Robertson (Byrds)

Comments (3)

  • Steed Colliss

    Cool redo of Root Beer show (2006). Nice audio clip from "Slap Shot"... Here's the Québec translation: "Donne-moé in Coke ou in orangeade... Toute sauf d'l'esti d'root beer!" And now for the LSUG useless info: Did you know a woman wrote "Slap Shot" ? She's the sister of the the guy playing Oggie Oggelthorp. Did you know she (Nancy Dowd) currently lives in Lachine, a borrough of Montréal ? Did yoiu know Allan Nichols who played Johnny Upton was born in Montréal ?

  • jcjohnson63

    Once again thanks for posting yet another classic update!!! AND Kurt baker goes GLAM TOOO??? WOW!!!! He really kicks ass on this one! Peace,Love and Rock and Roll!!!! :)

  • Ron Lynch

    5 more cool ones, plus one. Cold Metal (Iggy Pop) extra is Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly & the Crickets) too cool, Shrinking Man (Ry Cooder), Obviously 5 Believers (Bob Dylan) & Soulfire (Little Steven) Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin.

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