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Show 791 - Decoration Day

Show 791 - Decoration Day

Air Date:

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hey baby, Little Steven here.


This is a very, very, very exciting week. It is the official end of winter as we come out of the Underground Garage and into the sunlight.


We are celebrating with some surf music this weekend. We are celebrating the Rolling Stones coming to America. We are celebrating James Bond.


Joining us will be the Beatles, the Stones, the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, the Impressions, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Johnny Rivers, and the Monkees.


Come find out what the Surf Bunnies, Little Walter, and the Monkees have in common.


It’s Decoration Day, a.k.a. Memorial Day, this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.


Let the summer-long party begin.


I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1

    I Get Around (Beach Boys)

    Victor (Dick Dale)

    California Sun (Joe Jones)

    School Is Out (Gary U.S. Bonds)

    Babbling Idiot (Dollyrots)

    (When Summer Comes) Gonna Hustle You (Jan & Dean)


    Set 2

    Decoration Day (Sonny Boy Williamson)

    You Just May Be The One (Monkees)

    Strength In Numbers (Ryan Hamilton & the Traitors)

    Another Girl (Beatles)

    Like She Does (Bayonets)


    Set 3

    Around & Around (Rolling Stones)

    My Monster (Blondie)

    Empty Heart (Rolling Stones)

    Confessin’ The Blues (Little Walter)

    Soulfire (Little Steven)


    Set 4

    Ok (Stupidity)

    Love Disease (Paul Butterfield Blues Band)

    Fool For You (Impressions)

    Sally Go Round The Roses (Jaynettes)


    Set 5

    Goldfinger (Shirley Bassey)

    Secret Agent Man (Johnny Rivers)

    Forever My Baby (Dahlmanns)

    Summertime Is Surfin’ Time (Surf Bunnies)

    Girls On The Beach (Beach Boys)

Comments (15)

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    -forces me to get injections or shots of haldol on a monthly basis
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  • edvanzandt

    ironic isn't it gerry devil that little steven has a band called desciples of soul when he is a body double controlled like a puppet on a string by you..he doesn't even have a true soul....i'm terrified to even drive..let alone fly on an airplane....the whole population is controlled by satan. ..they are all body doubles....no one can actually see...only through satan's eyes...it's beyond me how this is even possible...i've never hurt a person in my life and i'm in hell forever...just imagine all the good music, movies and good times with family and friends i'm missing on the real earth...the new music all sucks...mtv is dead...i haven't seen a good movie since titantic in 1997...and it is all because gerald stern was satan and killed me over twenty years ago...every city and town is an absolute ghost town...i didn't deserve this nitemare.

  • edvanzandt

    said playlist could not be loaded

    i listened to the bob dylan show
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  • edvanzandt

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    • Steed Colliss

      I know that by answering this, it'll only fuel you desire to write more... But please find some other place for your rants... Thank you !

      • greggie434

        This is rant that won't go away,started like 3 or 4 shows ago, I'm try ing to catch up, I hope this person is o k

  • edvanzandt

    i saw an infant with skulls all over his shirt....at walmart
    i used to live in a small town in iowa but now i know for a fact that i'm in hell....what parent would ever dress their kids up in skulls...gerald stern who was and is satan is sure one sick puppy. if i never would have crossed his path i would still be alive on the real earth having the time of my life and not trapped forever in satan's world of disgusting lies. the real little steven and bruce are probably making music that doesn't suck and mtv is still thriving on the real earth...so i guess i'm the only one alive on this god forsaken planet that isn't a body double. oh yeah....when i tried fighting satan by starving myself he held me immovable with his deadly sorcery...i couldn't even breathe. I have never hurt a person in my life....i didn't deserve this fate.

  • edvanzandt

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  • edvanzandt

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  • edvanzandt

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  • edvanzandt

    i'm trapped forever in the land of the living dead

    for what? i was perfectly happy on the earth that i was born on...

  • trawicki

    Playlist could not be loaded: error #1085

    • Steed Colliss

      It is now working... Or you could listen to the previous editions of the show (113, 165, 217, 269, 321, 373, 426, 478, 530, 582, 686, 739)...

  • Ron Lynch

    5 cool ones always. I Get Around (Beach Boys), You Just May Be The One (Monkees), Soulfire (Little Steven), Fool For You (Impressions) & Secret Agent Man (Johnny Rivers). Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin.

  • jcjohnson63

    Thank you very much for yet another classic updated show!! Another classic from Stupidity! And as the previous posts show some of us can use a bit more Stupidity in our lives baby!!! KNOW WHAT I MEAN??? LOVE YOU ALL HERE in the garage! Jimmy the C! ;)

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