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Show 705 - Murray The K

Show 705 - Murray The K

Air Date:

Tuesday, 06 October 2015

Who was the wildest, swingingest, kookiest DJ like ever?

There is a lot of possibilities, but the one with that Miami hat was Murray the K, and we are celebrating him this week in the Underground Garage.

Joining us will be the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Rascals, the Troggs, the Ronettes, the Raspberries, and the Impressions.

Find out how the first FM radio got started.

Find out how the Who came to America.

Come fine out what Bob Seger, Bob Dylan, and Bob Womack have in common.

It is our tribute to Murray the K in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1
    You Can’t Sit Down (Dovells)
    It’s All Over Now (Rolling Stones)
    Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio (Ramones)
    Sends Me To Mars (Kurt Baker)
    Tired Of Waiting (Kinks)
    Funky Street (Arthur Conley)

    Set 2
    Wild Thing (Troggs)
    Come On Up (Rascals)
    Get Up (Stupidity)
    No Opportunity Necessary No Experience Needed (Richie Havens)

    Set 3
    And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles)
    Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window (Bob Dylan)
    Night Closing In (Darlene Love)
    I Wonder (Ronettes)
    Soul Sister, Brown Sugar (Sam & Dave)

    Set 4
    Radio Sister (Soraia)
    Born To Lose (Johnny Thunders)
    Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Bob Seger System)
    Spinning (Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes)
    Tonight (Raspberries)

    Set 5
    Out In The Streets (Who)
    Sock It To Me (Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels)
    Tell Me Why (Death By Unga Bunga)
    Fool For You (Impressions)
    Deserted Cities Of The Heart (Cream)

Comments (9)

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Thank You Very Much, Little Steven, for yet another 5 Star Saturday Night! I also would like to thank the Administrator for getting the show up into the archives so quickly! Great Work! Show # 705! Murray The K! Another great update to one of my Favorites! Yes, Murray the K certainly was involved in so much great music and got things moving forward with all of his special guest appearances, as well as bringing us the beginning of FM radio, which actually can be viewed as a double edge sword, but I digress, and certainly give him the benefit of doubt! Show-Biz Kid! I will adopt the patented Ron Lynch method of choosing at least 1 tune per set, maybe 2, if necessary! I will also give my special reason why, as well! OK? What's that you said back there in the peanut gallery. The 5Th Beatle! Set 1.I shall go with You Can't Sit Down by the Dovells, because I find it very difficult to do so when I hear that slab of vinyl begin. O.K. I shall also pick The Rolling Stones with It's All Over Now, because I love the very cool way in which you took the original 1st verse by The Valentinos, and continued into the version by The Stones! I love the way that Murray seemed to really care about the kids, advising them "Not to get hurt"! He really cared about us kids. As a additional comment, set 1 was All Very Good To Excellent! No clunkers there! Set 2. I love the way you noted about October 8, 1966, and the anecdote about introducing FM radio. YES! LP tracks, as well as 45's. Sounds good to me, except when they started playing PROG! YUCK! Well, no worry here because we shall find no PROG in The Underground Garage! Yeah Baby! For the 2nd set I shall choose Wild Thing by The Troggs! 2 reasons here. 1st, it is such a cool record and 2nd, it was written by Chip Taylor, one of the coolest dudes ever. He would quit recording tunes for a while and become a very successful gambler on riverboats, for quite a few years. He returned and mostly played country type music, but he is now known as an Americana or Alt Country type artist! I did see him in 2004., at The Green River Festival In Greenfield, Massachusetts. He surprised everybody by playing an updated version of Wild Thing! WOW! How Cool is That? Set 3. Very difficult here because the entire set is once again Excellent! I shall pick 2. 1st, Night Closing In by Darlene Love, from her excellent new release, Introducing Darlene Love! What A Killer new record! Darlene sounds like she did some nearly 55 years ago! How does she do it? Great production on that release, as well. Oh, that's right! That would be you, Little Steven! Great Work! My 2nd choice would be I Wonder by The Ronettes. Reason being is because, as you mentioned, Murray was an early supporter of the group, and they remain my favorite Girl Group Of all Time! Moving along to Set 4. I 1st choose Born To Lose by Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers! Boy, am I glad they finally cleaned up that muddled production of L.A.M.F. 1977! Moving along, I shall also choose Tonight by The Raspberries! Reason being, Power Pop at It's finest! From Their 3rd LP! Set 5! The Final Set! Once again, I am forced to choose 2 tunes. Great anecdote about how both The Who, as well as Cream, 1st came to the USA, all related to Murray promoting Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, who I saw at The Mountain Park Ballroom, in Holyoke, Massachusetts, in 1967, as well as in Salem Massachusetts Armory, again in 1967! Both shows were indeed Excellent! Mitch Is still at it! My 1st choice would be The Who with Out In The Streets, from their 1st LP, from 1965! The Reason? Because It rocks like no ever LP by The Who! It is also my favorite LP by The Who! It also was 1 of the 1st Lp's that I ever payed an extra buck for because it was in Stereo! Must have picked it up in 1966, if I got it in Stereo! Whatever! I just know that my parents freaked out when I blasted that great LP, over and over again! My 2nd choice would be Cream with Deserted Cities Of The Heart! Hey, that is very cool that I was able to pick both The Who, as well as Cream, who Murray unknowingly brought to USA! All Thanks To Mitch Ryder! Well, that's it for this week! I would be remiss if I didn't mention the new list of eligible nominees for The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Class of 2016! I started my voting just this afternoon. My 5 nominees that I chose were Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, whose early LP's were, indeed, excellent, The Cars, and Los Lobos! Now I do recall you playing all of those 5 in The Underground Garage. Please correct me if I am wrong. Sometimes, on Saturday Nights, The Mushrooms really Kick IN! Yeah Baby! That's it for this week, Little Steven. Thanks again for a truly Excellent show, both musically, and educationally! To All Who Live IN, and FOR, The Underground Garage, Peace Be With You! Don't Forget to spread some Love Around! EEYAHH! SMRZ!

  • Steed Colliss

    Hey !!!! Hello Robert, my brother from antother mother... Glad to read you... Those five in the Garage ? Cheap Trick, yeah, nine song from which three were csitwtw... Deep Purple ? Hush (shows 196, 254, 359, 608, 620, 672... Steve Miller ? Nope... The Cars... Nope, though they have an album cover from a man who should be Freak of the Week, none other than the greatest pin-up artist of all time, Alberto Vargas... Los Lobos ? A song called "Viking" by a latino band ?!? For sure it fitted in the Garage...

    And about spreading love around, to quote the Cult's "Nirvana" from the album "Love": "Love all around when the music gets loud"...

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      Hello Steed! My Brother from another Mother Is Just Right! OK! Thanks for setting me straight about which artists were played in TUG! I could have sworn that The Steve Miller Band was played from his 1st or 2nd LP! As far as Los Lobos, what about their version of La Bamba? It did reach #1 on many charts in the 80's. Please check on that one for me, OK? Also, I would be curious about which 5 nominees you would select for The Hall! Again, Thanks for the excellent research, and also your kind words and response! Peace, Bro!

      • Steed Colliss

        With the information I have (I do am missing about 80 shows out of the 705), Viking is the only Los Lobos song played in the Garage... One thing you have to consider (and Little Steven hasn't mentionned it in a long time) is any song over three minutes is in jeopardy in this show...

        There is a song by Steve Martin, but no Steve Miller...

        As for the Hall of Fame, it is hard... The only band I listened to was Nine Inch Nails in 1990-1993 (Pretty Hate Machine, The Downward Spiral)... I did prior to that listen to rap music, but always prefered Ice-T and Public Enemy over NWA... Of course, as a teenager in probably the worst decade ever to be a teenager, I mean the eighties, I'd have to select the Smiths for "How Soon Is Now"... But yeah, the Cars and Deep Purple should be there...

        Finally as the Spaceman, another person who should be Freak of the Week, once said "all ballplayers should be in the baseball Hall of Fame"... All bands should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...



    • Tundracat

      I am having the same problem.

  • jcjohnson63

    LOVE the update and LOVE SORAIA!!! as far as the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME one name- DEEP PURPLE!!!!!!!!!! thanks for posting and keeping us rocking all these years!!!!! quote JOan Jett- I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Douglas

    Steven..I've been meaning to get to Darlene's new record. I just heard Night Closing In. WTF? She sounds better than ever. The band on it also sounds bigger then the Wall. If you are so inclined how about you do another show on the sound and producion of the wall of sound. Darlenes new record, the Crystals, Ronnettes, Righteous Bros, Springsteen, the Beach Boys, Harrison, the Brill building, Jeff Lynne, and on and on, the sound and influence is unmistakeable and so far reaching. Thanks Steven your show is still the best.. Doug /Worcester MA.

  • Ron Lynch

    5 cool ones. It’s All Over Now (Rolling Stones), Get Up (Stupidity), Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window (Bob Dylan),
    Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Bob Seger System) & Tell Me Why (Death By Unga Bunga). Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin.

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