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Show 674 - Walking Through My Dreams

Show 674 - Walking Through My Dreams

Air Date:

Monday, 02 March 2015

Yeah baby, Little Steven here.

We are going to go walking through my dreams this weekend in the Underground Garage with a psychedelic overview of Brian Jones, Emile Berliner, William Maxwell Gaines, and Roger Daltrey.

Joining us will be David Bowie, Blondie, Vanilla Fudge, the Troggs, the Raspberries, and the Electric Prunes.

Come find out what Nancy Sinatra, Leonard Nimoy, and Sylvain Sylvain have in common.

They are all walking through me dreams this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1
    Walking Through My Dreams (Pretty Things)
    The Last Time (Rolling Stones)
    Under My Thumb (Rolling Stones)
    Can’t Help Thinking About Me (David Bowie & the Lower Third)
    Don’t Let Me Down (Dogs)
    Street Fighting Man (Rolling Stones)

    Set 2
    Hangin’ On The Telephone (Blondie)
    Don’t Let Him (Love Me Nots)
    Doctor Robert (Beatles)
    Bring It Easy (Stevie Salas)
    Shotgun (Vanilla Fudge)

    Set 3
    Out Of Our Tree (Wailers)
    Last Of The Secret Agents (Nancy Sinatra)
    I Gotta Tell You (Dina Regine)
    Till The End Of The Day (Verbs)
    Good Vibrations (Troggs)

    Set 4
    It’ll Be Alright (Bullet Proof Lovers)
    Tonight (Raspberries)
    Love Hand (Breakers)
    Teenage News (Sylvain Sylvain)

    Set 5
    Armenia City In The Sky (Who)
    I Had Too Much To Dream (Electric Prunes)
    Electric Man (Rival Sons)
    Where It’s At (Leonard Nimoy)
    Love Or Confusion (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

Comments (11)

  • Jim Granfors


  • David J Owens

    Show number 674 was totally awesome, I loved it. I also learn so much from listening to you. Your knowledge of music is so full specturm. (spelling) Thanks for the great show's. Peace

  • Paul W Mosher

    It would be nice if you brought back the musical bed listings so that we know the names of the great surf tunes you are playing. I'm sure that the surf guitarists would appreciate it, too. Through the years, I've purchased many surf tunes I've discovered because of this show. I love surf and I try to share it with others as much as possible to keep it alive. Many people don't know what I'm talking about, saying, "What do you mean they don't sing?" How sad - but once I show them what I mean, they love it. Perhaps Unsteady Freddie can help somehow with this issue. Thank you very much.

    • Steed Colliss

      Go have a look at show 517 in the Archives...

  • Steed Colliss

    And here I was expecting the Pacific Northwest show... At least I got to hear the Wailers' "Out of Our Tree" that usually opens the show of the same name... It's also the song opening the Bill Gaines set !!! One of my favorite Freak of the Week, along with Ian Fleming and Hugh M. Hefner...

    Gaines fits right there with Alan Freed as white men who helped racial integration and condemned segregation and having done so peacefully... Freed by playing the original records and not the white versions and Gaines by publishing a little comic book story called "Judgment Day" written by Al Feldstein and drawn by Joe Orlando... The Comic Code wanted Gaines to have the artwork in the last panel of the story altered and he said no way... Go check it out... As Little Steven would say, "the coolest comic book story of all times"... Also we have to thank Russ Cochran, Gary Groth and Mike Richardson for keeping the EC stories alive...

    Oh and by the way, I listened a couple of times to be sure I heard right, but Gaines did not pass away in seventy-two... It was ninety-two... Recommended viewing of Ron Mann's "Comic Book Confidential" and reading of Frank Jacobs' "The Mad World of William M. Gaines" and Maria Reidelbach's "Completely Mad"...

    Also funny that in the last set, you played Leonard Nimoy's "Where It's At", two days after he passed away... Another man besides Gaines and Freed who tried to make, in his own way, the world a better place...

  • jcjohnson63

    thanks for posting another classic update! every time you play stevie salas i think it's hendrix!!!!!!! does kurt baker ever rest? LOL ;)

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    O.K. Now! Show #674! Walking Through My Dreams! Man, it feels so good to be back in The Underground Garage! Thanks, Little Steven, for yet another 5 Star Saturday Night Special! I also would like to thank The Administrator for getting the very fine show up into the Archives so quickly. Excellent Work! O.K., gang. I don't want to put youse people into shock because I don't know who might have a heart condition out there, so I shall ease my way back in, ever so slowly. I will utilize the patented Ron Lynch method of picking just 1 song from each set, while also explaining exactly why I am so choosing that tune. Fair Enough? What did you just call me, you......? Set 1, which is celebrating the birthday of the Exalted Brian Jones, who, as Stevie pointed out, was the founding member of the Rolling Stones! Please Never Forget that! I shall choose The Last Time, because, as Stevie pointed out, that was actually Brian's Riff! It also was the 1st of 3 excellent singles that The Stones would release here in the USA, within just a matter of a few months in 1965. The follow-up would be a little tune called Satisfaction, which then would be followed by Get Off Of My Cloud! Whew! Can you beat that? Set 2. The Emile Berliner set. I shall choose the incredible Dr. Robert by The Beatles! The reason being mainly because I know what exactly what the good Dr. was dishing out, which was also pointed out by Stevie! Dig! Set 3. William Maxwell Gaines! The Mad Magazine Set! I still have many copies of Mad lying all over my apt., and I don't know what I would have done without Mad Magazine while growing up during the 50's and 60's. I even nick, I mean pick up, I mean purchase the excellent Mag every other month, because I am still pretty whacked out, to say the least! So. I then choose Out Of Our Tree, by the Wailers. No explanation needed there! 1963! I dare say that The Wailers, as well as The Sonics were light years ahead of everybody else! Set 4. I shall choose Tonight by The Raspberries. The reason being would be because I saw 1 of the very strangest but excellent shows in 1973, when The Raspberries played The Amherst Cinema, in the very center of Amherst, Massachusetts! Home of UMASS-Amherst, as well as the very famous Amherst College! Epi-center of the infamous 5-College area which also included nearby Smith College, in Northampton, as well as Mount Holyoke College, in South Hadley, Massachusetts! The 5th college would be Hampshire College, which is also in Amherst! Set 5. I must choose Where It's At by Leonard Nimoy, because, as pointed out by fellow Underground Garage Historian, Mr. Steed Collis, Leonard did pass away just days before this broadcast! That Blew My Mind! To Say The Least! You never told me that you were also a Psychic, Little Steven, but I digress. As Leonard said in that tune, Love Really Is Where It's At! Yeah Baby! No doubt About That! So, there you be all Underground Garage Members! Any Good? What? Why You..... Sure does feel good to be back in The Underground Garage! Missed Steed, JcJohnson, and where is that Greggie Guy? Well, I'm Back! For better or for Worse! Well, Hello, I must be going! To All Who Live IN and FOR, The Underground Garage, Peace Be With You! EEYAHH! SMRZ!

    • Steed Colliss

      "...and with five colleges in the area, it's bookstore galore !" And so said the documentation for the now defunct Words and Pictures Museum of Fine Sequential Art which was at the Round House behind Pulaski Park before moving in a building on Main St in Northampton... (And it's in one of those bookstores that I bought Jim Bessman's "Ramones: An American Band" on July 1st 1994...)

      Glad to read you're still with us, Robert !!!! You could have just copied you text from show 517, but no, you went all the way brand new !!!

      I love the Northampton area... Scott McLoud (Understanding Comics) used to live in Amherst before he moved to Florida... Kevin Eastman (co-creator of those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) is from Northampton... When Kitchen Sink Press bought Tundra Publishing, they moved offices from Wisconsin to Northampton...

      Take Care Robert !!!

      • Robert P Smarse Jr.

        Hello Steed, You Rascal You1 Thanks for the positive perks. I had no idea that you were so familiar with Northampton, as well as the 5 College Area! WOW! You're up in Canada, right? Hey next time, if you ever do drop down to Amherst or Northampton, please let me know. It would be a jolt, as well as a Pleasure to meet someone as knowledgeable as you are about the important things in Life! Such as Music, Books, Film, and other culture that we both know and Love. I also totally agree with your comments about Alan Freed, William Maxwell Gaines, and Leonard Nimoy! Totally Cool, Steed! Great to hear from you, Steed! Take Care, and keep in touch! Oh, and by the way, show #675, Kerouac, is already up in the Archives, as of a few hours ago. Will probably skip this week unless I can squeeze it in. Peace!

  • Paul W Mosher

    Thanks for your help, Steed. Although, I wish there was a better strategy than trying to search old archived shows, with repeated themes, for the surf references. If they are merely copying and pasting from previous shows, then how difficult is it to copy and paste the musical bed references? The whole point of this is the issue of the erosion of quality over time.

  • Ron Lynch

    5 Cool ones people. I was right another foot of snow this week. Under My Thumb (Rolling Stones), a very sweet Stones song. Bring It Easy (Stevie Salas)this one is gaining greatness. Last Of The Secret Agents (Nancy Sinatra) Gotta go with Nancy on this one. It’ll Be Alright (Bullet Proof Lovers)this band has a cool name, reminds me of my Bullitt. Love Or Confusion (Jimi Hendrix Experience) a musical genius taken too soon. Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin. Keep posting SMRZ

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