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Show 645 - Turn Up The Radio

Show 645 - Turn Up The Radio

Air Date:

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

This weekend in the Underground Garage we are celebrating Harvey Kubernik’s new fantastic book Turn Up The Radio!

It is all about Los Angeles in the wild and crazy rock scene of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Joining us will be every cool group from LA like the Byrds, the Buffalo Springfield, the Doors, and the Beach Boys.

We are also celebrating some of the great song writers like P.F. Sloan, Steve Barri, and Jim Webb.

It’s the only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1
    Here They Come (From All Over The World) (Jan & Dean)
    Cherry Cherry Coupe (Beach Boys)
    She Don’t Care About Time (Byrds)
    It’s Gonna Rain (Sonny & Cher)
    Crash Boom Bang (Bayonets)
    Hello, I Love You (Doors)

    Set 2
    Poison Ivy (Coasters)
    Finger Poppin’ (Ike & Tina Turner)
    Carpet Man (5th Dimension)
    Baby It’s You (Stupidity)
    Give Your Woman What She Wants (Taj Mahal)

    Set 3
    Whittier Blvd. (Thee Midniters)
    La La La La La (Blendells)
    Land Of 1000 Dances (Cannibal and the Headhunters)
    Get Your Baby (Mark & the Escorts)
    But You Let Me Go (Hurricanes)
    Farmer John (Premiers)

    Set 4
    Outta Sight (Cherry Drops)
    Last Train To Clarksville (Monkees)
    Bluebird (Buffalo Springfield)
    90 Miles An Hour Down A Dead End Street (Empty Hearts)
    Last Time (Rolling Stones)
    Gone Dead Train (Randy Newman)

    Set 5
    Eve Of Destruction (Barry McGuire)
    A Must Avoid (Herman’s Hermits)
    You Baby (Turtles)
    The Sh-Down Down Song (You Better Leave Him Alone) (Ginger Snaps)
    Secret Agent Man (Johnny Rivers)
    Where Were You When I Needed You (Grassroots)

Comments (13)

  • greggie434

    This show is up fast, thanx to the web guru!

  • Steed Colliss

    Good show... And now for something completely different: I heard a great tune called "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I Got Love in my Tummy" by Jacky Shelton and the Toenails... How come it's never played in the Garage ?

    • ArthurAllen

      Steven has said that bubblegum is a legitimate sub-genre of garage rock. Except for The Monkees, he hasn't played much of it. When's he gonna start playing Abba? (Just kidding.)

      • jcjohnson63

        yeah c'mon LS??? how about a bubble gum tribute show????

  • greggie434

    How about the 1910 fruit gum co.

  • jcjohnson63

    WOW!!!! LOVE IT!! wish you posted the intros and outros though! nice new show!!! love the coolest song in the world even though we have been into them since they joined my FB page for LSUG!!!!thanks for posting this one BABY!!! ;)

  • John Titter

    Thanks for loading the shows into the archives, as I'm usually asleep after 12:00AM. Little Steven's Underground Garage is by far the best radio show on the air bar none. Thanks
    John Titter

  • Ron Lynch

    Always 5 cool ones. Cherry Cherry Coupe (Beach Boys), Baby It’s You (Stupidity), But You Let Me Go (Hurricanes), Last Time (Rolling Stones) & Eve Of Destruction (Barry McGuire) this 45 was kicking around the house when I was 5, remember it well. Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin.

  • Marlene Sullivan

    That t,.a.m.i. Show in LA last week was fantastic (thanks Steven= great tip). From start to finish the thing rocked in fun high energy way, maybe slowed a bit w/ unfamiliar Brits but that made it more stellar when the likes of Smokey and Miracles or Marvin Gaye appeared . As for James Brown you simply have to see it to believe it- my jaw hurt from smiling- the guy had endurance and his Flames were killer. Director Steve B. ( super cool person) felt Flames best backers he'd ever seen said Pips and Miracles aspired to be like Flames. J .Landis(moderated Q&A) very generous w/ his time and energy= shared stories and kept prompting Steve B. for Colonel Parker stories...Steve B directed awesome Elvis comeback special w/ more musically intimate footage cuz he somehow lessened Parker's sick stranglehold.-Elvis liked and trusted Steve B. and so did our entire audience. If you get the chance to see the T.A.M.I.show in a theater with great sound system take it! The dancing was probably my favorite dance footage after Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson and they were just spontaneous teenagers in random outfits-bikini, pedal pushers, baggy sweatshirt, cocktail dresses,guys in tight pants unless surfer vibe etc. Really fun and several of dancers in audience and they are still really fun!

  • ArthurAllen

    Just now finished the book featured on this show. I learned something new. Until now I thought stereo mixes of 1960s rock songs sucked because they were made intentionally gimmicky for new stereo owners who got tired of ping-pong sound effect records. This book points out that until the '70s, engineers were using four and eight track recorders and mixers. You couldn't get much of a stereo sound field with so few tracks, so you often had the singer on one side, all the instruments on the other, and your headache in the middle. Steve: keep playing those rare mono mixes!

  • ArthurAllen

    Another thing about the book: someone therein said that the reason for the singer-songwriter movement that killed rock 'n' roll was due to easier divorce laws. When so many lives were turned upside down, the last thing anyone wanted to listen to was a challenging rock song. I think it was just the opposite. As the baby boomers were growing up and starting families, an entire nation of teenagers sold out their musical tastes overnight.

    I give you Exhibit A: The Carpenters "We've Only Just Begun." That song started out life as a bank commercial, showing happy young newlywed couples starting life with an interest-bearing savings account.

    Exhibit B is my father. While The Beatles were on heavy rotation in my house, he also had albums by Moby Grape and The Electric Prunes. I don't remember hearing him play those two, even after Little Steven has refreshed my memory. While my dad had a cool record collection, in the car he always had his AM radio tuned to a middle-of-the-road station featuring Gordon Lightfoot and Jim Croce. For my part in ruining rock 'n' roll just for being born, I apologize.

  • Steed Colliss

    Good thing "Land of a 1000 Dances" was not the WWF Wrestlers' version !!! I remember seeing a feature in Mad magazines on record warning labels we'd like to see... For the WWF album, it was "Warning: These wrestlers sing worse than they wrestle"... Another cool one was about Tina Turner's "Private Dancer" album: "Caution: The artist is older than your mother" or something similar...

  • Vern Shank

    Thanks for choosing Outta' Sight by The Cherry Drops as a Coolest Song In The World!

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