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Show 630 - Bye Bye Birdie

Show 630 - Bye Bye Birdie

Air Date:

Monday, 28 April 2014

What’s the matter?

You can’t relate to what’s going on around you these days?

You can’t afford to travel anywhere else?

You are working too hard, your money is worthless, and your kids think you’re squaresville.

Well take a trip with the Underground Garage as we visit Sweet Apple Ohio for our tribute to Bye Bye Birdie.

They’ll all be there; Ann-Margret, Dick Van Dyke, Maureen Stapleton, Conrad Birdie, and Ed Sullivan.

And it ain’t just them Rock n Roll teenage hop heads.

Join us and Ann-Margret’s sweater this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:
    I Had Too Much To Dream (Electric Prunes)
    Outside Chance (Turtles)
    Pushing Too Hard (Seeds)
    This Is Your Sword (Bruce Springsteen)
    A Million Miles Away (Plimsouls)
    I Must Be In Love (The Rutles)

    Set 2:
    You’re On My Mind (Ko and the Knockouts)
    Last Year (Stiv Bators)
    I’m Gonna Love You Too (Buddy Holly)
    Money, Money, Money (Mark Rivera)
    Stray Cat Blues (Rolling Stones)

    Set 3:
    Walking Through My Dreams (Pretty Things)
    Devil Came From Kansas (Procol Harum)
    You Give Me (Cocktail Slippers)
    Can I Join Your Band (Creation)
    Good Morning (Beatles)

    Set 4:
    Don’t Hold Back (Mahalia Barnes & the Soul Mates)
    He’s The Kind Of Boy (Jellybeans)
    Absolutely Sweet Marie (Bob Dylan)
    Come And Get It (Dollyrots)
    Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (The Animals)

    Set 5:
    First I Look At The Purse (J. Geils)
    About The Weekend (Jellybricks)
    Little Bit Me (Monkees)
    Glad All Over (Verbs)
    Ramona (Ramones)

Comments (13)

  • Steed Colliss

    What a flashback !!! All the way back to shows 10 (June 9, 2002) and 110 (May 9, 2004) !!!

    Is Ann-Margret Sexy ?!? I may not yet have seen "Bye Bye Birdie" (shame on me), but just look at her performance in "Tommy", in that white suit before the beans start flying all over the place...

    Always good to hear the Plimsouls' " A Million Miles Away"... Though I am more familiar with the Goo Goo Dolls' version on "Hold Me Up", a good two albums before they got famous... Thanks to Rich Lowney, a college teacher who lent me the tape back in 1991...

    • Steed Colliss

      The correct name of the teacher is Richard Loney... A Boston enthusiast, which should please Mr Smarse... He taught a great course called Poetry of Rock, where you looked at lyrics as poetry...

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Thank You Very Much, Little Steven, for yet another 5 star Saturday Night! I also would like to Thank The Administrator for getting the very cool show up into The Archives before this week's show. GREAT WORK! O.K. Show # 630. Bye Bye Birdie.What more could one ask for? Ann Margaret in that sweater, Dick Van Dyke, Maureen Stapleton, Janet Leigh, and, of course, Mr. Paul Lynde with his very sarcastic remarks. He certainly added much to that very fine film from 1963. This week I shall expand my choices to 2 tunes per set, doubling up on the very fine method adopted by Mr. Ron Lynch. Thanks Ron! I also will explain the reason WHY I chose each tune, which could add much valuable insight into exactly HOW my rather twisted mind functions. Set 1. I choose The Electric Prunes with I Had Too Much To Dream because it is such an excellent tune that is now steadily increasing up the list of the most played tunes in The Underground Garage. A Jerry Vale demo? You must be kidding me! Sweet Apple High School, Ohio! YEAH BABY! My 2nd choice is Pushin' Too Hard by The Seeds, who were lead by the late, great Sky Saxon who left us in 2009, if I remember correctly. Reason being because it is such a killer tune that is quite relevant even today, as much as it was when it 1st hit, some 48 years ago, in 1966 when I graduated High School. Actually their 1st L.P. came out in 1966, while the excellent single went top 40 in 1967. Got It?! Set 2. Yes, Ann Margaret and that sweater! Whoa! Very sexy indeed! I 1st choose I'm Gonna Love You Too by Mr. Buddy Holly, with backing by the Crickets. Reason being because I certainly could love Ann very well and very often. Geez, I wonder how often I could Love her now at my rather ripe age of 66? would certainly still Love to try and find out! My 2nd choice would be The Rolling Stones with Stray Cat Blues, because I could feel Ann's fingernails scratching me up and down my back. Feels good Ann! Please Don't Stop! Set 3. "We Love You, Conrad, oh yes we do". Little Stevie, you feel that this was drug influenced and you gave some excellent reasons why you feel as such. I Agree. 1st tune would be The Pretty Things with Walking Through My Dreams At Night because it is such a nice Psychedelic tune and also because the Pretty things were and are the very best group to never really hit the charts here in The States and only Underground Garage members, as well as all readers of the excellent mag, "Ugly Things", really appreciate and know how good The Pretties Are! Excellent "Ugly Things", current issue # 36 has a very good interview with Mr. Andrew Loog Oldham! You have my 100% SMRZ guarantee on that issue. My 2nd choice would be The Creation with Can I Join Your Band? The reason for this is because Creation were also an excellent group that were never appreciated here in the USA, except for those in the know, such as all Underground Garage members. Also, I would dig being "Always stoned and eight miles high". Used to be but cannot do anymore due to medical-age reasons. Oh Well, who needs drugs anymore when we have The Underground Garage with all those shows in The Archives? Set 4. The Paul Lynde Sarcasm set! I 1st choose The Jellybeans with He's The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget. The reason why is that we want to support the very important Girl-Group sound of the early-60's! The timeline of Rock N' Roll would not be the same without the excellent sounds of The Ronettes, The Shangri-Las, The Crystals, etc. Very Important from a historical perspective! My 2nd choice is The Animals with Please Don't Let Me Be Understood, led by the very cool lead vocals of Mr. Eric Burdon. Reason for my 2nd choice is because that specific single was the very last one done by the original line-up of The Animals. Heading down the home stretch with set 5. 1st, I shall go with The J. Geils Band with First I Look At The Purse. My reason is that it is, indeed such a cool song, and Smokey Robinson 1st did it. My 2nd and last choice would the Ramones with Ramona because it is from their very 1st L.P. from 1976, which was indeed groundbreaking, to say the least! I shall never forget the look on my various friend's faces when I 1st put the needle down on that vinyl treasure! PRICELESS! BYE BYE BIRDIE! Yes, I must admit that this 15 year old was quite moved by Ann Margaret, when I 1st saw this flick in 1963! Quite moved and growing bigger and BIGGER! Thanks again, Stevie, for such a great show, as usual. I also would like to personally Thank the various UG members who took it upon themselves to welcome me back with my comments. I have been battling some serious medical issues and your positive feedback really helped! THANK YOU! But really, aren't we ALL battling our own personal demons from day to day as we all get older? But I digress. Positive attitude makes such a significant difference! I also continue to dig your fabulous new sponsors, The United Association, UAVIP. They are providing valuable training to our returning Veterans in the Piping Industry, which is leading them to actual new jobs, which are much needed! Not just Lip Service! Well, I guess that's it for yet another week. I hope to see you all next week. To all who live IN and FOR, The Underground Garage, Peace Be With You! EEYAHH! SMRZ!

    • Ron Lynch

      No prob SMRZ.

  • Carol Dobson

    I always hear something I've never heard before, or something I've overlooked when I listen to The Underground Garage. I don't know how you do it, but please keep on doing it!

    Peace pit/

  • David Ferreira

    Another A+ episode! Love the Plimsouls "A Million Miles Away". Ann-Margret...oh..la..la!

  • Ron Lynch

    Another wicked show. Some cool stuff in these trusted walls of the Under Ground Garage. This Is Your Sword (Bruce Springsteen), had to pick this one because Bruce is looking over my shoulder, well sort of/ He's on the calendar behind me on the wall. Money, Money, Money (Mark Rivera) Mark's cool and who doesn't like a bit of money. Devil Came From Kansas (Procol Harum) Because where else are you going to hear this kinda music, too cool. Absolutely Sweet Marie (Bob Dylan) Picked this one because its Dylan and his voice on this track sounds as nice as warm honey running down Ann Margaret's back, smooth. About The Weekend (Jellybricks) this song has a kick to it, plain good. Thanks Stevie Keep on Rockin. P.S. Going to Chicago June 9th to 19th it would make my year if Bruce and the E Street Band played in Chicago one of those nights, yeah I would go for sure.

  • marcus kasparian

    the look on paul lynde's face after he tells ed sullivan he loves him was worth the price of admission alone

  • marcus kasparian

    sorry steve its faye dunaway at the begining of little big man

  • john

    Ann-Margret? You betchum, Red Ryder!

    But before Ann-Margret, ten days before the release of the movie to be precise, there was Goldie Hawn. Fifty-years ago this March I watched Goldie perform as the Mayor's wife in our high school production of "Bye Bye Birdie."

    Yes...I'm an old fart. But Goldie's older! ;)

  • jcjohnson63

    mhalia barnes is pretty awesome! I love how you tun me on to great new stuff!!! love this show. I have seen bye bye birdie cuz of YOU! thanks! cool movie. ever heard of paul cebar? he has a new album out called fine rude thing and it's a nice mix.the title tune fine rude thing is very garage! try it! ;)

  • jcjohnson63

    BTW- Plimsouls followed by the Rutles? FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!

  • jcjohnson63

    and I hope you play procol harum the devil came from Kansas EVERY EPISODE!!! :)

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