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Show 615 - 1958

Show 615 - 1958

Air Date:

Monday, 13 January 2014

Hey baby, Little Steven here. This weekend in the Underground Garage we have a fantastic, wild Rock ‘n Roll dance party going on.

We are going to talk about how 1958 was the year that Rock n’ Roll almost stopped.

We are going to talk about the coolest band in England that never made it in America.

We are going to talk about how Jeff Beck got in the Yardbirds when he wasn’t their first choice, second choice, or even their third choice.

Joining us will be the Blues Magoos, Junior Walker and the All-Stars, Johnny Burnette & the Rock n’ Roll Trio, The Ronettes, The Ramones, and Sonic’s Rendezvous Band.

Come find out what Sonny Boy Williamson, the New York Dolls, and Arthur Conley have in common.

It’s the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

Two hours of nonstop rock.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1

    Carol (Rolling Stones)

    Long Tall Sally (Little Richard)

    Ain’t Got Nothin’ Yet (Blues Magoos)

    La La La Lies (Who)

    On My Way To Work (Paul McCartney)

    Try Too Hard (Dave Clark 5)


    Set 2

    I Can Hear The Grass Grow (Move)

    Shake And Finger Pop (Junior Walker & His All-Stars)

    Things To Learn (Ricky Byrd)

    Bad Girl (New York Dolls)

    Look Through Any Window (Hollies)


    Set 3

    Heart Full Of Soul (Yardbirds)

    Train Kept A Rollin’ (Johnny Burnett & the Rock & Roll Trio)

    High Hopes (Bruce Springsteen)

    I Adore Him (Angels)

    You Don’t Love Me (Birds)


    Set 4

    Luckiest Man (King Khan & the Shrines)

    Yo Yo (Doughboys)

    Funky Street (Arthur Conley)

    Rain (Beatles)

    Cold Metal (Iggy Pop)


    Set 5

    I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones)

    I Wonder (Ronettes)

    We Are The Monsters (Contrast)

    Confessing The Blues (Little Walter)

    Empty Heart (Rolling Stones)

    City Slang (Sonic’s Rendezvous Band)

Comments (21)

  • Steed Colliss

    Great show again... The Beatles' "Rain" played two weeks in a row... A new King Khan and the Shrines song for Robert...

    And for our top ten, Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally has climbed into 9th position and the Blues Magoos' "(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet" has moved to 2nd...

    Keep the good music coming...

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      YES! Another Excellent Show! Although, it seems like bits & pieces were sown together to make a "new" show. Still Great, however. As Steed referenced, The Easybeats still hold the #1 most played tune with "Friday On My Mind". The Blues Magoos are now tied with The Young Rascals for 2nd with "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore", both tunes played a total of 34 times. Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention that The Easybeats tune has been played a total of 35 times to claim the Top spot. 3rd place is claimed by The Electric Prunes with "I Had too Much to Dream Last Nite", which was played a total of 33 times. Hey, so now the 2nd spot is claimed by 2 tunes with "Ain't" in the title. What would my High School English teacher say about THAT? There ain't no such word as ain't! WRONG! Yes, The Beatles "Rain" has been played the last 2 weeks. Maybe something to do with the lousy weather? Nothing but Rain up here in Massachusetts! but I digress! Thanks for noticing, Steed! Yes, King Khan has 3 tunes from their excellent L.P. "Idle No More", that were named The Coolest song in the world this Week! All true LSUG members should refer back to the comment section under show#614, Paul Plays Bass, to gain knowledge of the most played tunes on all of the shows. Truly
      Excellent work turned in by Mr. Steed Collis. He most definitely should be recognized for his pain-staking research. Great work, Steed! A true LSUG Charter Member if their ever was one! As I said, another excellent show, Little Steven! Just Keep 'em coming! Pax Em Biscum! EEYAHH! SMRZ!

      • Robert P Smarse Jr.

        Now this is what I get for mentioning the Rain. Right now, as I look outside my window, I see that we are getting hit with some SNOW! YES, beautiful, glorious SNOW! After all, it is January, I am in Western Massachusetts, and now my prayers have been answered with SNOW! NOT RAIN! Well, I guess that I had better drag my 65 year old ass outside and start shoveling, so that I can make it back for tonight's show at 8PM. Special guest, Mr. David Chase! YEAH BABY! THE SOPRANOS! Chase is the Scorsese of television, the excellent manner in which he uses music to move story plots along. Should be a Great One! EEYAHH! SMRZ!

  • ganach

    City Slang is a great finale. I have the 45 and love the mon version, LOUD. I once was in an elevator at a Sonic's concert and they were still deafening in an elevator across the hall from the concert venue. Fred Smith RIP

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Moving right along with our top 10 tunes that have been played the most counting the entire LSUG shows available, expertly compiled by our UG Historian, Steed Collis. 4th place! Played a total of 31 times. Tie between The Knickerbockers with "Lies", and The Rolling Stones with "Around And Around". 5th place. Played a total of 30 times. Another Tie1 This time with the Count Five with "Psychotic Reaction", and The Pretty Things with "Midnight To Six Man". 6th place! Played a total of 29 times. Another tie. This time between The Music Machine with "Talk Talk", and Bruce Springsteen with "Restless Nights" Now, it's up to true UG members to keep tabs themselves after each show, if they want to, that is. Steed has been doing some very heavy lifting and deserves recognition for all of his work. I really appreciate it and I hope that the majority of UG members do as well! Again, the entire Top Ten, as well as honorable mention is listed in the comment section below listings for show #614, Paul Plays The Bass. Thanks again, Mr. Steed Collis! EEYAHH! SMRZ!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Oh Yeah, Steed. I forgot to mention that your next assignment, if you would so choose to take it, would be to compile a Top Ten list of the most played "Musical Beds". Now, that would certainly be a most major challenge, especially in view of the fact that they are no longer listed, but only played. Quite the challenge, to say the least, or the MOST! Pax Em Biscum! SMRZ!

    • Steed Colliss

      That would be interesting... The number one is without a doubt Davie Allan's "Blues Theme" that is at the end of every show... Aside from that, if you look really carefully at the musical beds listed in each show, you will see that there are oten mistakes... Many listing have the musical bed of the previous show, as if a "copy/paste" has been done... In others, songs are missing...

      All in all, I can pull up a Top Ten, but from what was LISTED in the Archives...

      • Steed Colliss

        Here we go... Of course, I can't include The "Blues Theme"... So here is the top ten, including the special mentions:

        Special mentions (14 times):
        Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra: 365 Rolling Stones
        Atlantics: Reef Break
        Dean Martin: Everybody Loves Somebody
        Evan Foster: Slidin'
        Jack Nitzsche: The Lonely Surfer
        Krontjong Devils: Après-Ski
        Ramonetures: Glad to See You Go
        Rolling Stones: Stoned

        Tenth place (15 times):
        Beatles: Cry for a Shadow
        Davie Allan: Sleigh Ride
        Evan Foster: Surfer's Anthem
        Link Wray: Rumble
        Marketts: Out of Limits
        Preston Wayne Four: Malone's Mustang

        Ninth place (16 times):
        Bar-Kays: Soul Finger
        Bomboras: Bombora Stomp
        Dave "Baby" Cortez: The Happy Organ
        Davie Allan: Let It Snow
        Dick Dale: Miserlou
        Krontjong Devils: Sea n' Shore
        Krontjong Devils: Skateboard USA
        Laika and the Cosmonauts: Surfs You Right
        Preston Wayne Four: Dialed In
        Preston Waune Four: Hard Top

        Eight place (17 times):
        Kinks: Revenge
        Link Wray: Comanche
        Rhinoceros: Apricot Brandy
        Satan's Pilgrims: Frankenstomp
        Waistcoats: Camel Ride to the Tomb

        Seventh place (18 times):
        Progressives: Hot Cinders
        Vara-Tones: Surf Blaster
        Wailers: Shanghaied
        Waiscoats: Little Miss J and J

        Sixth place (19 times)
        Ben Vaughn: Neenie's Famous Weenies

        Fifth place (21 times):
        Davie Allan: Arrow Space
        Pyramids: Penetration

        Fourth place (23 times):
        Evan Foster: Cann of Electrodes
        Rockin' Rebels: Wild Weekend

        Third place (24 times)
        Davie Allan: Fender Bender
        Rolling Stones: 2120 South Michigan Avenue

        Second place (26 times):
        Who: The Ox

        First Place (27 times):
        Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra: The Last Time

        Unfortunately, "The Last Time" is still not available on iTunes...

        • Steed Colliss

          I forgot to add a very special honorable mention for Montreal-based's Gruesomes' "Cave-I !"...

          • Steed Colliss

            Arrrg... "Cave-In !"... Damn spelling mistakes...

        • Robert P Smarse Jr.

          MY God! Steed, I was just throwing that out there, but HOLY MOLY! I can't believe that you delivered the goods so quickly. But then again..... You are certainly a Marvel! to say the Very Least! Great Work, Mr. Steed Collis! You are now officially the #1 Charter Member of Little Steven's Underground Garage Hall Of Fame! I am completely overwhelmed by your excellence in Underground Archivist competence! YOU MOST CERTAINLY, ARE THE MAN! Thank You So Very Much! I need some time to wrap my head around all of your excellent research! Once Again, Thank You So Very Much! In All Due Sincerity, SMRZ!

          • Steed Colliss

            Hello Robert,

            Thanks for the kind comments... Please check out David White's comment in show 614... Interesting stuff...

            • Robert P Smarse Jr.

              Your Very Welcome, Steed! I checked them out and will have to admit that things are even more complicated than I originally thought. I agree that the tunes should count ONLY as done by the same artist playing the same tune, to be fair. Another fly in the ointment occurs when we cannot go back and research shows that are NOT in The Archives! But still, your research should NOT be compromised! Keep up the Excellent research. YOU are still Charter member #1 of all LSUG shows! Thanks so very much for your hard work! Sincerely, SMRZ!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    o.k. Here we go1 #7 Played 28 times. Bob Dylan-Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? Surprised-1965. Dylan's release of this 45 did not chart significantly. The only single that he released with The Hawks, who would later become the Band. You know Robertson! Levon Helm! Rick Danko!Richard Manuel! Garth Hudson! #8. Played 27 times. The Chiffons-I Have A Boyfriend. Little Steven's favorite Girl Group Record! #9 Tie! Played 26 times! Little Richard!-Long Tall Sally! tied with The Impressions-Fool For You! #10. Played 25 times! The Rolling Stones-She Said Yeah! Honorable Mention! played 24 times! 6 Tunes! Catch them on my next post! Again, this Top ten List was compiled by Little Steven's archive Historian, Mr. Steed Collis! Great Work, Steed! That's it for now! stay tuned for more info1 Pax Em Biscum! SMRZ!

  • jcjohnson63

    the day rock almost died? pushaw! as danny and the juniors say- rock and roll can never die!! thanks for yet another classic update! love it! king khan put out a great album indeed!thanks for posting this one too! rock on peoples! ;)

  • michael j farrelly

    Paul McCartney sounds as good as ever. Check out, "Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road."

  • Marlene Sullivan

    The great state of California recognizes SMRZ and Steed as marvelous!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    O.K. All Diehard UG members please take note. According to Mr. David White, whose posted comments under show #614 add more info on the most played songs by the same artist, The #1 spot is now claimed by 2 groups. The Easybeats with Friday On My Mind, and The Blues Magoos with (We Ain't got) Nothin' Yet, have both been played a grand total of 38 times each, which ties them for the #1 spot. Now, Mr. White says that he is only missing the playlist for 1 show, which is show #168. So, from here on in, both The Easybeats and The Blues Magoos are tied for #1. So now it is up to all diehard LSUG members to keep tabs on future tunes in the playlist. Thank You Very much, Mr. David White, as well as Mr. Steed Collis. Now, last weeks show #616, did NOT contain any of the top ten already listed, so we have to take it from there/here. There are some very interesting comments posted by David White under show #614. All UG members should check them out, if they so choose to do so. O.K. From here on out, all members are on their own, with assistance from other Charter Members, to keep proper count of tunes by the same artist. Fair Enough? O.K. Pax Em Biscum! SMRZ!

  • Ron Lynch

    5 cool ones. On My Way To Work (Paul McCartney), Look Through Any Window (Hollies), High Hopes (Bruce Springsteen), Cold Metal (Iggy Pop) & I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones).
    Checkout Paul & Ringo tonight on the Grammys, should be cool.
    Just think 4 more months and we will be ridin again, cold up here in Nova Scotia now.
    Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin.

  • Chris Dougherty

    I was four years old in 1958 so I barely remember anything, much less rock n' roll. My brother got me into the early stuff before he became a big jazz fan. I guess it was an interesting year due to the events of that year plus the deaths of Holly, Valens and the Big Bopper the next year. I guess our generation, and generations after, really owe the Beatles a debt of gratitude.

  • greggie434

    The shows are the the best!!!!!!!

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