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Show 611 - Jimmy Cagney

Show 611 - Jimmy Cagney

Air Date:

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

Join us this weekend in the Underground Garage where we celebrating the 2nd season of Lilyhammer on Netflix with a tribute to Jimmy Cagney.

We will have brand new music from the Doughboys, Stupidity, the Deadbeat Poets, the Contrast, Prima Donna, and Bruce Springsteen has a need record.

Come find out what Frank Zappa, Gene Pitney, James Brown, and Ronnie Wood have in common.

It’s the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:

    I Ain’t Superstitious (Jeff Beck Group)

    On The Waterfront (Saints)

    Little Town Flirt (Del Shannon)

    Yo-Yo (Doughboys)

    Shout And Shimmy (James Brown)

    Much Too Much (Who)


    Set 2:

    Hold Back The Night (Graham Parker & the Rumour)

    Just Like Me (Paul Revere & the Raiders)

    Murder In My Heart For The Judge (Moby Grape)

    King Midas (Stupidity)

    Killer Joe (Rocky Fellers)


    Set 3:

    When You Say You’re Sorry (Rhinoceros)

    Blue Turns To Grey (Rolling Stones)

    She Put The Hurt On Me (Otis Redding)

    Johnny Sincere (Deadbeat Poets)

    Ah! Leah! (Donnie Iris)


    Set 4:

    High Hopes (Bruce Springsteen)

    Stay Awhile (Dusty Springfield)

    We Are The Monsters (Contrast)

    It Hurts To Be In Love (Gene Pitney)

    Where Were You When I Needed You (Grass Roots)


    Set 5:

    You Belong To Me (Elvis Costello)

    My Guitar Wants To Kill You Mama (Frank Zappa & the Mothers Of Invention)

    Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Dead (Prima Donna)

    If I Needed Someone (Beatles)

    Open My Eyes (Nazz)

Comments (13)

  • Steed Colliss

    Very good show...

    Just that there is one song per set missing in the playlist:

    Set 1:
    Raspberries: Tonight
    Set 2:
    Hollies: King Midas in Reverse
    Set 3:
    David Ruffin: My Whole World Ended (the Moment You Left Me)
    Set 4:
    Donovan: Epistle to Dippy
    Set 5:
    Traffic: Heaven Is in your Mind

    Also, the "little" image (and therefore link) for show 610 (Ron Wood) is missing in the Archives Page for shows 600 to 699... The only way to access that show is by doing a search with "610"...

  • Ron Lynch

    Thanks Steve Hibbs, I knew someone in the UGG would agree on the Dylan sound.

  • Ville Heikkila

    What a killer tune, sincerely!!! Johnny

  • greggie434

    Dear Admin., where R the archived shows 597, 598, and 599. When I click on to the tab that says archived shows in the 500's it takes me the shows in the 600's. Please help. I'm trying to Catch up. Or if any one knows how to access them PLEASE let know ASAP!

    • Steed Colliss

      I'm not the administrator, but in the underused section "search", write down the number of the show you want and it should bring you the results and then just click on the name of the show...

      • Steed Colliss

        I just want to add that the method described above can also be used for show 350 (Because if not, you get a "Page not found" message) and the shows 150 through 179 (though most of them have an erreor message on the jukebox)...

        Happy Holidays !!! And best wishes to Stevie and Maureen !!!

        • greggie434

          Thanks Steed

  • jcjohnson63

    love this show! how about yankee doodle dandy???? his best film imho!!! love new bruce too! thanks for posting this one too!!! rock and roll is dead???? i don't THINK so!!!!

  • rivardm

    Somehow Cagney's movie never made it on my radar...I am certainly interested in seeing them now. Although, Steven has spent many episodes on Film Noir, I would like to see the spotlight on Humphrey Bogart. Merry Christmas (or your religious equivalent) everyone!

    Peace, Big Mike

  • Ron Lynch

    Much Too Much (Who), Murder In My Heart For The Judge (Moby Grape), Johnny Sincere (Deadbeat Poets), High Hopes (Bruce Springsteen) Another by Bruce that digs deep into every place in this world, & My Guitar Wants To Kill You Mama (Frank Zappa & the Mothers Of Invention) 5 cool ones yeah.
    Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin & Merry Xmas

  • Niclas S. Nilsson

    Stupdity, Just love you fore that!! you ROCK Steve!!

  • Jason Wendleton

    Love the show and love Lillehammer!

  • Joe Spiteri

    The Best

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