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Show 610 - Ron Wood

Show 610 - Ron Wood

Air Date:

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Hey baby, Stevie here.

This weekend in the Underground Garage we are celebrating the very cool Ronnie Wood!

We are going to play things from his solo albums, and his four fabulous bands: the Birds, the Jeff Beck Group, the Faces, and the Rolling Stones.

We are also going to be throwing in some things that he did with his old partner Rod Stewart, and topped off with some brand new music from Sweden’s Stupidity, which appears in the Lilyhammer 2 soundtrack.

So I will see you this weekend in the world’s only Rock ‘n Roll dance party on the radio.

Meet me in the Underground Garage.


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Comments: 22 Comments

  • Playlist:


    Set 1:

    I Can Feel The Fire (Ron Wood)

    You’re On My Mind (Birds)

    True Blue (Rod Stewart)

    How Can It Be? (Birds)

    Fountain Of Love (Ron Wood)

    Say Those Magic Words (Birds)


    Set 2:

    Spanish Boots (Jeff Beck Group)

    Act Together (Ron Wood)

    Road Runner (Ron Wood & Bo Diddley)

    Penguin's Knee (Jeff Beck Group)

    Outlaws (Ron Wood)

    Plynth (Jeff Beck Group)


    Set 3:

    Flying (Faces)

    I Got Lost When I Found You (Ron Wood)

    Ooh La La (Faces)

    Sailor (Rod Stewart)

    She Was Out There (Ron Wood)

    Stay With Me (Faces)


    Set 4:

    King Midas (Stupidity)

    Wind Howlin’ Through (Ron Wood)

    Am I Grooving You (New Barbarians)

    Dixie Toot (Rod Stewart)

    Josephine (Ron Wood)


    Set 5:

    It’s Only Rock & Roll (Rolling Stones)

    Tell Me Something (Ron Wood)

    Every Picture Tells A Story (Rod Stewart)

    She Never Told Me (Ron Wood)

    Rough Justice (Rolling Stones)


Comments (22)

  • tgeorge69

    love u ls and love ug-thnx-T.

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      Please show us your love by posting your star rating at the top of the page. Thank You Very Much! SMRZ!

    • jarred ham

      The Last DJ…Literally

  • ArthurAllen

    Ronnie Wood, who used to have a very LSUG-like show of his own, which stopped updating as soon as I discovered it. That's life.

    • Steve Hibbs

      Hi Arthur,Ronnie did "Ronnie on the Radio" for Absolute Radio started in 2010 I think,ended looks like around March'12,maybe a Stones tour got in the way..!!..He's coming from exactly the same place as Stevie Van Zandt,basically they both got soul,are totally about the music and the song and know exactly what they are talking 'bout..anyway its out there Google Ronnie Wood Radio..Happy Xmas Man...

  • robert burgoyne

    These shows are fantastic and when's Lillyhammer going to be back on BBC4 again?.Only programme worth watching !!.
    Merry Xmas. Bob.

    • Steve Hibbs

      Hi Bob...No doubt it will take months if not a year for the BBC to get Lilyhammer on BBC4 won't it..?..went out on NetFlix last Friday,in the real world I see..!..don't hold your breath for the BBC to get their act together,with all the dross on there..!

      • robert burgoyne

        Thanks for that,I must get with the times and try it.I knew a bloke called Steve HIBBS,used to be at Shifnal or Madeley,it's not you,is it?.
        Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
        Bob BURGOYNE.

  • Steed Colliss

    Woah... What a show !!! Out of the 28 songs, 21 are first timers in the Undergroud Garage, including the csitwtw...

    Though I've never heard of "Penguin's Knee" from the Jeff Beck Group !!!! Must be a very rare track !!!!

    Also, I had started listening to the show on my iPod this morning on my way to work and the podcast from rockfm had a censored version of "Act Together"...

    Keep the music coming !!

    Surf's up, stie !

  • Ron Lynch

    Ron Wood is also a very good painter, seen his stuff when he was in Halifax.
    Gotta give 7 cool ones. I Can Feel The Fire (Ron Wood), Outlaws (Ron Wood), Ooh La La (Faces), Stay With Me (Faces), Wind Howlin’ Through (Ron Wood), It’s Only Rock & Roll (Rolling Stones) & Every Picture Tells A Story (Rod Stewart). Is it just me or does Ronnie vocal sound like Dylan's Slow Train Coming album or vice versa.
    Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin.

    • Steve Hibbs

      Hey Ron,I totally agree,Ronnie does sound like Dylan,I've always thought that,on Outlaws in this show for sure..!..as you mention Ronnie's other passion is painting,he went to Ealing Art College,in West London which is now a University,round the corner from where I live,along with Pete Townsend and Freddie Mercury..I've been to virtually all his exhibitions in London over the years..Rock on man !!..always dig your cool ones !!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Thank You Very Much, Little Steven, for another 5 star Saturday night that was truly so excellent that I listened again on Sunday Night. A long time coming for a very well deserved tribute to one of rock's true rude dude! Actually deserved 6 stars for this baby! I am rather bamboozled due to the fact that I can't play any archived shows because my software is not working right. Every time I put my cursor over the play bar, I get a java script void(0) report. I don't have a clue about how to fix and now my computer helper is living for Hawaii very soon-but I digress. Yes! Mr. Ron Wood. Vastly underrated as we all have always known. Look at his history of groups. Starting with The Thunderbirds, moving on to The Birds(UK), The Jeff Beck Group, where as you pointed out, displayed his excellent bass playing, The Faces, Solo L.P.'s, the New Barbarians, some more solo work, and now capping off an excellent career with The Rolling Stones. As You could say leading into show #611, which will be a tribute to James Cagney, "Top Of the World". Backing up, I forgot to mention that this show is #610. So, because I can't play the Archives any more until a miracle happens, or the computer-geek-fix-it fairy comes and pays me a visit from above, I shall choose a tune from each set. Set 1. I gotta go with I Can Feel The Fire, from his excellent 1974 L. P., "I've got My Own Album To Do". Now isn't it more than a bit ironic that Jaggar and Keith Richards also played on that L.P? Talk about coming around full circle! Actually, I would like to mention a tune from his early group, The Birds(UK), which would be You're On My Mind, which was a single from way back in 1964. Set 2. Spanish Boots from the incredible Jeff Beck Group, where Ron played bass, which displayed his excellent musical versatility. Set 3. I going to choose 2 here. Ooh La La from The Faces, especially because the tune always reminds me of the late great Ronnie Lane. I also would like to include the very rude sounding Stay With Me, which was also from his gig with the Faces. Set 4. Am I Grooving You, from The New Barbarians, as opposed to the Barbarians, who were from Provincetown, Mass. and sang Are You A boy Or Are You A Girl? Their drummer's name was Moulty and actually played drums with a hook for one of his hands was lost in an accident. I saw the Barbarians at least 10 times because they were a regular house band frequently at the Mountain Park Ballroom in Holyoke, Mass., which actually burned down in 1979, leaving so many magical, musical moments in the ashes. The Barbarians actually played at the Armory in Westfield, Mass., a couple of times in the 60's. You see, that's where I graduated from Westfield High School in 1966, and then Westfield State College in 1970. It is now Westfield State University. You see, I met Genya Ravan at WSC, in 1969, when she fronted Ten Wheel Drive, who put on a great show! Yes! Good ol' Goldie, she's still kicking it hard! Hi Genya! Set 5. I select Every Picture Tells A Story from Ron's tenure with Rod Stewart. WHEW! That's All folks! Do you realize that "That's All Folks" is actually on Mel Blanc's tombstone? He was the voice of Bugs Bunny! If I seem a bit weird this week people, its because "My whole world ended when I no longer could get sound from the Underground Garage Archives"! Rodney Dangerfield's tombstone says "There goes the neighborhood". Really! Thanks again, Stevie, for your long overdue tribute to Mr. Ron Wood! Like I says, it truly deserves 6 stars! Take care y'all, and next week, we shall be paying tribute to another rude dude. That would be Mr. James "You Dirty Rat" Cagney. Until then, unless somebody fixes the sound on my void java script, I shall be jumping off of Westfield's Great River Bridge! To all who live IN and FOR, the Underground Garage, Peace Be With You. Sincerely, EEYAHH! EEYAHH SMRZ!!!

    • Steve Hibbs

      SMRZ..So another great review man..!!..This show is right up my street ,Literally..! I've always known Ronnie Wood is a massively underrated musician.As Charlie Watts says Ronnie can get in the way on a lot of things.!..I dig his whole history from the Birds ,with Jeff Beck on bass,with Rod and the Faces into the Stones and the New Barbarians..The Stones,The Faces and Bruce and the E-street are way my favourite bands,to get them all in one place blows me away..!!..This show is so local for me,Ronnie Wood went to Ealing Art College,round the corner from my house and played in the UK Birds with Ali Mackenzie,whom I know as he plays at the Ealing Club,I helped raise the dough last year for a commemorative blue plaque to go on the wall outside the Club,celebrating 50 years of British Blues,started by Alexis Korner with Blues Incorporated,with Cyril Davies,Long John Baldry,The Stones,Rod,Clapton,Jeff Beck,Paul Jones and everyone who was anyone at that time in the scene..Stevie talks about Chris Barber,who was a very influential cat in the early days,along with Lonnie Donegan in creating the Skiffle Craze in early/mid 50's before American Rock n Roll took over for ever...!..going back to the show..on Can you feel the Fire,Keith's on that,co wrote I think but is Jagger on it..? sounds like Mick to me adding some backing vocals,never been sure though?....You highlight Ohh La La from Set 3 that features Ronnie Lane whom I love,he was also a much underrated musician,he wrote and sang lead with the Faces,while Rod sang backing Vocals on some tracks..!!..Ronnie Wood has still got it to this day,I think he holds it together Live now with the Stones,Keith seems to have faded Live a little bit,sometimes not bothering to play some of the parts..not that that's a problem,I mean Keith Richards for President as far as I'm concerned,him or Stevie..!!..to hear Stevie talk about Ronnie's tribute show to Jimmy Reed with Mick Taylor,that he caught in New York recently ,as one of the best he's ever seen really threw me a curve..!!.. talking about his vocals and as a front man,kinda surprized me I must say..my mind goes back to Jeff Beck's tribute to Les Paul in New York back in June 2010,seen that..?..I've watched that over and over again,Beck was off the scale that night,unbelievably good,plus the people he had with on stage that night..Little Steven was there that night,features as part of the celebs watching the show with Meatloaf and Bowie and others..for him to be comparing Ronnie's recent show in that company ,man it must have been good and he'd know he's seen everything..!!..Sorry to bang on,just this show is so close to my heart,so much to talk about..!..got to get my act together now to vote for the Coolest Song in the World this year,no doubt we'll be thinking along the same lines,thanks for all the work with the reviews,makes a difference..there's really nothing nearly half as good as the Underground Garage anywhere as far as I'm concerned,really where its at..!!..Finally I once found Ronnie Wood's American Express Card ..!!..At the Cheltenham Festival,which is a Horse Racing Festival over 4 days in March in the UK,something caught my eye on the ground and I picked it up and it was his Amex card,he was playing the arcades a few feet away,bought me a Guinness and we had a chat for a few minutes,but I digress..!.. Anyway that's it..Have a good Xmas and Best Wishes for the New Year to everyone in the Garage..!!..Steve...

      • Robert P Smarse Jr.

        Ahoy, Mr. Hibbs! Some very interesting posts by you about this great show. Yes, Jaggar and Richards both played on a couple of tracks on ron's 1st solo, "I've got My Own album To do", from 1974. You can see their pictures on the back of that very fine L.P. I think that it is more than a bit smashing that you helped contribute to raising the dough on that memorial plaque! Kudos to you, Mr. Hibbs. Your anecdote about finding ron's credit card is quite fantastic! Cheers to YOU! Sad news today, however, even though not related to rock. That is the excellent actor sir Peter O' Toole passed at either 80 or 81. But as people noted , he lived quite the life. Somewhat a drunken rock star. I can't believe that he was nominated for an Oscar 8 times, but never one the little bugger. They did give him a Honorary one but that's really not the same. Actually, the greatest film director of all time, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, never one an Oscar either. Like Stevie says, those awards are so fallible! O'Toole should have one for "Lawrence Of Arabia", but he lost to Gregory Peck for "To Kill a Mockingbird". Very tough call. Take care Mr. Hibbs, and have a sparkling Holiday Season. Sincerely, SMRZ!

        • Steve Hibbs

          Just been watching Stevie being interviewed on HuffPost..talking a lot of sense as usual..!!

  • Brett Mitchell

    Great show!! Another one of my favorites.During set 2, you mentioned pianist/keyboardist Nicky Hopkins. I have often thought he would make a good subject for one your shows, having played with the Stones, The Who,the Jeff Beck Group, Jefferson Airplane, and too many others to mention here. He belongs in the R'R Hall of Fame! If and when they induct any more Sidemen,he should be the 1st one inducted. In the mean time, keep doing what you're doing!!!

    • Steve Hibbs

      Hey Brett,I totally agree,always thought Nicky Hopkins was a musical genius,the work he did with the Stones on the likes of "Exile " etc,does belong in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame for sure and is a great subject/topic for a show,Stevie could easily put together a show around the tracks and people Nicky played on and with..Great to have you make a comment man !!..adds to what SMRZ and Steed do with their input and interest in LSUG..!!

  • jcjohnson63

    FINALLY!!!! the maN deserves SOME credit and now GETS IT!!! THANK YOU LSUG!!! you got it mostly right BUT you SHOULD have played Take A Look AT THe GUY!!! also covered by Izzy STradlin on HIS first solo album! give that one a spin! cool stuff!! and stupidity ain't half bad either!!!

  • Macca1

    Finally a new show and a great one. Tried like heck to get into those Cutting Room shows, great clips out there on Youtube.

  • Glenn Sutherland

    I would rate this a five star show as are all your shows Little Steven! You never cease to amaze me! Personally I hate to categorize things or rate things but damn this show was awesome! Let me just say I have listened to at least 100 of your shows and trying to listen to them all! My point is that this was the best show I have heard so far, maybe because I’m biased because I’m a Ron Wood fan! I did have my own radio show on a small station in Hollywood CA on the ARN network. I played a song by Ronnie on one of my shows. He got some airplay when I was still in High School with a song off one of his solo albums Gimmie Some Neck called Seven Days. Of the shows I’ve heard I don’t think there has been one that has been dominated as completely by an artist as was with this one! I don’t usually post on here but I am up having a couple drinks, and way behind on my UGG listening, and when I saw the Ron Wood show I had to hear it, and had to make a post. The first time I saw you perform was at the Palladium in Hollywood with the Disciples of Soul. I have also seen you 4 times since then with the E Street band, all rate up with the best concerts I have ever been to. The New Barbarians song “Am I Grooving You” sounded so much like something from Keith Richards solo album You Don’t Move Me, really cool song!, as was the coolest song of the week! Little Steven you are the coolest! You should play a song off Alice Coopers album “Goes to Hell” “I am the Coolest”! One more thing, Merry Christmas!

  • greggie434

    Great Show, loved Dixie Toot

  • paco ferre

    ron wood, george harrison, miami steve.

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