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Show 609 - Hello Cleveland (Cleveland Rocks!)

Show 609 - Hello Cleveland (Cleveland Rocks!)

Air Date:

Tuesday, 03 December 2013

Hello, Little Steven here with a pop quiz.

What’s the rock ‘n roll capitol of America?


That’s right it’s Cleveland! Just ask Spinal Tap.

Joining us this weekend in the Underground Garage for all things kielbasa will be the McCoys, the Pretenders, the Raspberries, out-of-towners Paul Revere and the Raiders, the Beatles, and the Stones.

Find out what Dennis Kucinich, Devo, and the Dead Boys have in common.

It’s Cleveland rocks, this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:

    Cleveland Rocks (Ian Hunter)

    It’s Cold Outside (The Choir)

    Tonight (Raspberries)

    Ain’t Nothing To Do (Dead Boys)

    We Are The Monsters (Contrast)

    It’s All Over Now (Rolling Stones)


    Set 2:

    There’s No Surf In Cleveland (Euclid Beach Band)

    Sidewalk Surfin’ (Jan & Dean)

    Yo-Yo (Doughboys)

    Have Good Time (But Get Out Alive) (Iron City Houserockers)

    Say Goodbye To Hollywood (Ronnie Spector & the E Street Band)


    Set 3:

    Message Of Love (Pretenders)

    Teenage Heart Attack (Soledad Brothers)

    Hot Rocks (Launderettes)

    Let’s Dance (Ramones)


    Set 4:

    Johnny Sincere (Deadbeat Poets)

    Gimmie Some Money (Spinal Tap)

    Steppin’ Out (Paul Revere & The Raiders)

    I Can’t Stand It (Greenhornes)

    I’ll Be Back (Beatles)


    Set 5:

    Hang On Sloopy (McCoys)

    Rock ‘n Roll Is Dead (Prima Donna)

    Through Being Cool (Devo)

    This Is Our Time (Willie Nile)

    I Put A Spell On You (Screamin’ Jay Hawkins)

Comments (11)

  • slimify

    Where else are you going to hear The Euclid Beach Band? I grew up in the shadow of Terminal Tower... I love that city, it's the blemish we all try to hide but is as much a part of us as our sexy eyes. WMMS every friday at 5pm...Kid Leo washes up and punches out to Friday On My Mind (Earthquake), Cleveland Rocks (Hunter) and Born To Run (Bruce and the E Streeters). Jane Scott...we miss you. Some of the best days of my life. Thanks a ton Lil Steven...if you had one tit I'd marry ya!!!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Thank You Very Much, Little Steven, for another 5 Star Saturday Night special, that celebrated all things Cleveland! Also would like to thank the Administrator for getting the show up into the Archives for all UG members to enjoy within only 48 hours! EXCELLENT WORK! I am having much trouble keeping up with your excellent staff. I guess that it's a good thing that I don't have another LIFE! Show # 609. WOW! Hello Cleveland! Cleveland Rocks! Excellent intro by you, Stevie, schoolin' us on Mr. Alan Freed, aka Mr. Rock N' Roll! Very important person for all of us UG members! Yes! that Moondog Coronation Ball in 1952. 20,000 fans showed up to fill up a 10,000 seat arena. No wonder there was a RIOT!! Still feel so sad for Mr. Alan Freed! He got totally screwed and took the fall, dying broke and broken. Set 1. Musical Highlights1 Kicking off with Mr. Ian Hunter, formerly of the vastly underrated Mott The Hoople, and the anthem, Cleveland Rocks! YEAH BABY!! The Choir declares that It's Cold Outside, which it usually is in Cleveland. The Raspberries deliver Tonight, while The Dead Boys with Stiv Bators, complain that there's Ain't Nothing To Do. Cool new stuff from the Contrast who proclaim We Are the Monsters! Scary, boys and girls. closing the very cool 1st set with The Rolling Stones, with the excellent It's all Over Now, which was written by Mr. Bobby Womack, who happened to be from Cleveland. Set 2. Nice musical beds, but I only wish that I knew what they were. I guess that's part of the deal now, Eh? The Euclid Beach Band declare that There's No Surf In Cleveland, while Jan and Dean decide to go Sidewalk Surfin'. Take it inland! The Doughboys deliver the great Joe South penned tune, that was a hit for the Osmonds, which was Yo Yo. The wonderful Ronnie Spector backed by the E Street Band, declare Say Goodbye to Hollywood. One truly Excellent tune. I still have the 45 with the nice picture sleeve. Set 3. The Pretenders with Chrissie Hynde, who was from Akron, Ohio, deliver The Message Of Love! The Soledad Brothers give us a Teenage Heart Attack, while the Launderettes deliver some Hot Rocks, which is some very cool new stuff. closing out the set would be the Ramones who give us the Chris Montez penned tune Let's Dance! Set 4 opens with the coolest song in the world this week, which is Johnny Sincere, who sounds like he crawled out of 1963, as delivered by The Deadbeat Poets. Paul Revere and the Raiders want to do some Steppin' Out, while the Greenhornes declare that I Can't stand It! One truly excellent tune! The Beatles close set 4 promising I'll Be Back. Set 5. We shall name this set, "Sounds like Louie Louie-but Not"! Nice background about Hang On Sloopy, and the evolution of how it was adopted to be The official State Rock song of Ohio, after which the McCoys deliver the goods-big Time! On a side note, here in Massachusetts, The Bay State, there is a competition going on between Roadrunner by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers and Dream On by Aerosmith, for the official state rock song, I am lobbying very heavily for Roadrunner. You Know, "going faster miles an hour". But I digress. Moving along to cool new stuff by Prima Donna, who proclaim that Rock N' Roll Is Dead, and then proceed to prove otherwise. The incredible Devo, who used to proclaim, "Are We Not Men", now proclaim that they are Through Being Cool. More cool new stuff by Willie Nile with this Is Our time, which is from his very cool new L. P. "American Ride". Great Stuff! Closing the 5th and last set would be that Madman Screamin' Jay Hawkins with his great tune I Put A spell On You. End of the "kinda like Louie Louie-but Not! Set. On another side note, I was reading in a poll just this very evening, that Ohio has just been declared the "Sweariest State in this USA. Surprised me with that one. Thanks, again, Little Steven, for yet another excellent show. I continue to dig your very excellent sponsor, The United Association, UAVIP, who continue to provide both training and finding jobs for our Veterans in the Piping Industry. A Very worthwhile undertaking, filling a much needed void! Well, I guess that's it until next week when I have a feeling that we shall be celebrating the birthday of a very important individual. We shall See! To all who live IN and FOR, the Underground Garage, May Peace Be With You! EEYAHH! SMRZ!!

    • Steed Colliss

      Hey Robert,

      Just go to show 295 for the musical beds...

      See ya !

      Surf's up, s'tie !

  • rivardm


    Put me down for Roadrunner vote... although I live in Detroit, if dead Democrats in Chicago get to vote, why can't I?

    Big Mike

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      Hey Big Mike! That's a good one, but so very true about all of those votes by dead people in Chicago. Not a whole lot, or I should say MOST people don't even have a clue about what we're talking about. Thanks a lot for backing me on Roadrunner. Take care, Big Mike, and try to stay warm.

  • Ron Lynch

    It’s All Over Now (Rolling Stones), Say Goodbye To Hollywood (Ronnie Spector & the E Street Band), Message Of Love (Pretenders), I’ll Be Back (Beatles) & Hang On Sloopy (McCoys) I heard Bruce and the E-Street Band do this on Sirius channel very cool.
    Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin.

  • Rob Rodeghiero

    Hi Stevie....Is there anywheres I can go to download your intro jingle? It's great!!!! Love your show. Have a great and Merry Christmas.

  • jcjohnson63

    hey, great show,man!!!! it is kinda like cheating since we know all the coolest songs of the week but they ARE cool!thanks for keeping that rock and roll flame ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

  • michael j farrelly

    "Vote early and vote often," and may the best Kurt Baker win.

  • Robert Ben-Zion Van SIckel

    Although I hail from the West coast, I LOVE Cleveland, as I have occasion to go there a couple of times each year. A REAL city, with a REAL rock scene.

    Little Steven and company score another incredible themed show. The best radio program on the planed, bar none. I listen to the repeat at least a few times each week. BTW, I tune into the Underground Garage on WFPK 91.9 FM in beautiful Louisville, KY (speaking of great music towns).

    Dr. Bob

  • Ville Heikkila


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