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Show 604 -  Halloween XI

Show 604 - Halloween XI

Air Date:

Monday, 28 October 2013

Hey baby, Little Steven here. Our show this week in the Underground Garage is Halloween A Go-Go to prepare you for Garage Rock’s favorite holiday.

We’re going to tell you how the whole thing got started. And contrary to popular belief it wasn’t started by a bunch of dentists.

Joining us will be the Who, the Sonics, the Mothers Of Invention, and the Shadows Of Knight.

We will be playing the band version of “Dinner With Drac” by John Zacherle not heard on the radio in forty years.

Not to mention the band version of Larry and the Blue Notes’ Texas classic not heard for thirty five years.

And the band version of Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages, never heard.

Find out what Lux Interior, Jarvis Humby, and Tito & Tarantula have in common.

It’s Halloween A Go-Go, this weekend in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:

    Time Warp (Dr. Frank-N-Furter & Cast)

    I Walked With A Zombie (Roky Erickson)

    I’m The Wolfman (Fuzztones)

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (The Who)

    Dracula’s Daughter (Woggles)

    Jolly Green Giant (Kingsmen)


    Set 2:

    Jack The Ripper (Screaming Lord Sutch)

    Man With The X-Ray Eyes (Jarvis Humby)

    Psycho (Sonics)

    Night Of The Sadist (Larry & The Blue Notes)

    Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones)


    Set 3:

    (You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes (Mummies)

    Mommy’s Little Monster (Social Distortion)

    Put Your Cat Clothes On (Carl Perkins)

    Hungry Freaks, Daddy (Mothers Of Invention)

    She (Monkees)


    Set 4:

    Born To Die (King Kahn & the Shrines)

    Dream Police (Cheap Trick)

    Tell It To Carrie (Romantics)

    Alone (Shadows Of Knight)

    Weird Scene (Mr. Brown)


    Set 5:

    Cretin Hop (Ramones)

    She’s A Monster (Stems)

    Dinner With Drac, Pt. 1 (John Zacherle)

    The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon (Cramps)

    After Dark (Tito & Tarantula)

Comments (7)

  • Joncliftonmoss

    Great show!

  • richard

    to kid leo,
    i was listening yesterday late afternoon.you were playing some eerie music on the background. do you know the name of the title?
    thank you, rich

  • jcjohnson63

    i think this one and the christmas shows are stone classics that never get old! thanks once again! i think king khan made another classic album too! thanks for posting this one! worth waiting for!!!

  • Ron Lynch

    Another cool show. Time Warp (Dr. Frank-N-Furter & Cast), Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones), Put Your Cat Clothes On (Carl Perkins), Dream Police (Cheap Trick) & Cretin Hop (Ramones). Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin.

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Let's see now. Laughing in the Face of The Apocalypse. Your Sacred soul's torn between the sacred and the profane. Now you will learn why you fear the night! Why-it must be Halloween! Look at those little monsters! Would you really want to give them Candy or.... Show # 604. Halloween XI-2013. Thank You so Very much, Little Steven, for another 5 Star Saturday Night! Also would like to thank the Administrator for getting the show up into The Archives for All UG members to enjoy. GOOD WORK! Truly Great to have the Halloween shows back because just 2 years ago, we did NOT have the Halloween shows because you streamed your very important 500th show. Now, we are up to Show #604. WOW! Very important Holiday for all Underground Garage Members! I still enjoy your very cool lessons and sound-bytes, as well as the very cool music. Set 1 Musical Highlights! always open with The Time Warp by Frank N' Furter. Talk about RIFF RAFF! Taken from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". The Great Rocky Erickson gives us I Walked with A Zombie, taken from the excellent 1980 L.P. "The Evil One" featuring Roky & the Aliens. I noticed that the L.P. has been re-issued on VINYL! YEAH BABY! The only way that music Should be listened to! Closing the 1st set with The Kingsmen and Jolly Green Giant, which, as you mentioned, Stevie, was borrowed from The Olympics tune Big Boy Pete. Excellent background about the origins of Halloween, by you Stevie. "Hallows-Eve", when the dead and the spirits return to mix with the living. Henceforth-the Halloween Costumes! How Very cool! Set 2-dedicated to the Dead-Who Else? Opening with Jack The Ripper by Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages, which was banned by the BBC in both 1961 and 1963. The very Psychotronic Psycho by the Sonics, which was then followed by Night Of the Sadist by Larry & the Blue Notes, which was also banned. But Not by the BBC! Closing out another very cool set with Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones. "Listen To them-Children of the Night. What Beautiful Music they Make". They're dead, they're all messed up". Set 3 opens with your excellent anecdote about Mr. Orson Welles & his radio broadcast of "The War Of the Worlds", which terrified the whole East Coast on 10-30-38. 6 Million people listened as Mars attacked Earth! Excellent documentary on PBS last week featured this wild event. Very strange that the whole thing was a psychological study about "The Psychology Of Fear", which was done by Princeton University. Leave it to New Joisey! Musically, we get Mommy's Little Monster by Social Distortion. Gotta throw in some Zappa & the Mothers with Hungry Freaks, Daddy, from their excellent 1st L.P. "Freak Out". Closing set 3 would be She by the Monkees, which was a nod to the 1965 flick which starred the beautiful Ursula Andress. Other film versions were done in 1917, 1926, and 1935. Set 4 opens with the coolest song in the World this week with Born To Die by King Khan and the Shrines from their very cool new L.P. "Idle No More". Love that 60's Psych vibe mixed in with those horns. Everybody go out and BUY IT! MANDATORY LISTENING! Cheap Trick give us Dream Police from their 4th L.P. The Shadows Of Knight contribute Alone. Set 5. Ya Know! "there's no stoppin' the cretins from hoppin'" by the Ramones with Cretin Hop. And what would Halloween be without "The Cool Ghoul", Mr. John Zacherle, with Dinner With Drac(Pt. 1), from 1958, which can only be heard on the Underground Garage. Believe it or Else, Mr. Zacherle is actually still alive at the young age of 95! According to Wikipedia, anyway. How About that-Kiddees? The Cramps kick in with the Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon. We all still miss you, LUX! Now that certainly was a show that you could really sink your teeth into! Thanks again, Little Steven! Now remember Kids, don't go taking any candy from strangers! HA! HA! HA! Well, I guess that's it for another week. Maybe I'll see you next week for Halloween, Pt. 2, the Revenge Of the Candy! I'm still digging your fabulous sponsor, the United Association! UAVIP! Filling a much needed void by providing both training and finding jobs for our Veterans! Way to Go! To all who live IN and FOR, the Underground Garage, Peace Be with You!! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!

  • Steed Colliss

    Yeah, and kids, make sure your parents throw away those apples you've been given... There could be needles or razorblades in them... I just thought of something... Maybe I'll dress my son up as a little Little Steven for Halloween next year...

    Ursula Andress... Yum yum... That scene in Dr No... Except that in the novel, Honeychile Ryder was completely naked (with what Ian Fleming described as a "boy's behind" if I remember correctly)...

  • greggie434

    What A Show!!!!!!

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