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Show 593: That Love Disease Part 3: Standing In The Shadows of Love: Disappointment

Show 593: That Love Disease Part 3: Standing In The Shadows of Love: Disappointment

Air Date:

Monday, 12 August 2013

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

This weekend in the Underground Garage we have part 3 of our seven stages of love we are calling That Love Disease.

This week we are exploring the wonderfulness of disappointment.

Joining us will be the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Arthur Alexander, the Young Bloods, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones.

We have brand new music from Charles Bradley, Amy Gore, and the Bayonets.

Tune into find out what Gene Pitney, Rocket Queen, and Mitch Mitchell have in common.

It’s That Love Disease Part 3: Standing In The Shadows Of Love as we explore the love affair starting to come apart in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:

    It Hurts To Be In Love (Gene Pitney)

    Standing In The Shadows Of Love (Four Tops)

    You Better Run (Rascals)

    Gotta Get Away (Rolling Stones)

    I Played The Fool (Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes)

    Confusion (Charles Bradley)

    I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party (Beatles)


    Set 2:

    Hanging On The Telephone (Blondie)

    Where Did My Baby Go? (Paul Butterfield Blues Band)

    Tired Of Waiting (Kinks)

    Send Me A Postcard (Amy Gore & Her Valentines)

    Respect (Otis Redding)

    Love Of Confusion (Jimi Hendrix Experience)


    Set 3:

    You’re Gonna Lose That Girl (Beatles)

    Tears Are Falling (Youngbloods)

    She’s A Fool (Cocktail Slippers)

    Soldier Of Love (Arthur Alexander)

    Killer Joe (Rocky Fellers)

    You’re Gonna Kill The Girl (Ramones)


    Set 4:

    Whatcha Got? (Bayonets)

    Alone Again Or (Love)

    Ain’t That Peculiar (Marvin Gaye)

    Tell Me Why (Beatles)

    St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Twylight Zones)

    Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (Animals)

    Love’s Gone Bad (Chris Clark)


    Set 5:

    Never Gonna Be Your Friend (Lost Boys)

    Singer Not The Song (Rolling Stones)

    Nothing But A Heartache (Flirtations)

    But You Let Me Go (Hurricanes)

    La La La Lies (Who)

    Somebody’s Been Sleeping (100 Proof Aged In Soul)

Comments (9)

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    BABY-The truth is out so don't deny/Baby-to think I believed all your lies..Oh,please excuse me. I was just working on some new song lyrics. Let's see now. DISAPPOINTMENT-Sadness felt when hopes or expectations are not fulfilled. Actually, when dealing with affairs of the heart, let's make that Disappointment x 10! All right! The Love Doctor is back in the house! Thank you so very much, Little Steven, for another 5 star special, as well as some more Excellent schoolin' on LOVE! Show # 593. That Love Disease-Part 3-Standing In The Shadows of Love-Disappointment! Things start to go wrong. Feeling of Impending DOOM! YES! The Maharaj of Garage also has a PH.D. in LOVE! Both going up, and then falling apart, as well as all things in between. What Happened to BLISS? Set 1. This week, class, I shall pick 3 tunes that capture the theme. Fair Enough? The Four Tops know what it's like Standing In The Shadows Of Love. No Fun There! You Better Run from 1966, when they were still The YOUNG Rascals. The Rolling Stones just Gotta get Away, from the excellent American L.P., "December's Children"! Gotta include them because in the 60's I was a roadie for a garage band with that excellent moniker. Set 2. As you said, Dr. Love, things start to unravel. Oh-the PAIN! Nice sound byte by Humphrey Bogart to Ingrid Bergman from the 1942 masterpiece "Casablanca". Musically, we get Blondie with their 1978 cover of the tune by The Nerves, Hanging On The Telephone. Yes, now we find ourselves doing a great deal of that right about now! Or is that waiting for the telephone to please ring!? The Paul Butterfield Blues Band contribute Where Did My Baby Go?, from their 1969 L.P., "Keep On Moving", which featured all of those horns. The Kinks are So Tired Of Waiting, and right about now the clouds are forming and so begins the part when things start to unravel. No fun there! Not At All! Set 3. A Truly excellent psychological observation by you, Stevie, when you school us about how it is easier for friends and others are the ones who make the very astute observations about your relationship. How Very True! Because YOU are in the INSIDE LOOKING OUT! Observational set. Kicking off with The Beatles and You're Gonna Lose That Girl. See-others can see it coming. Not YOU! You are now clinging with HOPE that things will hold together. Mr. Arthur Alexander, who wrote tunes covered by the The Beatles, Stones, and Mr. Bob Dylan, delivers his truly excellent version of Soldier Of Love. So whatever happened to Arthur Alexander? And now I absolutely crack up whenever I hear Rocky Fellers do Killer Joe. I love that tune! O.K. All are excellent examples of observations made by OTHERS who are not involved directly with the relationship. Quite clever, Stevie! Borders on Genius, I'd say! Nice sound byte from the 1982 film "Diner". Set 4. I will allow for 1 extra song because the Coolest Song in the World this week named Whatcha got? by the Bayonets is so darn good. Love that video, as well. Who's that very cool chick? I'd go out with her! We shall See! Moving along to Alone Again Or by Love, led by the late, great Mr. Arthur Lee, from their 1967 Masterpiece, "Forever Changes". What an Album! When I played it back in '67, everybody didn't think it was that good. Time has proven otherwise! "I think that people are the greatest thing". YEAH BABY! Time for Mr. Marvin Gaye to deliver us with his voice of silk and Ain't That Peculiar? My 3rd pick from this set would have to be another incredible vocal by Mr. Eric Burdon with Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by the Animals. Mr. Elvis Costello also does an excellent version. But I digress. Just putting it out there, class. Take It Or Leave It! Set 5. Now things are really getting DARK! Now how is this all gonna end? FRIENDSHIP!? NO WAY! The Rolling Stones return to give us The Singer Not The Song. Absolutely love the new stuff by The Hurricanes with But You Let Me Go. Are sure that tune ain't from 1965 or 1966? Sure sounds it. Love that tone. And finishing the cloudy last set with The Ultimate Betrayal! That would be Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed by the truly incredible 100 Proof Aged In Soul! What a Nightmare! Yes, The Disappointment is now setting in very heavily, to say the least. Now we are set up for the next stage which is nothing short of DESPERATION! Now, I'm totally bummed. gotta go walk down to The Westfield River and ponder. Should I Jump? Or Not? Thanks again, so very much, Love Dr. Little Steven, for such a great show, and lesson as well. I shall continue to dig your fabulous sponsor, the United Association, UAVIP. Veterans in Piping. Providing both much needed training and Jobs to our returning Veterans. A very well earned tip of the cap to youse. Well, people, I guess that's it for yet another week. Oh, I almost forgot to Thank the Administrator for keeping us up to speed and getting the show up into The Archives for all to enjoy. We shall take nothing for granted. GOOD WORK!! And to all who live IN and FOR the Underground Garage-Peace Be With You! EEYAHH! SMRZ!!!

  • James Aubrey Griffin

    Catching up on UG Love Disease after a vacation is a TRUE pleasure. NICEly done, but aren't ALL R&R/R&B songs about that very THING?

  • jcjohnson63

    great set! a couple of tunes i am not crazy about but all in all great! lots of stones and beatles? interesting!!!! thanks for posting this one!!

  • luvzlionz

    Really enjoying this series. Thanks Steven!

  • John

    So very glad that Little Steven is navigating this Love Disease musical journey. Having spent a considerable amount of time in the UG, Little Steven really knows how to instill the sentiment of his chosen theme, and the Love Disease segments have been carefully crafted, as so many other shows in the past that have left their lasting impression upon my being.

    One (very minor) critique: what happened to listing the musical beds? I loved those little details. Just expressing my disappointment in not seeing those surf rock gems in the the set lists! MUCH LOVE TO THE UNDERGROUND GARAGE!

  • Ron Lynch

    Cool show, here's 5 cool ones. Confusion (Charles Bradley), Where Did My Baby Go? (Paul Butterfield Blues Band), You’re Gonna Lose That Girl (Beatles), Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (Animals) & But You Let Me Go (Hurricanes). Thanks Stevie, Keep on Rockin.


  • Normdog85

    Always find a tune in every show that is new to me! Diggin' the work Steven!!

  • Thomas Kluth

    Anyone know where I can get a recording of, "Never Gonna Be Your Friend"

  • Phil Wahl

    #593 What an incredible show Steven !!

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