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Show 588 - Fireworks A Go-Go!

Show 588 - Fireworks A Go-Go!

Air Date:

Sunday, 07 July 2013


Hey baby, Little Steven here.

Summer kicks into high gear with our Fireworks A Go-Go show this weekend.

We have all the information about summer those history books are afraid to tell you.

Such as, who invented the drive-in, the visionary that created the Lava Lamp, and all kinds of invaluable information like that.

Joining us will be the Who, the Turtles, the Beach Boys, the Impressions, the Kinks, and Moby Grape.

It’s our July 4th celebration we call Fireworks A Go-Go in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you on the beach in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:


    Set 1:

    Call Me Lightning (Who)

    Musical Bed: The Victor (Dick Dale)

    Fiberglass Jungle (Crossfires)

    One Potato Two Potato (Crossfires)

    Outside Chance (Turtles)

    Ballad Of The Lower East Side (Michael Monroe)

    The Little Girl I Once Knew (Beach Boys)

    Musical Bed: El Boracho (Nebulas)


    Set 2:

    Musical Bed: I Was A Teenage Astro-Monster (Dr. Frankenstein)

    I Want To Take You Higher (Sly & the Family Stone)

    How Is The Air Up There? (La De Das)

    Smartphone (Bayonets)

    Fly High Michelle (Enuff Z’nuff)

    Send Me A Postcard (Amy Gore & Her Valentines)

    I’m Down (Beatles)

    Musical Bed: Von Schlieffen Plan (Nebulas)


    Set 3:

    Musical Bed: Penetration (Pyramids)

    B Movies (The Fast)

    Summertime Blues (Blue Cheer)

    (I Live For) Cars & Girls (Dictators)

    Gardening Man (Anderson Council)

    35mm Dreams (Garland Jeffreys)

    Musical Bed: Tight Turn (the Raybeats)


    Set 4:

    Musical Bed: Funky So-And-So (Sugarman 3)

    Crawling From The Wreckage Of A Saturday Night (Conncection)

    Soul Survivor (Rolling Stones)

    Club Soul City (Gary US Bonds)

    Woman’s Got Soul (Impressions)

    Soul Man (Bruce Springsteen, Sam Moore, & the E Street Band)

    Musical Bed: V-8 Death Race (Dr. Frankenstein)


    Set 5:

    Musical Bed: Let It Hang (Dom Mariani)

    Party Lights (Claudine Clark)

    Engineer Man (Young Sinclairs)

    Till The End Of The Day (Kinks)

    She Can Do It All (Kurt Baker & His Party Animals)

    Naked If I Want To (Moby Grape)

    Musical Bed: Metal Fatigue (Davie Allan & the Arrows)


Comments (7)

  • James Aubrey Griffin

    A dream come true for The Young Sinclairs - sharing a UG set with Moby Grape as they give us our '66 fix. Happy Birthday USA - let's work together on this democracy thing

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    "Sandy, the fireworks are hailin' over Little Eden tonight, forcin' a light into all those stoned out faces left stranded on this 4th Of July". Oh you caught me working on some new song lyrics. Thank You Very Much, Little Steven, for yet another 5 Star Special that really deserves 6 Stars! The show was so good that I listened to it on BOTH Saturday AND Sunday nights! Also, Thanks to The Administrator for getting the Excellent show up into The Archives within only 72 hours! EXCELLENT WORK! Now everybody has to play catch-up. Here we go, people. Show # 588! FIREWORKS A-GO-GO! 2013! Always a favorite of mine. Set 1. Excellent display of the evolution of a Surf group to a Folk-Rock Group-Pop with Mr. Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan's Crossfires to the very cool Turtles. Moving from Fiberglass Jungle from 1963 to Outside Chance from 1965. Closing the 1st set with the beautiful harmonies of The Beach Boys with She's Not the Little Girl(I Once Knew). Set 2. Dedicated to Lawnchair Larry. Excellent anecdote to Lawnchair Larry & his 2 hour-16,000 ft. journey on 7-2-82. Can you imagine being that high in a lawnchair drifting into the Airport space? Not much room for error there. Then free-falling down into cables and wires? As you said, Stevie, "nothing comes with a guarantee"! Musical highlights from set 2 include New Zealand's La Dee Das with How Is The Air Up There? I think the Garage should be playing more tunes by The La Dee Das. I have a 2 L.P. vinyl comp. by them that is chock full of cool garage-type tunes. Set 2 closes with The Beatles truly excellent B side to Help, which was I'm Down. What a single from that Summer Of 1965! Set 3. Excellent tribute to The Drive-Ins. Thank U Very Much, Mr. Richard M. Hollingsworth. Leave it to New Joisey! I could tell you about my many adventures at the Drive-Ins, but I'll spare you that. Except for one! back in August, 1965, at about Midnight, returning from The Red Rock Drive-In, which was in Southampton, Mass., going home to Westfield. My gal and I noticed a Movie Crew in Easthampton, Mass., outside of The Red Basket Bar and Restaurant. So, I pulled the car over to the side of the road. Just outside of the restaurant, in the parking law, we then watched as they were filming Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, George Segal, and Sandy Dennis. They were shooting an outside scene when Liz & Richard were arguing outside in the parking lot, from the 1966 film, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf"? It was filmed around Smith college and the Northampton, Mass. area. I Kid You Not! Check it out! Go To Wikipedia or other sources. They had large overhead lights for filming & about a crew of 15 people or so. VERY PSYCHOTRONIC! A very well deserved Freak Of The Week, Mr. Hollingsworth! Musical highlights include Blue Cheer's Summertime Blues, which was the very 1st Heavy Metal tune. from 1968. Also, I Live For Cars And Girls, by the Dictators, with Handsome Dick Manitoba. As you said, Little Steven, The Dictators were the link between The New York Dolls and The Ramones. The Anderson Council with my favorite song so far this year, Gardening Man, sounding like 1966. I miss Baby Woodrose, Stevie. Why don't you play the A side, Light Up Your Mind! And why you're at it-Take A Big HIT out of it. Closing the set with the excellent 35 Millimeter Dreams from 1977, by Garland Jefferys. Name checks movie icons from Bogart to Bette Davis to Marlon Brando to even Mr. Orson Welles, who, of course is working on another film-script. The set also included nice sound bytes by Harvey Keitel with "I hate the sun, ocean, beach, and sand." Also, Eric von Zipper, aka Harvey Lembeck with "She don't ride with nobody but me"! Set 4. Coolest song in the World this week by The Connection with Crawing From The Wreckage Of Another Saturday Night. Kinda sounds like the tune by Dave Edmunds that was Crawling From The Wreckage. The Rolling Stones contribute Soul Survivor from their 1972 L.P. "Exile On Main Street". Geez, Stevie, last week you played The Soul Survivors with Expressway To Your Heart, as opposed to Sonic Youth's Expressway To Your Skull. Gary U.S. Bonds follows with Club Soul City. Incredible vocals by Mr. Curtis Mayfield with The Impressions doing Woman's Got Soul. Real nice version of Soul Man by Bruce, Mr. Sam Moore, and The East St. Band. Set 5 with the very cool tribute to Mr. Edward Craven, who invented the Lava Lamp in 1963, very well deserved Freak Of the week who was WAY ahead of his time. As you said, Little Steven, he really just wanted to walk around naked on the beaches of South France. "Ever seen A grown man Naked"? Opening the set with the incredible Claudine Clark with her 1962 smash hit Party Lights. I sent you 2 e-mails about that enigma, Stevie, who later changed her name to Joy Dawn, and recorded a Rock Operetta. I couldn't even find out if she was still living. The Young Sinclairs bring us back once again to 1966 with new stuff being Engineer Man. The Kinks contribute Till The End Of The Day. The 5th set and the fabulous show finishes with Bob Mosley's tune as done with Moby Grape with Naked If I Want to. Yeah baby-let me walk down the street that way but-alas, I would only be surrounded and attacked by teenage girls-IN MY DREAMS! Well, I guess that's it for another week. Thanks again, Little Steven, for such a fantastic celebration of Summer! Also continue to love your great new sponsor, The United Association-UAVIP! They are providing much needed training and jobs to our Veterans, which is indeed an extremely important and worthy endeavor! I guess that I'll catch you NEXT week when we shall be celebrating such things as the groundbreaking film "Easy Rider", as well as other worthy events and tunes. To all who live IN and FOR-The Underground Garage-Peace Be With You! Sincerely-EEYAHH! SMRZ!!

    • Steed Colliss

      Either "Easy Rider" or probably the best repeat of the show: "Girls of Summer"...

      By the way, Robert, are you from the Northampton area ? I used to go down there from Montréal to goat the Word and Pictures Museum... Even bought Jim Bessman' "Ramones: an American Band" at a bookstore over there on July 1st 1994...

      • Robert P Smarse Jr.

        Why YES Steed. Presently, I reside in Westfield, Mass. , which is only 17 miles from Hamp. I used to live there during most of the 80's through 1993. I've spent many a fine time enjoying the rich cultural surroundings of both the Northampton and Amherst area. You really can't beat the 5 College connection of Smith College, University Of Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke, Amherst College and Hampshire College. Always good musical and Arts going down there. thanks for asking. Peace Be With You! SMRZ!!

  • Thomas Spigolon

    May the good lord, shine a light on you.

  • jcjohnson63

    thanks once again for yet another classic update! love how to new stuff works with the old stuff! the connection keep hitting home runs too!! thanks for posting this show!!!

  • Ron Lynch

    Very cool show. Outside Chance (Turtles), Smartphone (Bayonets), Gardening Man (Anderson Council), Club Soul City (Gary US Bonds)& She Can Do It All (Kurt Baker & His Party Animals)
    Cool songs to shine the bike to, thanks Stevie Keep on Rockin.

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