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Show 585 - Bikini Beach Party

Show 585 - Bikini Beach Party

Air Date:

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Yea baby, it’s here…summertime!

It’s hotdogs, french fires, hot sand, groovy chicks, convertibles, and the Beach Boys, who invented it all.

Joining us as we kick off  summer with our Bikini Beach Party will be Little Eva, Dick Dale, Jan & Dean, Jeff Beck, the Ronettes, the Kinks, and the Yardbirds.

Brand new music from the Young Sinclairs, Kurt Baker & his Party Animals, the Anderson Council, the Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra, and the Bayonets.

It’s the first show of summer and the entire cast of Bikini Beach will be here.

I will see you on the beach at the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the sand.

Surf’s up!

It’s the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:

    Bikini Beach (The Cast Of Bikini Beach)

    Musical Bed: Let’s Go Trippin’ (Dick Dale)

    Ride The Wild Surf (Jan & Dean)

    Locomotion (Little Eva)

    Flower Punk (Mothers Of Invention)

    Engineer Man (Young Sinclairs)

    Secret Surfin’ Spot (Dick Dale)

    Musical Bed: Point Panic (Surfaris)


    Set 2:

    Musical Bed: Theme From Thunder Alley (Davie Allan & the Arrows)

    Don’t Worry Baby (Beach Boys)

    Hi Ho Silver Lining (Jeff Beck)

    When The Drugs Kick In (Del Lords)

    You Baby (Ronettes)

    Palisades Park (Freddy Cannon)

    Musical Bed: Cruel Sea (Challengers)


    Set 3:

    Musical Bed: Movin’ (Astronauts)

    Duke Of Earl (Gene Chandler)

    Little Deuce Coupe (Beach Boys)

    Tired Of Waiting For You (Kinks)

    Gardening Man (Anderson Council)

    Do The Clam (Elvis Presley)

    Pleasant Valley Sunday (Monkees)

    Musical Bed: Skater Dater (Laika & the Cosmonauts)


    Set 4:

    Musical Bed: Outter Limits (Marketts)

    She Can Do It All (Kurt Baker & His Party Animals)

    Summer In The City (Lovin’ Spoonful)

    Smartphone (Bayonets)

    Good Vibrations (Beach Boys)

    Dear Lady Twist (Gary U.S. Bonds)

    Musical Bed: The Galloping Goblin (Masonics)


    Set 5:

    Musical Bed: Play Station Bordello (Soundtrack Of Our Lives)

    Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (Cramps)

    C’Mon And Swim (Bobby Freeman)

    Some Day Soon (Palmyra Delran)

    Psycho Daisies (Yardbirds)

    As Tears Go By (Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra)

    Dr. Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine (Supremes)

    Musical Bed: Surf’s You Right (Laika & the Cosmonauts)


Comments (13)

  • Steed Colliss

    Always a pleasure listening to this show... One of the best along with "Girls of Summer" and "Back to School"... Can't wait for these two...

  • Mooko Marx

    It's been raining for 48 hours solid here. Thanks Stevie for bringing the musical sunshine.

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Let's see now. No School. Hot sun. Beautiful summer days and nights. Swimming. The Ocean. Bikinis. As you said, Little Steven, the 1st day of your Summer State of Mind for the rest of your life. Or something Like That! Why it must be Bikini Beach-2013. Thank You so very much for another 5 Star Saturday Night. Always love your Summer Special. Show # 585. Are You kidding Me? 585? WOWEE ZOWEE! Set 1 opens with the Theme from "Bikini Beach"(1964). With the entire cast. It is MY personal fav of the Beach Party flicks. Jan & Dean give us Ride The Wild Surf. Our favorite baby-sitter, Little Eva, delivers The Locomotion, with the emphasis on the Loco! Not bad for a 14 year old! The Mother's Of Invention, led by Mr. Frank Zappa, give us Flower Punk, from their 1967 answer to Sgt. Pepper, "We're Only In It For the Money". It came with weird cutouts like nipples and such. Leave it to Zappa. Nice sound byte from Annette. We miss you Baby, but you'll always be around in those Beach Party flicks. A very rare vocal by Dick Dale with Secret Surfin' Spot. The Young Sinclairs come flying right out of the 60's with Engineer Man. Set 2 . Dedicated to Mr. Brian Wilson whose birthday was June 20. Very educational lesson from you, Stevie, about how The Beach Boys took their food money and cut the 1st single Surfin'. Also an excellent tribute by you, Little Steven, to Brian Wilson which puts a very proper perspective on his True Genius. Opening the set with the incredible Don't Worry Baby. Followed by what could be your favorite tune Hi Ho Silver Lining, which was a solo release by Mr. Jeff Beck. New cool stuff by The Del Lords telling us all about what it's like When The Drugs Kick In. Yeah-Baby! Nice sound byte by Leo Gorcey of The Bowery boys. The Ronnettes deliver with You Baby, from 1964. And what would Summer be without Palisades Park by Freddy Cannon! Written by "Gong Show" host and CIA Hit-Man, Mr. Chuck Barris. Set 3. Opening with an absolutely side-splitting anecdote about the very 1st and last meeting between Brian Wilson and Elvis Presley. When Elvis blocks not just one, but two, karate chops by Brian before Elvis's entourage escort him away! You couldn't make this stuff up! Musically, we get Mr. Gene Chandler with Duke Of Earl from way back in 1962, which actually helped bridge the gap between Doo-Wop and Rock. The Beach Boys gotta tell us about their Little Deuce Coup. the Kinks are Tired Of Waiting for You, while The Anderson Council sound like they just stepped out of 1966 with Gardening Man. "but you can't touch any of my plants". Gee, I wonder what kind of plants they are growing? Very cool new tune. Early fav for coolest of the year. Elvis Presley returns with Do the Clam, from "Girl Happy"(1964). No, the Clam never Really caught on but it also had Shelly Fabares and also featured Elvis In Drag. WOW! The King Is Queen for a Day. Must be seen to be believed. Excellent Goffin-King composition as sung by The Monkees with Pleasant Valley Sunday. Closing set 3. Nice musical bed by The Marketts with Outter Limits open set 4. Coolest song of the week with She Can Do It All by Kurt Baker and The Party Animals coming out of the woods of Maine. Incredible 1966 tune that was Summer In the City by the Lovin' Spoonful, with jack-hammer and all. I do remember that Summer of 1966 which was exceedingly hot! Even to the point where World Music was changed when, in Jamaica, Ska Music slowed it's beat down to Rock-Steady, which then led to Reggae! I also graduated HIGH SCHOOL that infamous Summer when the best sounds EVER came out of mainstream radio. YES! The Two very best years for mainstream radio were 1965 and 1966. I Challenge EVERYBODY on that FACT! Go Ahead. give me two better years! YOU CAN'T! Excellent sound byte by Eric Von Zipper, aka Harvey Lembeck, who was the infamous leader of that Motorcicle Gang in those Beach Party flicks. Now we move on to True Genius with Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys. Mr. Gary "U. S. Bonds with Dear Lady Twist aka Get Up Upon Your Chair, from WAY back in 1962. Very Cool Tune!! Set 5. You said that we were going to the movies. Also, 7-5-46, you give credit to the coming out of the BIKINI! YEAH-BABY! The Cramps give us Bikini Girls With Machine Guns. Actually, the 1973 flick "The Doll Squad", with Tura Satana, displays a nice photo of Bikini Girls With Machine Guns, in one of the stills from the flick. There they are=four of them on top of a motorboat. Director Ted V. Mikels actually claimed the "Charlie's Angels" T.V. was copied from this feature. Check it out and decide for yourself. Mikels used to live with TEN WOMEN so he definitely knows SOMETHING! Mr. Bobby Freeman invites us all to C'mon & Swim. Sounds good to me! Do The Backstroke! New stuff from Palmyra Delran with Someday Soon. Nice sound byte from Sonny and Cher with Cher telling Sonny "If you want to look sexy buy yourself a bikini". PLEASE DON'T SONNY! The Yardbirds give us Psycho Daisies, which was the B side to Happenings Ten Years Time Ago. You know. The only single with both Beck AND Page playing together. Now we slow it down a bit for very cool new take on As Tears Go by as re-done by The Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra. Never fails to bring a tear to MY EYE. Nice background vocal by Andrew. And bringing the excellent show to a close with The Supremes and the title track from 1965's "Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine". I would like to Thank You Very Much, Little Steven, for another fun Summer-Bikini-A-GO-GO show. Also, thanks to The Administrator for getting the show up into The Archives for all to enjoy. GOOD WORK! Continue to love your fantastic new sponsor, The United Association. U.A.V.I.P. Filling the much needed void of training and finding jobs for our Veterans! VERY IMPORTANT! Well, I know that you will miss me but I guess it's time to go-until next week! For all who live IN and FOR The Underground Garage-Peace Be With You! And don't get no sand in your bathing suit! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    OH YEAH! Little Steven wanted ME to remind EVERYBODY to PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Don't Forget Your Star Ratings! So's I AM! Thank You Very Much! Sincerely, SMRZ!

  • Marlene Sullivan

    A fun summer show, like the surf music, Elvis, and "can't touch my plants".....5 stars!!!

  • Richard Kline

    Moontan in Lilyhammer Frankie baby.

  • Lauren D. McGinnis

    I really enjoyed the music on show 585. Loved the opening musical beds from sets 2 through 5. I also loved "Engineer Man," "Pleasant Valley Sunday," "Hi Ho Silver Lining," and "Don't Worry Baby." Thank you for this show. 5 stars!!!!!

  • Richard Kline

    Great line from here to eternity, there.

  • Ron Lynch

    Can't pic no favs here because they are all so cool.

    Thanks Stevie Keep Rockin

  • jcjohnson63

    agreat update! summer has begun now! thanks for the new music as well as the classics!!! thanks for ;posting this one!!!

  • abba lover

    whoa big wall of text = no read !

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      GO listen to WATERLOO and/or DANCING QUEEN and stay OUT of The Underground Garage! What's the matter? Can't get your head out of your Ass?

  • Chris Dougherty

    Great show. Now all that I have to do is find time to get to the beach this summer.

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