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Show 574 - The Wild One!

Show 574 - The Wild One!

Air Date:

Monday, 01 April 2013


Hey baby, Little Steven here, and this weekend in the Underground Garage we are celebrating a bunch of cool birthdays including Marlon Brando and Eric Clapton.

Our Freak of the Week is one of the freakiest actors ever.

Joining us will be some of the freakiest artists ever, like Iggy Pop, the Saints, the Kinks, the Dead Boys, the Animals, the Yardbirds, and the Strangeloves.

Brand new music from Wyldlife, the Woggles, the Bayonets, Mark Lindsay, and Palmyra Delran.

Find out what Kim Fowley, Little Eva, and Frank Sinatra have in common.

It’s the only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:


    Set 1:

    Much Too Much (Who)

    Music Bed: The Wild One Theme (Leith Stevens)

    Real Wild Child (Wild One) (Iggy Pop)

    I Want Candy (Strangeloves)

    Saturday Night (Wyldlife)

    Sunshine Superman (Donovan)

    Open Up Your Door (Richard & the Young Lions)

    Everybody’s Everything (Santana)

    Music Bed: Bongo Rock (Preston Epps)


    Set 2:

    Music Bed: Drag For Beers (Leith Stevens)

    Dollhouse (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)

    Baby, I’ll Trust You When You’re Dead (Woggles)

    Can I Get A Witness (Rolling Stones)

    Sucker For Love (Bayonets)

    On The Waterfront (Saints)

    Music Bed:

    A. Hearse Full Of Soul (Preston Wayne 4)

    B. Luck Be A Lady (Frank Sinatra)

    Set 3:

    Music Bed: Chino (Shorty Rogers)

    Night Of The Phantom (Fuzztones)

    Ring The Bells (Kinks)

    Oh Darling (Beatles)

    Like Nothing That You’ve Seen (Mark Lindsay)

    Big City (Dead Boys)

    Music Bed: Fender Bender (Davie Allan & the Arrows)


    Set 4:

    Music Bed: Toe Stubber (Ben Vaughn)

    Start Sinning (John & Brittany)

    Everytime I Eat Vegtables (It Makes Me Think Of You) (Ramones)

    Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Little Eva)

    Hurt My Pride (Young Sinclairs)

    We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Animals)

    Music Bed: Shanghaied (Wailers)


    Set 5:

    Music Bed: Hideaway (John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers)

    White Room (Cream)

    Some Day Soon (Palmyra Delran)

    I Ain’t Got You (Yardbirds)

    Deserted Cities Of The Heart (Cream)

    Anyday (Derrick & The Dominoes)

    Music Bed: Cat’s Squirrel (Cream)


Comments (4)

  • Steed Colliss

    Didn't know the Preston Wayne Four had made a version of "Hearse Full of Soul"...

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Let's See Now. "Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against"? "What d'ya got"? "The Men"(1950)! "A Streetcar Named Desire"(1951)! "Viva Zapata"(1952)! "Julius Caesar"(1953)! "The Wild One"(1953)! "On The Waterfront"(1954)! Why it must be Mr. Marlon Brando! Arguably, the Greatest actor who ever lived, as you said, Little Steven! Thank You Very Much, Little Steven, for yet another 5 Star special, that celebrated Brando, Lon Chaney, and Mr. Eric Clapton! Show # 574. The Wild One! A truly excellent introduction and homage to the early years of Brando! Musical highlights included Much Too Much, by the Who, Real Wild Child(Wild One), by Iggy Pop, Sunshine Superman by Donovan, and especially Open Up Your Door by Richard and The Young Lions. All of which you thematically connected to Brando, Mr. Maharaj of The Garage! Great Stuff! Some nice sound bytes which included "Never tell anybody outside of the family what you're thinking again", which was from my favorite performance by Brando which would be fron The Godfather(1972)! And Mr. Brando showed them what they could do with their Oscar! Set 2. "There's some butter in the kitchen. Go get the Butter"! Nice delicate sound byte from "Last Tango In Paris"(1972). That was my 2nd favorite Brando performance. Also a very interesting anecdote about how Brando got a very pivotal film role over Frank Sinatra for "On the Waterfront". Musical highlights include Dollhouse by Bruce, you, and the rest of The E. Street Band. The Woggles proclaim Baby, I'll Trust You When You're Dead. How reassuring! The Rolling Stones give us Can I Get A Witness and The Saints want to hang Down On the Waterfront where they must have been looking for Terry Malloy. Brando did accept and keep his Oscar for Best Actor for THAT role! Set 3. Excellent tribute to another great actor who would be Mr. Lon Chaney. Now many consider him the best actor from the silent era. Won't argue with that. Musical Highlights. The Night Of The Phantom by The Fuzztones which originally was titled The Night Of The Sadist by Larry and The Bluenotes. Darn Those Censors! the Kinks want to Ring the Bells while Mr. Mark Lindsay declares Like Nothing That You've Seen. The Dead Boys close the set with Big City. All of the tunes from set 3 were thematically tied in with movies that Lon Chaney starred in. Nice touch, Stevie! Set 4. Coolest song of the week by John and Brittany with Start Sinning. The Ramones show us their Romantic side with Everytime I Eat Vegtables(It Makes Me Think Of You). Our favorite baby sitter, Little Eva, warn us to Keep Your Hands Off My Baby. Sounding like they came out of 1966, cool new stuff by The Young Sinclairs with Hurt My Pride. The Animals close out this very strong musical set with their epic We Gotta Get Out Of this Place, which was introduced by Mr. Eric Burdon, himself. Very cool musical bed by The Wailers who were Shanghaied officially close set 4. Set 5. The "Clapton Is God" set opens with the soaring musical bed which was Hideaway as done by Eric Clapton when he was with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. Happy Birthday Eric! Nice intro and background about Clapton's early days when extended lead guitar solos were bursting out from Eric's fingers. Yes Indeed! The "Beano" L.P. Now look at Eric reading that comic book against the wall. Opening the set with his incredible solo in White Room when he was with Cream. "Where the shadows hide from themselves". Cool new tune by Palmyra Delran and Someday Soon. Now it's time for some "live" Clapton when he was still with The Yardbirds with I Ain't Got You, from 1964. Moving forward to some more excellent guitar solos by Eric with Deserted Cities Of The Heart when he was with Cream. Very insightful sound byte by Clapton proclaiming that he always would have "one part in the blues". Referring, of course to his axe-yielding solos. Now Eric fights off the demons of heavy drug-induced heroin and other junk to give us Anyday when he was with Derrick & The Dominoes. And closing off the excellent musical set and show with a very rousing musical bed which was Cat's Squirrel when he was with Cream. WOW!! Really, Little Steven, Thank You so very Much, for an excellent show that covered all of the territory that included Marlon Brando, Lon Chaney, and Eric Clapton. INSTANT CLASSIC! To say the least. Also would like to thank The Administrator who, I noticed, gave us a little break so that we could play "CATCH-UP". GOOD WORK!! And I would also give extra credits to the show for helping our Veterans to learn new skills and find jobs with having The UAVIP as one of your sponsors. VETERANS IN PIPING! It's great to see such commitment to such an important program. Well, I guess that's it for now. Until next week when we shall hear very loud soundz coming out of NYC. To all who live IN and FOR The Underground Garage, Peace Be With You! And Go Get That BUTTER!! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!

  • Ron Lynch

    Saturday Night (Wyldlife), the more I hear this one I like it even more. Dollhouse (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band) always cool when I hear it. Like Nothing That You’ve Seen (Mark Lindsay) this is going to be one of those timeless songs and will always sound current.
    We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Animals) still rings true.
    White Room (Cream) timeless piece here. Anyday (Derrick & The Dominoes, cool stuff.

    Thanks Stevie, keep rockin.

  • jcjohnson63

    WOW! thanks for another classic update!! this one really sticks to the ribs!!! getting caught up on saturday has never been this much fun especially since i do a double shift every saturday!!!! btw- i have a group on facebook that is for fans of the show!! drop by sometime. you'll be glad you did!!!!

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