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Show 573 - The Flip Side!

Show 573 - The Flip Side!

Air Date:

Monday, 25 March 2013

Hey baby, Little Steven here, and this weekend in the Underground Garage, we are going to turn that record over, and check out what’s on the B-side.

Joining us will be the Kinks, the Rascals, the Ramones, the Byrds, and the Dave Clark Five.

Brand new music from Wyldlife, the Woggles, the Young Sinclairs, the Nomads, and Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere & the Raiders.

We are going to find out what Frankie Valli, Bo Diddley, and Keith Moon have in common.

Come join us to celebrate a time when men were men, women were women, and records were vinyl.

I’ll see you this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio, the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:

    Held Up Without A Gun (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)

    Music Bed: Tequila (Champs)

    I’m A Man (Bo Diddley)

    Where Have All The Good Times Gone? (Kinks)

    What Is The Reason? (Rascals)

    Saturday Night (Wyldlife)

    My My Kind Of A Girl (Ramones)

    Hound Dog (Elvis Presley)

    Music Bed: Popcorn (James Brown)


    Set 2:

    Music Bed: Torpedo Rock (Surfing Corrido) (Phil Spector Wall Of Sound Orchestra)

    Congradulations (Rolling Stones)

    Those Were The Days (Cream)

    It Won’t Be Wrong (Byrds)

    Like Nothing That You’ve Seen (Mark Lindsay)

    Gloria (Them)

    Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin)

    Music Bed: Oh Boy (Cheap Trick)


    Set 3:

    Music Bed: Dogs Part 2 (Who)

    Don’t Worry Baby (Beach Boys)

    Out In The Street (Who)

    Wham Bam Thank You Man (Small Faces)

    Oh My Lover (Chiffons)

    Baby, I’ll Trust You When You’re Dead (Woggles)

    Fingertips, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (Little Stevie Wonder)

    Music Bed: The Horse (Cliff Nobles)


    Set 4:

    Music Bed: Dr. Kaplan’s Office (Phil Spector Wall Of Sound Orchestra)

    Sucker For Love (Bayonets)

    Don’t Look Back (Temptations)

    Mister, You’re A Better Man Than I (Yardbirds)

    Marlena (Four Seasons)

    Hurt My Pride (Young Sinclairs)

    Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield)

    Music Bed: Miss Joan & Mister Same (Phil Spector Wall Of Sound


    Set 5:

    Music Bed: Rotary Ten (R.E.M.)

    I Should Of Known Better (Beatles)

    Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan)

    Doctor Rhythm (Dave Clark Five)

    Miles Away (Nomads)

    Beck’s Bolero (Jeff Beck)

    You're On My Mind (Animals)

    Music Bed: Fling Thing (AC/DC)


Comments (18)

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    O.K. Now we're talking some uncharted territories otherwise known as The B Side! Yeah-Baby! I love to turn those 45's over & explore the Flip side. Thank You so very much, Little Steven, for schoolin' us about those B sides. And of course, thank you for another 5 star Saturday night! I also would like to extend a big Thank You to The Administrator for getting the show up into The Archives within 72 hours. GOOD WORK! O.K. Show # 573. The Flip Side. Of course when I started buying records back in 1958, I could only afford to buy 45's. And luckily, I found some hidden treasures on those B sides. Set 1 opens with Uncle Stevie schoolin' us about how RCA Records invented the vinyl 45 WAY back in 1949 when I was just a year old. Musically, we open with Bruce, you, & the rest of The E Street Band doing Held Up Without A Gun which, as you said Stevie, can still only be found on The B Side of Hungry Heart. A very nice musical bed by The Champs doing their great hit Tequila from 1958. I must have gown through 3 copies of that 45 but it was not a B side. It was the biggest instumental of 1958. Mr. Bo Diddley offers up I'm A Man from April of 1955. Mr. Ray Davies and the Kinks wanna know Where have All The Good Times Gone? from 1965. Nice sound byte from Mr. Gene Cornish leads into What Is the Reason from 1966 by The Young Rascals. Now don't forget, they were still The Young Rascals back then. The Ramones follow with My My Kind Of Girl from 1983, which was the B side of Psychotherapy. Yeah, Stevie, I don't know what they were thinking about THAT being an A side. And closing out the set, we get The KING of B sides, who charted 51 B sides with Hound Dog! Yeah Baby, Mr. Elvis Presley, himself. "Eternity-that big coffee break in the Sky". Excellent sound byte from that 1982 film "Diner" with "Just don't touch my records...EVER". Certainly legit grounds for divorce. Set 2 opens with the Rolling Stones and Congradulations from September of 1964, which was the B side to Time Is On My Side. We jump ahead to 1968 for Cream and Those Were The Days, which was the Flip side to White Room. From 1966, we get The Byrds with It Won't Be Wrong. Excellent new stuff from Mark Lindsay and Like Nothing That You've Seen. Them, with Van "The Man" Morrison, gives us the original Gloria. That's G-L-O-R-I-A! Those American garage-punkers, The Shadows Of Knight, would sneak in the tune and make it a BIG hit here in the States. Good going-guys! And let's let Led Zeppelin sneak in Communication Breakdown, which was the B side to Good Times Bad Times. Now I don't want to go against The Maharaj Of Garage here but an even MORE INFAMOUS B side by Zeppelin was Hey, Hey, What Can I Do, from 1970, which was the B side to The Immigrant Song and for years could ONLY be found as the B side to that single! Even more interesting than that is the fact that I happen to have a very rare 45 of that tune with the words "Do What Thou Wilt Shalt Be In The Whole Of The Law" in the trail-off of the 45. Well worth more than a few Quid, I dare to say. Set 3 opens with The Beach boys and their timeless masterpiece that is Don't Worry Baby, which was the B side to their very 1st # 1 45 which would be I get Around. Not Bad Boys! The Who want to play Out In The Streets, from 1965, after declaring My Generation while The Small Faces give us their B side from their final 45 which would be Wham Bam Thank You Man from 1969. I wonder if David Bowie heard THAT B side? The magical sound of The Chiffons declare Oh My Lover, which was the B side to my fav Chiffons tune He's So Fine from 1963. New cool stuff from The Woggles with Baby I'll Trust You When I'm Dead. How Reassuring. And that 12 year old genuis, Little Stevie Wonder, closes out the set with Fingerprints Pt. 1 & 2. Nice sound byte from Mr. Groucho Marx who declares "I'd rather dance with the cows until You come home". Set 4. And Now For Something Completely Different-"A man with a tape recorder stuck up his nose". The Temptations open up the set with Don't Look Back from October, 1965, which is followed by The Yardbirds declaring Mister, You're A Better Man Than I, which was the B side to Shapes Of Things from March of 1966. The Four Seasons cry for Marlena from 1963, which is followed by the Young Sinclairs, with new stuff declaring Hurt My Pride ON PURPLE VINYL! Let's flip that baby over! And closing out the set we get The Buffalo Springfield with Mr. Neil Young singing lead vocals on Mr. Soul, which was the Flip side to Bluebird, to which Mr. Steven Stills would sing lead. Moving along to Set 5, we get The Beatles with I Should Of Known Better, which, as you declared, Stevie, was the very 1st video and also the B side to A Hard Day's Night. O.K. Now The Beatles claim the # 2 spot for most charted B sides with a staggering 26! And as you said, Stevie, this is a Drug-Free Zone here. Mr. Bob Dylan follows with his incredible Highway 61 Revisited which, believe it or ELSE, was the B side to Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?, from 1965. Can you believe that the song did NOT chart? I mean he had Robbie Robertson & The Hawks backing him on that one! The Dave Clark Five followed with Doctor Rhythm which was followed with new stuff all the way from Sweden by the Nomads with Miles Away which they certainly are. Beck's Bolero by The Jeff Beck Group was next which was the B side to your favorite Jeff Beck tune which would be Hi Ho Silver Lining and the Animals close out both the set and the show with You're On My Mind by the Animals from 1966 which was the B side to Inside-Looking Out. I must admit, I rarely turned THAT tune over to the Flip side as I was totaly mesmerized by the A side on that one. Wrapping things up here, I must admit that I was very enlightened by your astute observations regarding exactly how The British acted as "friends". As you noted, you have the Kinks with the close bonding between Ray Davies and brother Dave, with their infamous fist fights between each other, The Rolling Stones with Mick and Keith stabbing each other in the back, the Who with Roger and Pete constantly at odds and the clincher between Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck who were such good friends that they only recorded one 45 together. Must be some sort of English thang or something in the TEA that they drank together. Very Strange, to say the least. But I digress. Well it certainly has been an enjoyable as well as an educational ride-to be sure. Always remember to turn that 45 OVER and explore that FLIP side. Thank You once again, Little Steven, for making my Saturday night so special. Oh Yeah-that Go-Go dancer did NOT break my kitchen table again this week! Could be because I put her up on my couch this time. I also wanted to mention that I really feel that it is great that you support our vets with your new sponsor, UAVIP. Our veterans need all the help that they can get with finding jobs when they finally come back home. We certainly know our lousy Congress does next to nothing to help out. Another well deserved feather in your cap, Little Steven! Well, I guess that's it for another week. I guess that I'll catch you all on THE FLIP SIDE! To all who live IN and FOR The Underground Garage, Peace Be With You! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!

    • Administrator

      Thanks for another great review Robert. "Tequila" actually was one of those rare B-sides that became a hit. Though it would later be released as it's own single, I believe it was originally a B-side of "Train To Nowhere"

      • Robert P Smarse Jr.

        Thank You Very Much for the positive feedback. I do put a good deal of thought into my comments-believe it or not! Also, I stand corrected about Tequila not being a B-side. Sorry for the mistake. Boy-O-boy! I guess that you DO learn at least one new thing everyday. You had better, anyway! Thanks again for your schoolin' me. Also, I am very sincere about thanking you for ALL of your hard work. Peace Be With You! Sincerely, SMRZ!!

    • Steve Hibbs

      Great Review as usual Robert..!!..I'm just catching up lately,the shows getting up there so quickly,takes me some time to catch up and go through everything,add a few of the essential tracks to the playlist..!!..Keep it up Man..!!..Cheers..!!

      • Robert P Smarse Jr.

        Thank You Very Much for the positive feedback, Mr. Hibbs. I do appreciate it. I hope that all is well with you across the pond. Yes, the Administrator has been very timely and It is difficult to stay on top, especially in view of how quickly the shows & weeks fly by. The quality of the show certainly has remained quite high. Take Care & Peace Be With You! Have a Happy Easter if you are into that. SMRZ!!

      • greggie434

        I to, am catching up on all of the shows Mr Hibbs. This one, like all the others, was AWSOME!!!!!

    • greggie434

      SMRZ.,another fine review! You even got the Administrator to chime in!

    • greggie434

      SMRZ, another fine review, you even got the Administrator to chime in!

  • Gary Gassman

    Atlantic also released a cut down single version of 'Whole lot of Love" without the band's knowledge.

  • Gary Gassman

    Lotta, fer Christ's sake.

  • jcjohnson63

    love this one too!! b-sides really are important!!! thanks for this!!!

  • jcjohnson63

    noticed you played AC/DC!!! keep on plaYING THEM PLEASE!!!!!!! try some bon scott stuff!!!with vocals!!!!

  • sdgakatbk

    Very good show.

    There were a whole lot of B sides not included here. Two that probably don't fit with this show that came to mind for me were 39 by Queen, (b-side to You're My Best Friend), and Born on the Bayou by CCR, (b-side to Proud Mary).

    Early in the show, I looked over the list and only saw 1 Beatles' song which surprised me because they had SO many cool b-sides. And it was a bit of a surprise to me that Elvis had more b-sides that charted than the Beatles. I think this gives an idea how popular he was in the 50's.

    I liked starting off the first set with Bo Diddley's I'm A Man, excellent stuff!! Also, I hear some good stuff from the new bands here, which, imo, hasn't always been the case with some of the newer shows, (I noticed a drop off around late 2005 or 2006). I think this is a good sign, that maybe there is starting to be more bands out there playing better stuff. Overall, a very good selection on this show.

  • sdgakatbk

    One more note:Whole Lotta Love was also a single for Zeppelin, (b-side: Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)).

    • sdgakatbk

      Okay, didn't see Gary Gassman's note on Whole Lotta Love when I wrote my note.

  • Ron Lynch

    Since this a cool show with vinyl stuff. Here's a vinyl story. So we are over at Taz records in Halifax and I'm flippin the Springsteen stuff in the rack. I come across Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul/Men Without Women, so I buy it and its a cool record with rockin tunes.

    Thanks Stevie, keep rockin

    • greggie434

      Ron, you struck gold with that album. I have been looking for any Deciples of Soul stuff for years!!!!

  • greggie434

    This was such a cool show!

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