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Show 570 - Common Sense

Show 570 - Common Sense

Air Date:

Tuesday, 05 March 2013

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

Join us this weekend in the Underground Garage for a crazy potpourri of various bizarre subjects.

Things you won’t learn in school no matter how long you go.

Joining us will be Jefferson Airplane, Sex Pistols, the Rascals, Elvis Costello, Vanilla Fudge, and the New York Dolls.

Brand new music from the Strypes, Palmyra Delran, Sea Monsters, and the Nomads.

There is only one place where you will find out what Lou Costello, Emile Berliner, and Thomas Paine have in common.

All will be revealed in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:

    When You Walk In The Room (Searchers)

    Musical Bed: The King Shall Rejoice (George Handel)

    God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols)

    Volunteers (Jefferson Airplane)

    Like Nothing That You’ve Seen (Mark Lindsay)

    I Am A Patriot (Little Steven and the Disciples Of Soul)

    People Got To Be Free (Rascals)

    Musical Bed: Arrow Space (Davie Allan & the Arrows)


    Set 2:

    Musical Bed: Ave Maria (Yoko Kanno)

    Sister Surround (Soundtrack Of Our Lives)

    See See Rider (Animals)

    Shy Boy (Palmyra Delran)

    Mrs. Robinson (Frank Sinatra)

    You Belong To Me (Elvis Costello)

    Musical Bed: Frankenstomp (Satan’s Pilgrims)


    Set 3:

    Musical Bed: Butch And Butch (Oliver Nelson Sextet)

    Hangin’ On A Telephone (Blondie)

    Talk Talk (Music Machine)

    Doctor Robert (Beatles)

    I Will Always Be Your Friend (Christian McNeill & Sea Monsters)

    (Listen To The) Flower People (Spinal Tap)

    Shotgun (Vanilla Fudge)

    Musical Bed: Burn Up (Titan Studio Orchestra)


    Set 4:

    Musical Bed: London Leslie Swings (Smashing Time)

    Hurt My Pride (Young Sinclairs)

    Lost In My World (Outsiders)

    Miles Away (Nomads)

    Good Lovin’ Ain’t Easy To Come By (Marvin & Tammi)

    Looking For A Kiss (New York Dolls)

    Musical Bed: Gazachastahagen (Wild Cats)


    Set 5:

    Musical Bed: Fink (the Starfires)

    You Can All Join In (Traffic)

    Blue Collar Jane (Strypes)

    Devil Came From Kansas (Procol Harum)

    Much Too Much (Who)

    Cruisin’ For A Love (J. Geils Band)

    Musical Bed: Got A Match (Wee Willie Harris)


Comments (21)

  • Steed Colliss

    Thanks for another great show !!! Also, thanks to the administrator !!! Lotsa show pictures and jukeboxes added in the past week or so... Keep un the good work and the great music coming !!!

  • ceea

    I'm still waiting and hoping to hear the Monks here. The coolest garage band ever!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Let's see know. A crazy potpourri of bizarre subjects? Why it must be Common Sense because we wish we had some. Thank You Very Much, Little Steven, for another 5 star Saturday Night special that covered a wide range of subjects. We're all over the map here! And Thanks to the Administrator for getting the show up into The Archives within 72 hours. GOOD WORK!! Show # 560. Common Sense. Set 1, which was dedicated to Mr. Thomas Paine. Excellent thoughts about Society vs. Government. NOW-more relevant than ever before. Can't we do anything to get rid of our lousy Congress? But I digress. Nice opening by the Searchers with that great Jackie De Shannon tune-When You Walk In the Room, which has that truly fine lead riff. The Sex Pistols proclaim "No Future For You" in God Save the Queen. They Got That Right! The Jefferson Airplane proclaim "Gotta Revolution" with Volunteers, from 1969, which was a very Revolutionary year!Excellent new stuff from Mark Lindsay which was Nothing Like You've Seen, which was followed by Little Steven & Disciples Of Soul with I Am A Patroit. Very topical! And the very cool 1st set closes with The Rascals who proclaim People Got to Be Free. Set 2. which was dedicated to Mr. Lou Costello, who also happened to be our Freak Of The Week. As you said, Stevie, "An essential part of New York Culture". "Who's On First"? No Logic-No Reason! Opening the Costello set with Sister Surround by The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, which was followed nicely by The Animals and See See Rider from 1966. Palmyra Delran with cool new stuff Shy Boy-on Purple Vinyl! Yeah-Baby! Mr. Frank Sinatra with his very weird version of Paul Simon's Mrs. Robinson. The Chairman Of The Board's version ALWAYS cracks me up with his "Ding! Ding! Ding! and Boo! Hoo! Hoo! Yes-quite Psychotronic-to say the least! And the Costello set closes out with You belong to Me by that other Elvis-Mr. Costello, from his 1978 masterpiece "This Year's Model". Moving along to set 3, which was dedicated to Mr. Emile Berliner, who we can thank for inventing the record and also became the very 1st man to get screwed by a record company, but certainly not the last. The very sexy Deborah Harry leading Blondie with Hanging On The Telephone. Nice sound byte by Debby who we find hanging out with Maharaj Of Garage for an underground party. Good For You, Stevie! The Music Machine, led by Sean Bonniwell, gave us Talk Talk. I'll never forget their L.P. with the black leather glove on the cover. Very Cool Indeed! The Beatles give us Dr. Robert, which is one of my other names. Meanwhile, crawling out of Boston Harbor would be Christian McNeil & The Sea Monsters with I Will Always Be Your Friend, which is the very fine tune which has been stuck in my gray matter for the past 2 weeks. Nex up a very fine Psychedelic Exacta with Spinal Tap's Flower People, with it's groovy sitar followed by a very Psychedelic version of Shotgun by Vanilla Fudge. What a Weird World Man! Set 4 opens with our coolest song of the week which was Hurt My Pride by the Young Sinclairs, sounding like they just came out of 1966 or 1967. Good Stuff! The Outsiders use their very familiar riff from time Won't Let Me for Lost In My World. It's legal to steal from yourself-Right? The Nomads come all the way from Sweden to give us Miles Away-which they are. Good Lovin' Ain't Easy To Come by as proclaimed by Marvin & Tammi. And closing the set out finds The New York Dolls just Lookin' For A Kiss, from 1973. David must have found one by now. Nice sound byte by Bogart playing Sam Spade which is very appropriate. Set 5. dedicated to Mr. Bill Graham and The Fillmore East! Situated right in The East Village with 3600 seats, The Joshua Light Show and over 3 years of concerts that ran from 3-8-68 until closing on 6-27-71. Traffic opens the set with You Can All Join In which was followed by excellent new stuff by that hard-working band The Strypes from Ireland with Blue Collar Jane which is very appropriate because the Strypes are truly a blue collar band. The incredible Procol Harum follow with The Devil Came From Kansas. I always thought he came from Hell but actually, he's ALL around us! The Who proclaim Much Too Much from their excellent 1st L.P. And The J. Geils band close out both the set as well as the show with Cruisin' For Love. I wonder if The J. Geils Band is still without J. Geils? Do You know, Stevie? Anyway, talk about ALL OVER THE MAP! Yeah, that might be another name you could give this week's show. But you somehow managed to gather it all together and make perfect sense! Excellent Show, Stevie! And as I look out my window and watch the snow pile up, I guess that I will sign off again for another week. Thanks again, Little Steven! I'll see you next week. To all who live IN and FOR The Underground Garage-Peace Be With You! EEYAHH! SMRZ!!!

  • tom elsdon

    what's with playing "shy boy" every single weekend? are there no more worthy garage bands? smells like payola baby.

  • Ron Lynch

    Very cool songs here again. I got history lesson from a vinyl record this week. Put on a Bonnie Tyler record, Faster than the Speed of night. When I flipped it over I discovered that Roy Bittan & Max Weinberg played on this.

    Thanks Stevie, keep rockin.

  • videofrontman

    Thanks for the Procol! I got a big smile on my face.
    "The devil came from kansas. where he went to I can't say"

  • jcjohnson63

    love it!!!! great show!!! keep up the good work! and special thanks to the administrator for doing a really great job keeping us up and posting the shows!!!! awesome job!!! :)

  • greggie434

    I am a PATRIOT is a classic!!!!!

  • greggie434

    Where's this weeks show???????????? # 571

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      Hey greggie434! Show # 571 was last week. It was about The Beats, Jack Kerouac & On The Road. Excellent Show, as usual! Hope that you are well in Philly! Take care, Brosky! SMRZ!!

      • greggie434

        Eh SMRZ, all is well here. How R U? Show 571 is not in the archives, do U know where to find it?

        • Robert P Smarse Jr.

          I'm doing O.K., greggie434. I know 571 is still not up yet. I think that we've been spoiled because the Administrator has been right on for the past 4-6 weeks. Or maybe #571 took a trip On The Road! Take care Brosky!

          • greggie434

            I hope it didn't go away like the "Motor Cycle Irene" show, (I think that was the name of the show that never made it to the archives)I still say UUUUUUU should be runnin this ting!!!!!!!

            • Robert P Smarse Jr.

              Hey greggie434! Show # 571-On the Road is up now in the ARchives. Just go to Archived shows and click on the link for # 571. Hope You are Well! Take Care, Brosky!

              • greggie434

                # 571 & # 572 came in together, now I gotta catch up......

                • Richard Kline

                  R.I.P. Jack K and Jack Cassady, On the Road.

  • Clifford Blau

    Abbott and Costello are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame. You can see a list of all Hall of Famers here: http://baseballhall.org/sites/default/files/all/hofers_alphabetical_1-2013.pdf

  • Jerry Sherman

    I've never heard this Outsiders song before. (Actually, I hope I never hear it again!). It's ironic that they ripped off their own riffs from Time Won't Let Me.

  • James Aubrey Griffin

    Procol Harum was the best band ever written off as a "one hit wonder" & "Devil ..." is a killer track from a classic album. Saw them in Roanoke,VA with their Grand Hotel lineup {and a much too small crowd), but they glued us to our seats and removed the tops of our skulls!! Thanks for the memory, Steven

    • Richard Kline

      Salty Dogs and Whiskey Train, hoo rah. Good old Robin Trower.

  • Richard Kline

    Dr. Robert, nice, different mix. Rarely played on the rad. Thanks you all. Good garage.

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