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Show 569 - Out Of Our Tree!

Show 569 - Out Of Our Tree!

Air Date:

Monday, 25 February 2013

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

Join us this weekend in the Underground Garage for our salute to the Pacific Northwest, home of American Garage Rock.

That’s why we are here baby.

Joining us will be Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and the Ventures.

Brand new music from Christian McNeill & Sea Monsters, Palmyra Delran, and the fabulous Nomads out of Sweden.

We are playing 50 years of the coolest Rock n’ Roll records from the Pacific Northwest this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I will see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:

    Out Of Our Tree (Wailers)

    Musical Bed: Roll On Columbia (Woody Guthrie)

    Have Love Will Travel (Sonics)

    One Step Closer (Miracle Workers)

    Shy Boy (Palmyra Delran)

    Another Shot Of Whisky (Gits)

    Hippy Hippy Shake (Chan Romero)

    Hawaii 5-0 (Ventures)

    Musical Bed: Fog Cutter (The Frantics)


    Set 2:

    Musical Bed: Tall Cool One (Wailers)

    Spanish Castle Magic (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

    Dream All Day (Posies)

    Who’ll Be The Next In Line (Kinks)

    Miles Away (Nomads)

    Burning Bush (Mono Men)

    Life Waster (Pearl Jam)

    Musical Bed: Riot City (Rocky & His Friends)


    Set 3:

    Musical Bed: Psyched Out (Ventures)

    Louie Louie (Richard Berry)

    Louie Louie (Kingsmen)

    I Will Always Be Your Friend (Christian McNeill & Sea Monsters)

    Everybody’s Boppin’ (Clayton Watson & the Silhouettes)

    Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)

    Musical Bed: Oh Yea (Rockin’ Souls)


    Set 4:

    Musical Bed: Like Long Hair (Paul Revere & the Raiders)

    Like Nothing That You’ve Seen (Mark Lindsay)

    Just Like Me (Paul Revere & the Raiders)

    It’s A Cryin’ Shame (Doughboys)

    Where Do We Go From Here (Chesterfield Kings)

    Him Or Me (Paul Revere & the Raiders)

    Musical Bed: Frenzy (Wailers)


    Set 5:

    Musical Bed: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Lead Belly)

    Love Buzz (Nirvana)

    Hold On To Me (Courtney Love)

    Danny Says (Foo Fighters)

    Cobblestones/Rolling Stones (Genya Ravan)

    Can’t Be So Bad (Moby Grape)

    Musical Bed: Killer Joe (Quincy Jones)


Comments (18)

  • jose schapiro

    Hi Little Steven!
    My first comment from Uruguay, South America!
    Another great show, as always... only one complaint: no Young Fresh Fellows?
    How could you overlook one of the greatest bands from the Pacific Northwest?
    Anyway, a greatly enjoyable set of rockin' music (amazing Farfisa on that Miracle Workers' tune!). I would have left outside the boringly serious Soundgarden, but you can't go wrong with a programme that includes the Sonics, Hendrix, Kinks, Nomads, Mono Men, Louie LouiePaul Revere and Chesterfield Kings!!!!

  • ArthurAllen

    Second comment from Renton, 11 miles southeast of Seattle and final resting place of Jimmi Hyndrix. When I first started listening to this show, I heard tributes to Chicago and Cleveland, and I wondered how soon Seattle would get its turn. The earlier broadcast of this show marks the last time I listened to the show on the radio, before I got tired of how KMTT treated it and switched to hearing it online.

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Let's see now. Seattle.Portland. Tacoma. Why it must be The Pacific Northwest of The USA. The birthplace of Garage-Rock! YEAH-BABY! Thank you very much, Little Steven, for another 5 star special that celebrated The great Pacific Northwest! Also-Thank You Very Much, Administrator, for getting the show up into The Archives within 72 hours. GOOD WORK!! Show # 569. Out Of Our Tree! Set 1. Excellent introduction that ran the course from Woody Guthrie to Ken Kesey. Home Of American Garage Rock! Great Tribute! The Wailers blast-off with Out Of Our Tree from 1966. The equally garage-like Sonics follow with Have Love Will Travel. That wild Farfisa organ by The Miracle Workers give us One Step Closer. Great Stuff! Chan Romero, who was actually from Montana, give us that Hippy Hippy Shake. Closing the 1st set would be The Ventures with their big hit Hawaii 5-0. Set 2. Nice musical bed intro by the Wailers with their very cool Tall Cool One. The incredible Jimi Hendrix Experience blast off with Spanish Castle Magic. The Posies want to Dream All Day. No Time for That! The Kinks follow with their fabulous 1965 hit Who'll Be The Next In Line? The Nomads, from Sweden, give us Miles Away. Which They Are! The incredible Mono Men give us Burning Bush. Some excellent sound bytes from set 2. "I would Like to propose a Toast with these Tabs of Acid". Also some Twin Peaks madness with "Who was the Killer? Laura Palmer whispered his name in my ear but-I Don't Remember". Set 3 opens with another great musical bed by the Ventures which was Psyched Out. Very Cool Stuff! Now we get to the very important stuff which is Louie Louie. No way that anybody could possibly make this up! The song represents Rock N' Roll at its most sublime & its most ridiculous! Really! More than 1,200 records. the "Dirty Lyrics" excited the imagination of the FBI & J. Edgar Hoover who started Congressional Hearings only to conclude that the lyrics were indecipherable! Priceless! Versions done by artists that ranged from Patti Smith, Frank Zappa, to Julie London. And Richard Berry sold the songwriting rights for only $750. Why-there oughta be a law! I highly reccommend the 1993 book "Louie Louie by Mr. David Marsh for a truly unbelievable journey through the history of that monumental song, which is truly The National Anthem of Garage Rock! And in addition, you get, for the 1st time anywhere, The ACTUAL DIRTY LYRICS! Can you beat that-Mr. Maharaj of Garage? Musically the set opens with the original Louie Louie by Mr. Richard Berry which is then followed by the infamous version by The Kingsmen. Christian McNeil & The Sea Monsters crawl out of Boston Harbor to give us I will always Be Your friend. From WAY back in 1958, we get Everybody's Boppin' by Clayton Watson & The Silhouettes. The set closes with Soundgarden & Black Hole Sun. Set 4. Dedicated to Mr. Mark Lindsay and/or Paul Revere And the Raiders. Coolest song of the week is Like Nothing That You've seen done by Mark. Paul Revere And the Raiders blast through with Just Like Me. Mark joins The Doughboys for It's A Cryin' Shame. The incredible Chesterfield Kings ask Where Do We Go From Here? Paul Revere again with Him Or Me. Yet another wild musical bed by The Wailers with Frenzy closes the 4th set. I guess that one can only speculate what would have happened if Paul Revere And the Raiders had beaten The Kingsmen with the release of Louie Louie. What do YOU think, Uncle Stevie? Set 5. A very poignant & moving intro about Mr. Kurt Cobain. Very Well Done! Nirvana opens with Love Buzz, which is then followed by Courtney Love with Hold On to Me. I must admit that I still have some mixed feelings about Courtney, but I digress. Danny Says by The Foo Fighters. The incredible Genya Ravan gives us cool new stuff called Cobblestones/Rolling Stones from her cool new release Cheesecake Girl, which is very excellent & tells the tale of Goldie and The Gingerbreads 1965 tour of England when they backed The Rolling Stones. HI GENYA!! And Moby Grape closes another excellent set & show with Can't Be So Bad. Yet another new spin brought to you by Little Steven & his incredible Brain! Thanks once again, Little Steven, for another excellent Saturday Night Dance Party. Only problem last week was that one of the Go-Go dancers BROKE my kitchen table! No big thing. Must sign off for now. If anybody wants The Actual Dirty Lyrics to Louie Louie, just send me an e-mail. To all who live IN and FOR the Underground Garage-Peace Be With You! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!

    • greggie434

      SMRZ, not one word in your review about the Gits, "Another Shot Of Whiskey". Great song and a true tragedy. The lead singer was murdered, Google it, "The Gitts". What a sad story.

      • greggie434

        Her name is Mia Zapada

        • greggie434

          Mia Zapata, sorry, I spelled her name wrong..........

          • Robert P Smarse Jr.

            Hey greggie434! Yes-my mistake about leaving Mia Zapata & The Gits out. It could have been unconscious mistake because I remember reading the very graphic, sordid details out about her rape/murder. Pretty rough stuff. It made me sick to my stomach when I read it. A truly tragic sad incident. Take Care Brosky1

  • Cindy Hanford

    Thank you so much for airing Mark Lindsay's new release “Like Nothing That You’ve Seen.” The best singer in rock history, his record deserves airplay everywhere.

  • dhudon

    I'm sure the government must have a law against this and it must be illegal but I run your internet show onto tape while I listen to it at home and then play the tape in my van while I run around town. Hi tech, eh??

    • Steed Colliss

      I read that a very small percentage of the blank tape's price goes to recording artists' association or something... However, note that I did the same thing of a couple of years... Now I found out there an FM station that run the show on podcast... So I just download it on my iPod and listen to it as well in my car... Wasn't it Stevie himself that said "You're only as cool as who you're stealing from..." ?

      • greggie434

        Good one Steed!

  • Ron Lynch

    Like Nothing That You’ve Seen (Mark Lindsay) That's a cool song. I went back and listened to Arizona by Mark, he has a wicked talent and so do the people he makes music with.
    Thanks Stevie great show.

  • ares4204u

    amazing show, one of your best. Your tribute to Cobain was well done and well said. I would like have a transcript of that. I think is one of your best tribute to an artist you have ever done. My generation of music 90s got i great tribute this week. Keep up good work.

  • jcjohnson63

    another true classic!!!! AND i JUST bought the book Sonic Boom!!!! great timing,huh? love to see mkister mark lindsay back and rockin!!! been TOO long for THAT one!!!! :)

  • markalbertsad

    the pacific coast steve thanks for shining a light on this area rip ck

  • guitarman

    +1 on the young fresh fellows! funny,smart, and cool otherwise perfection of a show!

  • Steed Colliss

    I don't know if I heard right in the intro, but it seems that Dark Horse Comics and Image Comics are "bad"... Let's not forget the origin of those two companies... In an era of Marvel and DC ruled universe, DHC arrived with the intention of making "good" comics... They also emphasized on creator-owned comics... Mike Richardson even went to the extent of buying the rights to the character "Nexus" from another company which had basically "stolen" the right from the creators. And the first thing Richardson did was to give the rights back to the creators...

    As for Image, a dispute over how much money artists were given for reprints of comics after the initial run and other issues led Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Rod Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio and Jim Valentino to leave Marvel and create their own publishing house... Story goes that at the meeting with then Marvel editor-in-chief Tom deFalco, he told them they would not last one year... It turns out that ten years later, deFalco got a job as editor-in-chief at Image...

    I guess Starbucks also started as a little company against the big ones and got swallowed up... Maybe that's what also happened to DH and Image...

  • jcjohnson63

    just now finishing a book called sonic boom about the history of the pacific northwest! listening to this a second time!!! thanks!!! :)

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