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Show 565 - Do The Zonk!

Show 565 - Do The Zonk!

Air Date:

Monday, 28 January 2013

Hey baby, Little Steven here with our Underground Garage weekly pop quiz.

If you were a teenage boy, what would be the most frustrating thing in the universe? What would be so complicated a problem, that no matter how old you get you would never figure out? And who is it that you can’t live with, but they let you cheat off their papers during tests?

That is correct, it’s girls, and we got them this weekend in the Underground Garage. Pop queens, rock dolls, and girl groups. We are talking about the Chiffons, the Crystals, the Cookies, and the Shangri-Las.

Helping celebrate them we got the Who, the Beatles, the Stones, and the Ramones. Brand new music from Palmyra Delran, the Launderettes, the Noisettes, Suzi Chunk, and the queen of all Rock n’ Roll chicks, Genya Ravan.

It’s wall to wall chicks, groovy girls, and crazy brauds this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:

    Girls (David Johansen)

    Musical Bed: Wolf Call (Lord Dent)

    I Have A Boyfriend (Chiffons)

    Sorrow (Pristeens)

    Heat Wave (Who)

    Boy Trouble (Rev-Lons)

    That Girl (Noisettes)

    I Adore Him (Angels)

    Musical Bed: She Rides A Chopper (Evan Foster)


    Set 2:

    Musical Bed: Take It Off (Dick Dale)

    Chew Chew Fee Fi Fum (Goldie and the Gingerbreads)

    You’re My Brian Jones (Palmyra Delran)

    Heaven Only Knows (Shangri-Las)

    Da Doo Ron Ron (Rolling Stones)

    Anway That You Want Me (Evie Sands)

    Musical Bed: Black Boots & Bikes (Satan’s Pilgrims)


    Set 3:

    Musical Bed: Sittin’ Tight (Ace Cannon)

    Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Shirelles)

    Boys (Beatles)

    Everyone Knows (Joan Jett & the Blackhearts)

    Girl From The Neck Down (Suzi Chunk)

    I never Dreamed (Cookies)

    Musical Bed: Mister Sin I (Balboas)


    Set 4:

    Musical Bed: ESP (Miles Davis)

    Cobblestone/Rolling Stones (Genya Ravan)

    When You Walk In The Room (Searchers)

    Dream Boy (Jackie DeShannon)

    Marks On My Map (Launderettes)

    Please Don’t Wake Me (Cinderellas)

    Musical Bed: Summer Nationals (Preston Wayne 4)


    Set 5:

    Musical Bed: Fuzzy & Wild (The Ventures)

    Maybe I Know (Lesley Gore)

    She’s A Fool (Cocktail Slippers)

    Baby I Love You (Ramones)

    He Did It (Ronettes)

    I Can Hear Muisc (Beach Boys)

    Do The Zonk (Donna Loren)

    Musical Bed: All Night Long (Dave Clark Five)


Comments (11)

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Another Excellent Show-Thanks, Little Steven, Also Thank The Administrator for getting the show #565-Do The Zonk! 2013-haven't had a Zonk since December 5 ,2011. Before the next show-Naughty Girls this week in The Underground Garage-Thank You Very Much-Sincerly SMRZ!-My review of the show will be up within 48 Hours-Another Excellent Show!!-

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Thank You Very Much, Little Steven, for another 5 Star Saturday Night. We haven't had a ZONK since 12-5-11, so it was great to hear the GIRL GROUPS back again! That's right, Stevie, Everybody Lives Forever In Their Prime! YEAH-BABY! In the Underground Garage that Is! Set 1. Opens with that New York Doll, David Johansen with Girls, which was from his 1978 solo L.P. Judy Craig leads the Chiffons with I Have A Boyfriend, which, if I remember correctly, you said was your favorite Girl Group song. Is that correct,Stevie? Nice sound byte from Roger Daltrey leading The Who with Martha & The Vandellas's great Heat Wave. The Rev-lons, who came all the way from Bakerfield, Ca., give us Boy Trouble. I agree that the Rev-Lons should have been more well known. Bringing us in the 21st Century is the Noisettes with That Girl. endin the 1st set is the very cool I Adore Him by The Angels from all the way back in 1963. Another one of your favorites, Stevie. "You're A Swell Dish". Moving along to the very pivotal Set 2. Yes! The very 1st Girl Group who played all their instruments, Goldie & the Gingerbreads, with Chew Chew Fee Fi Fum. 1962. the great Goldie Zelkowitz, who was born in Lodz, Poland, who grew up in the Jewish ghetto in New York's Lower East Side, changed her name to Genya Ravan. Yes-ALL Gils groups owe a THANK YOU to Goldie & Company. Nice to hear Genya hanging out in The Under Ground Garage. Thank You Genya! The very cool Palmyra Delran with You're MY Brian Jones which was one of the coolest tunes from 2012. The Excellent Shangri-Las give us Heaven Only Knows, which is your fav Shangri-Las tune, Stevie. The very rare version of Da Doo Ron Ron as done by the Rolling Stones under very heavy influence of Mr. Andrew Loog Oldham. Evie Sands closes out set 2 with Anyway that You Want Me, which was written by Mr. Chip Taylor, who just happens to be The brother of "Midnight Cowboy", Jon Voight. Mr. Chip Taylor also happened to write the Garage classic " Wild Thing". "You let him put a gun to your head during sex? Well, if that helps him get off. He usually takes the clip out". Set 3. Great story about the Shirelles, formed in 1958 in Passaic, N.J. Yeah-Rock N' Roll was under attack in 1959-1960 because "These kids were having way too much fun". so strings were now introduced & The Shirelles hit # 1 with the Carole King-Gerry Goffin composition will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? in 1962. Ringo contributes with his very best vocal ever which was Boys with the help of 3 other mop-tops known as The Beatles. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts give us Everyone Knows. Nice sound byte from "Some Like It Hot" by Marilyn Monroe & Jack Lemmon. The ultra-cool Suzi Chunk & Groovy Uncle bring us into the 21st century with Girl From The Neck Down. Can't wait until that L.P. comes out. Set 3 closes with The Cookies & I Never Dreamed. Yes, as you said, Stevie, even The Kingsmen wanted to re-record "Louie-Louie". Set 4 opens with Genya Ravan with Cobblestone/Rolling Stones, in which she name-checks British groups from London-circa 1965. Very cool sound byte by Mr. Bogart, himself, who claims, "You ain't never had it until you make it with a big fat blondie waitress". The Searchers give us their version of Jackie De Shannon's excellent When You Walk In The Room, with that very cool guitar riff. Jackie, herself, contributes Dream Boy. The Launderettes with Marks On My Map, former coolest song of the week. Another cool sound byte with "To be really accepted, you must know how to make it with the boys". Closing set 4, the Cinderellas with the priceless Please Don't Wake Me. How could it NOT be a HIT? Set 5. anecdote about the great Lesley Gore & Quincy Jones with how they rushed out It's My Party. Here she contributes Maybe I Know. Great anecdote about Lesley & the importance of her Jan.-1964 tune You Don't Own Me, which, as you said, Stevie was the very 1st great tune that dealt with women's liberation. A very early Anthem about that subject. The Cocktail Slippers give us the Lesley Gore tune She's A Fool. Moving along with a Ronettes trifecta that begins with The Ramones & Baby I Love You. Nice sound byte from Ronnie Spector, herself, with "You're hanging out in the Underground Garage with Little Steven". Always nice to hear Ronnie's voice. she then leads The Ronettes with He did It. The Beach Boys close the Ronettes trifecta with I Can Hear Music. Closing the set, as well as the show, is Donna Lauren with Do The Zonk, which is where we get the name of this very special show that should be celebrated at least ONCE a year to celebrate the excellent GIRL GROUP SOUND. that brings us to the end of another excellent show. I must comment that MY Holy Trinity of Girl Group songs are Be My Baby by the Ronettes, He's a Rebel by The Crystals, & He's So Fine by the Chiffons. DOO LANG DOO LANG DOO LANG! Thanks again, Stevie, for another excellent show that pays tribute to a very important timeline in Rock History. Also, Thank You again, Administrator, for getting the show up into The Archives BEFORE this weeks's show which will be celebrating "Naughty Girls'. So-show # 565-Do The Zonk!-2013, comes to a close. Believe it or not, I shall be missing tonight's show as I am commited to attending a show in close-by Northampton, Mass., that begins at 8 P.M. Gee-I am actually going OUT on a Saturday Night! 1st time in a while. Make that QUITE A WHILE! Yes, I guess I do have a little bit of a life OUTSIDE of The Garage. I shall be seeing & hearing Mr. Wreckless Eric, former 70's punk that used to record on Stiff Records. Remember Them? Also Amy Rigby, who can sound like a member of the Ronettes, as well as the Ramones. And also, Mr. Ray Mason, who is known as "the Godfather Of Rock N' Roll" around Western Mass. A VERY TRUE LOCAL HERO that is dedicated to keeping the music alive. So, in signing off for another week, Peace Be With You All who live IN & FOR The Underground Garage! EEYAH! SMRZ!!!

    • Glenn Prangnell

      The Suzi Chunk album IS out! "Girl From The Neck Down" LP is available on vinyl from State Records and CD from the Groovy Uncle Website. Downloadable too from iTunes. Great show!

      • Robert P Smarse Jr.

        Thank You Very Much, Glenn! Really! Suzi Chunk & Groovy Uncle. What a combination. Will check out the cd from Groovy Uncle Website. Thanks Again. Sincerely, SMRZ!!

  • William Hilinsky

    Great 2 hour show, I wish you could have gone on for 24 hours with this genre.

    Thanks in particular for spinning Genya and Evie, two greats that are vastly underrated.

  • jcjohnson63

    WOW! we LOVE those girls/women!!!! there is something about an all female rock band.......guess it's biological i suppose........LOL ;)

  • Ian Walker

    Fantastic show listening from Edinburgh in Scotland loving it. See you at Hampden Park in June

  • Ron Lynch

    Love your opening comments Stevie (but they let you cheat off their papers during tests) Reminds me of what my Ma would say to me when I was young (Ronnie if you don't know the answer just look at the paper of the Girl in front of you!)
    Sorrow (Pristeens), cool song.Everyone Knows (Joan Jett & the Blackhearts) another cool one. Da Doo Ron Ron (Rolling Stones) classic for sure. Marks On My Map (Launderettes)cool too. Do The Zonk (Donna Loren) far out too.
    Thanks Stevie, a rockin show.

  • greggie434

    Wow, what a show! Noisetts, Palmyra Delran, Joan Jett, Suzi Chunk, Launderetts, Cocktail Slippers, Cinderellas, gotta go get more I Tunes Cards right away!!!!!!!

  • Richard Kline

    Nice version of Sorrow. Wonder how Kim Deal would sound. Prolly pretty nice too.

  • magiclight40

    Chicks man ... I dig 'em !!!

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