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Show 562 - The Godfather of Rock: Frank Barsalona!

Show 562 - The Godfather of Rock: Frank Barsalona!

Air Date:

Sunday, 06 January 2013


Hey baby, Little Steven here.

Join us this weekend for a tribute to a very very special man, my man Frankie “the Boss” Barsalona: Godfather of the Rock Era.

He is a name you may not know, but is responsible for most of your favorite artists coming to your town on tour in the great old days.

Such as Traffic, the Clash, Chiffons, Blues Magoos, the Ramones, Santana, the Yardbirds, and on and on.

We have new music from the Rolling Stones, the Launderettes, the Trashed Romeos, and the Twylight Zones.

Come find out what Peppy Castro, Ginger Baker, and Johnny Rotten have in common.

It’s our tribute to the Godfather of Rock, Frank Barsalona, in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I will see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:


    Set 1:

    Medicated Goo (Traffic)

    Musical Bed: Suspense (David Raksin)

    From Me To You (Beatles)

    We Ain’t Got Nothin’ Yet (Blues Magoos)

    Tommy Gun (Clash)

    Oh My Lover (Chiffons)

    Gotta Get That Feeling (Bruce Springsteen)

    Musical Bed: Hideaway (John Mayall Bluesbreakers)


    Set 2:

    Musical Bed: Glad (Traffic)

    Just A Little Bit Better (Hermin’s Hermits)

    One More Shot (Rolling Stones)

    It’s Gonna Be Alright (Ramones)

    Game Of Love (Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders)

    Everybody’s Everything (Santana)

    Musical Bed: Time Is Tight (Booker T & the MGs)


    Set 3:

    Musical Bed: Cat’s Squirrel (Cream)

    Sock It To Me (Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels)

    SWLABR (Cream)

    Hi Ho Silver Lining (Jeff Beck)

    Marks On My Map (Launderttes)

    Shapes Of Things (Jeff Beck Group)

    Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin)

    Musical Bed: Beck’s Bolero (Jeff Beck)


    Set 4:

    Musical Bed: Give It To Me (J. Geils Band)

    Gotta Find A New Love (Trashed Romeos)

    For Your Love (Yardbirds)

    Cruisin’ For A Love (J. Geils Band)

    Oh Yea (Aerosmith)

    Coming Back (Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes)

    Musical Bed: Paradise By The Sea (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)


    Set 5:

    Musical Bed: The Ox (The Who)

    Call Me Lightning (Who)

    St Valentine’s Day Massacre (The Twylight Zones)

    Look Through Any Window (Hollies)

    Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols)

    Musical Bed: The Last Time (Andrew Oldham Orchestra)


Comments (18)

  • DavidWhite

    The first musical bed, credited above as "Suspense (David Raksin)" is actually "Bottom Of The World", the music for the end credits of the film "Force Of Evil" (1948). The music can be found on the album "Murder Is My Beat: Classic Film Noir Themes & Scenes" released in 1997.

    • Steve Hibbs

      Thanks for this info,I think there's plenty of hidden gems in the musical beds,I've said this to SMRZ,whom writes the reviews..I went back and checked out Traffic,which I haven't done in years,same with Time is Tight Booker T ...hadn't heard that in years..the musical beds help glue the shows together, integral part I reckon...so thanks for the post...

  • rivardm

    Two people have posted comments before SMRZ!!! Ha Ha!!!

    I am not much of an Aerosmith fan but I do like the new one. LSUG has do expand the Led Zeppelin beyond the scope of GTBT. It is a great track but it is the ONLY one I ever hear on the Underground Garage.

    Has anyone heard if The Boss will be touring this summer?

    Big Mike

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      Is That A Good thing? SMRZ!!

    • DavidWhite

      Mike, Steven also has played "Travelling Riverside Blues" by Led Zeppelin a bunch of times and both "Tangerine" and "Black Mountain Side" showed up as a musical beds. But I would rather he play more of the stuff you can't hear anywhere else than more Zeppelin.

      • Spartacus O'Reilly

        Me too David. Much as I love Zep, the magic of this show is in hearing other things that I don't hear elsewhere.

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      YES! Little Steven told me that both Bruce & his band WILL most certainly be touring this Summer. Dates & cities will be forthcoming. SMRZ!!!

    • Steed Colliss

      For Aerosmith, there's always "Girls of Summer" at the beginning of the show of the same name, and LSUG played Avant Garden (shows 12, 28, 282), No More No More (13 and 29), Sunshine (4), Taste of India (8 and 94), Toys in the Attic (first LSUG ever) and Trip Hoppin' (2, 248 and 271)... Of course there can be others I am not aware of...

      As for Zeppelin, there was also Travelin' Roadside Blues in shows 214 and 266...

      • Steed Colliss

        Woops... Travelin' Riverside Blues...

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Thank You so very much, Little Steven, for another 5 Star Saturday Night Special! The tunes in this show were exceptionally strong. Sad to hear about the loss of your mentor, "Godfather Of Rock", Mr. Frank Barsalona, who was also your best friend. Excellent tribute, though, to Rock's 1st real agent. Show #562. Frankie "the boss" Barsalona. Set 1. Traffic spread out some Medicated Goo. The Beatles contribute From Me to You. The Blues Magoos, of whom I still cannot believe were formed in 1964 in The Bronx, blast out We Ain't got Nothing Yet. Did you know that they used to wear bell bottoms trimmed with neon-filled plastic tubes? Talk about Psychedelic! From their 1966 L.P. Psychedelic Lollipop. The Clash move things forward with Tommy Gun. The sweet girl-group sound of The Chiffons give us Oh My Lover, which was the b-side to He's So Fine. And the 1st set closes with Mr. Bruce Springsteen & Gotta Get That Feeling. Very informative lesson from your comments about Frank, who you said, "his instincts were right". Also how Frank was the man who made Rock an industry. Set 2. Herman's Hermits open with Just A Little Bit Better. As you schooled us that Mr, Peter Noone's group was Frank's very 1st British act. Also you mentioned how Frank introduced the "sliding scale" payoff. New music from the rolling Stones with One More Shot which sounds better which each playing. the Ramones contribute It's Gonna Be All Right, which was from their L.P. Mondo Bizarro. Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders wanna play The Game Of Love & Santana close out the set declaring Everybody's Everything from 1971. Time for more schoolin' from you declaring Frank as "the only important Rock N' Roll agent in history". You also stressed that Frank understood that a bands live performance is the most important element. Set 3. Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels blast out with Sock It to Me Baby from 1967. I was fortunate enough to see Mitch & his group at The Mountain Park Ballroom in Holyoke, Mass. in 1966, as well as at The Salem Armory in Salem, Mass. in 1967. Need I say that both live shows were excellent? Excellent anecdote re: Mitch playing The Easter Murray the K show which, because of Frank's negotiating with Murray The K, both The Who, as well as Cream made it to The USA from across the pond. Not bad at all! Cream then gives us SWLABR, which stands for "She Walks Like A Bearded Rainbow", from their excellent 2nd L.P. As you said ,Stevie, "no drugs were involved". Jeff Beck follows with his solo single, Hi Ho Silver Lining, which you have frequently declared as one of your favorite singles. Very cool new music by The Launderettes with Marks On My Map. The incredible vocals of Rod Stewart with Shapes Of Things by the Jeff Beck Group. And set 3 closes with Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin. Excellent musical bed with Beck's Bolero. Set 4 opens with coolest song the week Gotta Find A New Love by The Trashed Romeos. Does anybody know if they are related to The Trash Can Romeos? Sounds like it, maybe. The Yardbirds 1st U.S. hit For Your Love from 1965 whic Eric Clapton thought was too "poppy", so he subsequently left the group at that time to join John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. I think that Clapton actually just played bongoes on for Your Love. Rather Strange. the J. Geil's Band want to go Cruisin' For Love. I wonder how that lawsuit is going in which The J. Geils Band is gigging without Mr. J. Geils. Anybody out there know? More sounds from both Boston as well as from another dimension with Aerosmith & Oh Yea. Good to hear that older sound back from the boys. Closing out the set is your pals Southside Johnny with his Asbury Jukes with Coming Back. No relation whatsoever to redneck Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes, however. Set 5 opens with your excellent anecdote about the very 1st "Rock Cherry Bomb Trifecta" as pulled off by Mr. Keith Moon who, as you said, blew up 3 floors of toilets at The Holiday Inn by his pyrotechnic cherry bombs down the toilet. Subsequently, Frank had to do some VERY HEAVY LIFTING to get things straight. As you said, Stevie, Frank was certainly "an agent when they were really agents". Musically, we slide right into set 5 with the very cool musical bed, The Ox by The Who. The Who then take over center stage with Call Me Lightning. Very cool new stuff with St. Valentine's Day Massacre by the Twylight Zones from the very cool new film "Not Fade Away", in which you provide excellent Musical Direction. I have now seen the film a 2nd time & I actually enjoyed it more on my 2nd viewing. It's cool to see Mr. Jack Huston's entire face here. The Hollies, with that incredible opening riff by Tony Hicks, want us to Look Through Any Window. Have you got that riff down yet, Stevie? The last song is provided by The Sex Pistols with Pretty Vacant. Finishing off the show with the very cool musical Bed The Last Time by The Andrew Oldham Orchestra. Reflections. Opening with Frank's 1st British Group, Herman's Hermits, & moving forward through 1977 with The Sex Pistols. Quite a fitting tribute by you, Stevie, to your best friend & mentor, Mr. Frank Barsalona, "The Godfather Of Rock". Before signing off, I would like to Thank the Administrator, for getting us all caught up once again. GOOD WORK! THANK You VERY MUCH! And to all members who live IN & FOR The Underground Garage-Peace Be With You! Pax Um Biscum! Next week, I'll see you at the Movies again. Please Be Sure to "NOT FADE AWAY". EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!!

    • Steve Hibbs

      ..thought some of the rock n roll stories Steven told were great..Keith moon rock star antics in the Hotel..the Murray-the-K yarn about The Who and Cream first touching down in the States..you can't get that elsewhere,the attention to detail..you can't buy that stuff you know..!..Worth the admission price alone that ...!..great review as always..!

      • Robert P Smarse Jr.

        Thank You so very much once again, Mr. Steve Hibbs, from across the pond. Yes-the show was truly excellent! Very cool anecdotes & tales to go along with all of the very fine music. Last Saturday's show, "NOT Fade Away", is also up in the archives already. Stevie really filled in the blanks about what a real rock n' roll agent can do. A real loss, however, Mr. Frank Barsalona. Take care. SMRZ!!

  • jcjohnson63

    i really like this week's episode. this, the rascals one and the DC5 rate high! i appreciate the newer ones! keep up the good work. i am now caught up!!! :)

  • Ron Lynch

    Very good sets and stories. Thanks Stevie.

  • Joseph Miller

    Wow great show Stevie. One kick ass song after the other. Don't forget to tune into Goldie's Garage in June! One of my originals will be on the air!

    Rock on everyone

  • clark beck

    Thank you - thank you and thank you again Little Steven.

    Here in the NY/NJ radio area & there's nothing but pop crap on the air.

    Cool - cool - cool, I live in Doughboys town, didn't know that until I heard them here.

    Keep it up Bro - you the best!


  • greggie434

    Loved "Just A Little Bit Better" Herman's Hermits!!!!

  • fratman

    been on the road.great to hear the show!!got a lot of catching up to do..peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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