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Show 561 - New Years!

Show 561 - New Years!

Air Date:

Monday, 31 December 2012


Hey baby, Little Steven here.

This week in the Underground Garage we are doing our weekend wrap up of all the coolest music of the year.

Plus we will be telling you our favorite TV show, movie, and book, and our yearly award for the worst movie of the year.

Tune in to find out who won the Hard Rock trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Come join us for the only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:


    Set 1

    One More Shot (Rolling Stones)

    Musical Bed: Auld Lang Syne (B.B. King)

    Evil (Tom Jones)

    Maybe I’m The One For Me (Make Out)

    Heart Of Gold (Charles Bradley)

    Got Love If You Want It (Dave Clark Five)

    Man Of The World (Alejandro Escovedo)

    Musical Bed: Neenies Famous Weenies (Ben Vaughn)



    Set 2

    Musical Bed: Night Beat (The Champs)

    Stay Away From Downtown (Redd Kross)

    It’s A Cryin’ Shame (Doughboys)

    Fire Burning (Urges)

    Love Me Kill Me (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

    One Day At A Time (Joe Walsh)

    Musical Bed: Quiver (Davie Allan & the Arrows)



    Set 3

    Musical Bed: Sittin’ Tight (Ace Cannon)

    Some Place (Nick Waterhouse)

    Little Latin Lover (Michael Des Barres)

    Look Back And Laugh (Suzi Chunk)

    Puta Te Amo (Prima Donna)

    That’s Why God Made The Radio (Beach Boys)

    Musical Bed: Skateboard U.S.A. (Krontjong Devils)




    Set 4

    Musical Bed: 2120 South Michigan Ave (Rolling Stones)

    St Valentine’s Day Massacre (The Twylight Zones)

    Soul Salvation Of Love (Cocktail Slippers)

    We Take Care Of Our Own (Bruce Springsteen)

    Take It To The People (Woggles)

    Musical Bed:

    A. Slindin’ (Evan Foster)

    B. Surgical Supply (Margaret Dorn, Kyle Gordan, Ula Hedwig, & Kevin Osborne)




    Set 5

    Musical Bed: Point Panic (Surfaris)

    I’m Shakin’ (Jack White)

    That Girl (Noisettes)

    Legendary Child (Aerosmith)

    Missionary (Branden Daniel & the Chics)

    You’re My Brian Jones (Palmyra Delran)

    Musical Bed: Auld Lang Syne (Gary Hoey)


Comments (14)

  • Steve Hibbs

    Very belated Happy New Year to everyone in the Underground Garage !..just caught up with this show..so SMRZ I look forward to the review ,we need it up there man,just for good order..!!..what a great great cool show again,to me its totally where its at,the whole vibe, the sounds,the book and film reviews,although can't say I totally agree with Little Steven regarding the James Bond movie,not exactly my idea of the best Bond movie ever,a dark film but not the worst film of the year.. in my humble..still,such is life...Doughboys It's a cryin' shame sounds so like Dr Feelgood its not funny,exactly like Lee Brilleaux and Wilko Johnson in the mid/late 70's and the Woggles Take it to the People..should without doubt be one of the theme tunes of the Underground Garage..really so many cool things to enjoy in this show ,summed up the whole year well...Steven Van Zandt for President...and Prime Minister...seriously couldn't do a f..king worse job than those clowns running the countries...Take that to the People .....baby..!!

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      Thank You for the kind words, Mr. Steve Hibbs. I posted comments for shows # 559 & 560 over the past 2 days. I'll try to get to Happy New Year-2013 tonight. Show # 561. Your post is very fine indeed. Totally agree with you about SKYFALL, which I thought was at least a solid B rating. Also agree that Doughboys sound an awful lot like Dr. Feelgood who, unfortunately, never really caught on here in the states. Love their sound though. Also agree that our Congress have their heads Way up in their assholes! They care not one lousy quid for the American people that they are supposed to represent. But I digress. Take care & I can only dream about what it must be like hanging out where The Stones got their start. Best Regards! SMRZ!!!

  • Steed Colliss

    No Chevelles ? Oh well... Couldn't put them all...

    How about putting these shows on as a New Year's resolution:

    It's Alive, April 4 2002
    The Sequel, April 14 2002
    Enter the Dragon, April 21 2002
    Floating Crap Game, April 28 2002
    Our Man Flint, May 5 2002
    Birth Death Infinity, May 12 2002
    Hoboken a Go-Go, May 19 2002
    Star Trek, May 26 2002
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, June 2 2002
    Bye Bye Birdie, June 9 2002
    Murray the K, June 16 2002
    77 Sunset Strip ( Freaks in Exile ), June 23 2002
    Barbarella in Boston, June 30 2002
    Johnny Cool, July 7 2002
    Pirate Radio, July 14 2002
    Journey to the Center of the Mind, July 21 2002
    Canada, July 28 2002
    Manhattan, August 4 2002
    The Trip, August 11 2002
    British Invasion, August 18 2002
    Jack Nitzsche, August 25 2002
    Girls of Summer, September 1 2002
    Back to School, September 8 2002
    Mexican Independance, September 15 2002
    Hard Day's Night, September 22 2002
    Groucho, September 29 2002
    Murray the K ( Repeat ), October 6 2002
    77 Sunset Strip ( Exile on Freak Street ) ( Repeat ), October 13 2002
    Barbarella in Boston ( Repeat ), October 20 2002
    Halloween, October 27 2002
    Texas, November 3 2002
    Frank Barsalona, November 10 2002
    Marty Scorsese, November 17 2002
    In Like Flint ( Updated Repeat ), November 24 2002
    The Good, the Bad and the Still Ugly ( Repeat ), December 1 2002
    The Sopranos, December 8 2002
    Motor City Madness, December 15 2002
    Christmas, December 22 2002
    New Year's Eve, December 29 2002
    Johnny B. Cool ( Updated Repeat ), January 5 2003
    Pirate Radio Sails Again ( Updated Repeat ), January 12 2003
    Groucho Encore ( Updated Repeat ), January 19 2003
    Manhattan Manhattan ( Updated Repeat ), January 26 2003
    The Big Idea, February 2 2003
    Frankie Barsalona ( Updated Repeat ), February 9 2003
    Fore for Texas ( Updated Repeat ), February 16 2003
    Another Hard Day's Night ( Updated Repeat ), February 23 2003
    Martin Scorsese ( Updated Repeat ), March 2 2003
    Detroit ( Updated Repeat ), March 9 2003
    Timothy White, March 16 2003

    • greggie434

      Steed U R right, I was wondering if they would ever put these shows on or not, looks like the first one hundred shows or so R missing.....

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2013! Thank You so very much, Little Steven, for yet another 6 star special that gave us a review of 2012 along with your very wise kmowledge that all Garage members take to heart. Yes, 2012 was certainly a very strange year. Glad to see the revival of so many 60's veterans play such a major part in keeping the ROCK N' ROLL still going strong. Set 1. #21-16. Let's kick it off with The Rolling Stones with One More Shot, sounding very much like their 60's to 70's sound. Mr. Tom Jones, who also ruled in the 60's contributed his take on Willie Dixon's Evil, which was produced with analog flair by Mr. Jack White. Make Out contribute their ode to Narcissism, Maybe I'm The One For Me. Charles Bradley gives us Neil Young's Heart Of Gold. The 60's roar back again with The Dave Clark Five's Got Love If You Want It. And the 1st set closes with Mr. Alejandro Escovedo, who I've had the good fortune to have seen 6 times & have always been very impressed with, do Man Of The World. You mention some of your favorite books & I would like to recommend Bruce by Peter Ames Carlin, the new book by Pete Townsend & from what I've heard from the sound bytes, Andrew Loog Oldham's Stone Free. Andre's book is mandatory reading for anyone into the 60's and the music industry both then & now. See-some more 60's! Were you aware that Andrew offered co-management of The Rolling Stones to Brian Epstein? I get eary rushes from the book & it is indeed Excellent! Set 2 highlights which cover #15-11. The Doughboys contribute Crying Shame, The Urges give us Fire Burning, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang contribute their Noir classic Kiss Me Kill Me & Mr. Joe Walsh, who was also recording in the 60's, does One Day At A Time. Joe is now related to a Beatle. That would be his brother-in law, Mr. Ringo Starr. How very Cool. Set 3. You give us your favorite movies & T.V. shows. Breaking Bad, Justified, & True Blood were my favs from 2012. As for movies, my favorite films of 2012 were Beasts Of The Southern Wild, Argo, & Not Fade Away. Not Fade Away is a nice little period piece that has a rather weak script but is boosted by the excellent musical direction which you provided, Stevie. I'll have to see it at least 2 more times for the music alone. I was surprised by the rather scattered direction by David Chase, of all people. But that's just my humble opinion. I do have a degree from the Orson Welles Film School in Cambridge, Mass. That was in 1970 & I also write movie reviews that are published throughout the internet. That Film School no longer exists. Regarding Not Fade Away, I was surprised to see how different Mr. Jack Huston looks with his full face as compared to his role in Boardwalk Empire, which is also 1 of my fav T.V. shows. Moving along to the music from set 3 which covered #10-6. Nick Waterhouse gives of Someplace, which sounds like it came from another dimension. Suzi Chunk & Groovy Uncle cracks me right up with their very cool Look Back And Laugh. The set closes with The Beach Boys, who were also around in the 60's, with That's Why God Made the Radio. Moving along to set 4, which was as you called it, "Out of competition-Little Steven's ego-gratification set". From the fine film, Not Fade Away, St. Valentine's Day Massacre by The Twylight Zones, which was also the coolest song of the week. The Cocktail Slippers give us Soul Salvation Of Love. Bruce with the very poignant We Take Care Of Our Own. The Woggles want to Take It to The People, which ends your set. You mentioned my 2nd fav L.P., which was Baby Woodrose with Third Eye Surgery that opened with the very cool Down To The Bottom. Go Lorenzo! I thought that the entire L.P. was excellent with it's 60's Lysergic Rush. O.K. Now it's time for set 5 which included #5-1. Opening with Mr. Analog, Jack White with I'm Shakin', which was my #1 tune of the year. Also significant to note here that Jack's excellent L.P. Blunderbuss was the top selling Vinyl L.P. of 2012. It sold almost 35,000 vinyl L.P.'s. Not Bad Jack! Gotta keep that vinyl alive! The Noisettes gave us That Girl. Aerosmith gives us the very cool Legendary Child, which indeed, was from another dimension. Missonary, by Branden Daniel & The Chics, was # 2. And the #1 tune, as voted by Underground Garage members, was the very cool You're My Brian Jones by Palmera Delran, who you labeled "The Lucille Ball Of Rock N' Roll". Congrats to you, Palmera! More 60's garage-girl-group sound here. So Mr. Maharaj Of Garage, another fine wrap-up of 2012, as we look forward to 2013. Thank You so very much, Stevie, for another garage-revival year & wrap-up. One significant note here is that the sound of the Garage has returned to the airways. Also, we should know that Vinyl sales have risen some 400% over the past 2 years. Yeah-Baby! I guess that's it for another show, as well as another year, Again, Thank You so very much, Stevie for keeping the music alive. To All members who live IN & FOR The Underground Garage, Peace Be With You, and HAPPY NEW YEAR-2013! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!!

    • Steve Hibbs

      Robert .. Thanks for this stupendous review..!!..I think its great to have a full re-cap of what been said,just fills in all the gaps and great to refer back too..I notice some people don't dig it from previous posts on here,but once its up there people can take it or leave it..anyway works for me,so thanks !!..the combination of all the music just knocks me out ,the 60's -70's,the true garage vibe,everyone featured from Tom Jones to Palmera Delran..Blunderbuss probably my favourite album of the year,although I didn't buy it on liquorice must admit, saw Jack White at Hammersmith Odeon last summer with the 2 bands ,best gigs I'd seen in about 10 years..Dr John's Locked Down another great album,return to form for him,saw him in London these past two years,at Chelsea football club ..then out of nowhere Aerosmith put out a great rockin' album... all of which Little Steven showcases and highlights...Underground Garage so much the way forward,totally where its at,I love all of it, that's all there is to it..!!!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Thank You Very Much, Mr. Steve Hibbs! That is very nice of you to acknowledge my posted comments. They do take some time. I know that I'm just a hack but most of the feedback I get has been positive. I also enjoyed Dr. John's L.P. It reminded me of his 1968 masterpiece of Psychedelic Voodoo "Gris-Gris-Dr. John The Night Tripper", which I still play quite frequently. Really, Thanks again, and I hope that you have a very good 2013. Sincerely, SMRZ!!!

    • greggie434

      Hack my AZZZZZZZZ. SMRZis the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jcjohnson63

    too many good ones to pick just ten!!!! happy new year even though it's already started this being Jan. 12th! LOL :)

  • jcjohnson63

    for me number one wa cocktail sliipers- soul salvation of love!!!

  • jcjohnson63

    coolest songs in the world Volume NINE???????????

  • jcjohnson63

    and yes, nostalgia runs twenty years so the 90's are now oldies!!!!

  • Ron Lynch

    All good ones to start off the year.

    Thanks Stevie

  • monya7

    Stevie and UG is a true bright spot in my week...
    I love that Missionary (Branden Daniel & the Chics) but somebody's been listening to John Kay and Steppenwolf...

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