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Show 558 - Once Upon A Dream

Show 558 - Once Upon A Dream

Air Date:

Monday, 10 December 2012

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

This week in the Underground Garage we are celebrating the Rascals and their new live show Once Upon A Dream, opening this week at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester New York.

We will be speaking to all four Rascals, and explaining their life story is just as cool as those other Jersey Boys.

Join us in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:


    Set 1:

    Good Lovin’ (Rascals)

    Musical Bed: Nama (Rascals)

    People Got To Be Free (Rascals)

    Love Is A Beautiful Thing (Rascals)

    Oh Yeah (Aerosmith)

    Groovin’ (Rascals)

    Musical Bed: Backstage At Juanita’s (The Forty Fives)



    Set 2:

    Musical Bed: Floor Show (Frank Culley)

    What Is The Reason? (Rascals)

    I’ve Been Lonely Too Long (Rascals)

    Marks On My Map (Launderettes)

    You Better Run (Rascals)

    Musical Bed: Cheater Stomp (Fabulous Playboys)



    Set 3:

    Musical Bed: Budo (Miles Davis)

    Away Away (Rascals)

    It’s A Cryin’ Shame (Doughboys)

    Come On Up (Rascals)

    Find Somebody (Rascals)



    Set 4:

    Musical Bed: Full Reverb (Mach Kung FU)

    One More Shot (Rolling Stones)

    Carry Me Back (Rascals)

    I Wanna Go Wild (Death By Unga Bunga)

    See (Rascals)

    Musical Bed: Cave In (Gruesomes)



    Set 5:

    Musical Bed: Back Bender (Larry Williams)

    I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (Rascals)

    Baby Let’s Wait (Rascals)

    Some Place (Nick Waterhouse)

    How Can I Be Sure? (Rascals)

    Musical Bed: Once Upon A Dream (Rascals)


Comments (15)

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Let's See Now. Felix Cavailere, Eddie Brigati, Gene Cornish, & Dino Danelli. Why-it must be The Rascals, who were The Young Rascals until 1967, when they also dropped their Edwardian Knickers. Thank You very much, Little Steven, for a very extra special show that featured both their excellent tunes, as well as very insightful & revealing interviews with ALL 4 original members. Again, the show deserves at least 6 stars but I'll have to settle for only giving you 5. But the show was truly exceptional, actually setting a new GOLD standard for even your shows, Stevie. Of course, the show was in celebration of your dream reunion, "Once Upon A Dream", which you worked so hard at putting together. For the 1st time in 40 years-getting the band back together. Congrats to you, Mr. Maharaj of Garage, for a Dream come true for both Rascal fans as well as any lover of very cool music. So Very Cool to hear the 4 different perspectives of the history of the band. And then when you listen to ALL of their great tunes played one after another, it is really mind-blowing to hear such excellent Quality of musical songs. I had forgotten exactly how many great songs that either topped the charts OR were somewhere near the top. Also, it is very impressive to hear the songs now & see how well they have held up for OVER 40 years! O.K. Let's at it! Show # 558. The Rascals-Once Upon A Dream. Set 1. Featuring 3 # 1 songs, as well as a very revealing interview with Mr. Felix Cavailere who sang vocals & played keyboards. Focused mainly on the early history of the group. And the tunes-Good Lovin'-People Got To Be Free-Love Is A Beautiful Thing-Groovin'. Incredible! 3 Number 1's! Also the anecdote by Felix about telling Soupy Sales that he NEEDED a BAND! PRICELESS! Set 2. Including interview with Mr. Dino Danelli who was Mr. Drummer Dynomite! Also very funny trying to put the blame for the Edwardian outfits BACK to Felix who initially blamed Dino. Cracked me right up. Dino also stressed the fact that they had No Bass player & how they filled in the empty spaces as needed. Musically, we get What Is The Reason-I've Been Lonely Too Young-You Better Run. Yeah-Baby! Moving along to set 3 & interview with the vastly underrated Mr. Gene Cornish who cited the Rock-A-Billy influences of Scotty Moore, as well as James Burton from Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps. Also cited some Doo Wop as inspiration. The segment with Gene came across as the most enthusiastic, as well as the most excited & moving to tell his story. You could hear him tear-up a bit. Gene stressed the importance of "Little Tiny Licks" & how they filled in the holes. Also, the significance of even one chord, which would reveal "You Know What You're Getting"! Like Conception. "Magic Or Tragic". Also significant to note his regards to The Rockin' Rebels & one of my early favorites "Wild Weekend". Musically, we get Away Away from 1969, Come On Up, & Find Somebody. Set 4 included Carry Me Back & See. Set 5 included the interview with Mr. Eddie Brigati, who sang most of the excellent lead vocals. Eddie's segment was extremely revealing. He stressed the importance of the interplay between himself & Felix. "What Do You Want Me To Do"? "Drink It-Breathe It". Very touching when Eddie declared how dramatic their "3 Minute Operas" were. Also declaring what it was like for a 19-20 year old to be singing How Can I Be Sure & his subsequent "breakdown" that he had after that specific song & the fact that there was NO time for "nurturing" because they had to hop on the next plane for the road. WOW! Can't imagine what that must have been like to go through. Musically, we get I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore, Baby Let's Wait, & the truly magical How Can I Be Sure? WHEW! Yes, Stevie, a new GOLD standard was set with this show, to be sure! Once Upon A Dream has NOW become a magical reality thanks to your hard work, Stevie. I did forget to mention that Mr. Dave Marsh was a key part of your interviews. So that's it for another week. Truly Excellent Show, Stevie! Thank You So Very Much! Before I sign off, I would like to extend my heartfelt wishes to All for A Very Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year-2013! I'll see you next week when we shall be celebrating Christmas A-G0-GO-2012. Peace Be With You to All who live IN & FOR The Underground Garage! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!!

  • paco ferre

    tumbling dice

  • rayner

    who is the fuck is smarse ass anyway, # one show again steve

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      SMRZ is someone who if far beyond you in WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, & ENLIGHTENMENT! You could only dream! What are you? You sound like a MAJOR ASSHOLE! Go crawl back under that rock where you belong! Sincerly, SMRZ!!!

      • greggie434

        SMRZ, ignore this A** Hole and IT will go away!!!!!!

      • Richard Kline

        Just another cyber puke, the great keyboard warrior. So many of them there are not enough rocks for them to all crawl under.

    • Macca1

      Sure is pretty full of himself.

  • Todd

    This show still shows a good example of music & us, is cool.

  • Michael Hunter

    Show 545 is still missing from the archived shows

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      Yeah! Victory Motorcycles took # 545 for a ride off of a cliff. Rather IRONIC seeing that the show was titled "MOTORPSYCHO NIGHTMARE"! How appropriate but such a DRAG! SMRZ!!!

  • jcjohnson63

    a REALLY CLASSY SHOW!!!!! LOVE IT!!! if it does not tour maybe you could video tape it and release it as a dvd????

    • greggie434

      Blu Ray would be better.......

  • greggie434

    Just finished this show, AWSOME! The interviews and stories were the best!!!!!!!

  • Frankie Mendieta

    Let's remember what it's about.
    Thank you again Steven.

  • magiclight40

    There are so many awesome Underground Garage shows to choose from and this one ranks right up there among the very best !!!

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