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Show 554 - Scorsese 2012

Show 554 - Scorsese 2012

Air Date:

Monday, 12 November 2012

Now considering the entire body of work, who was the coolest director, like, ever?

Robert Rodriguez?…good guess...

Michael Mann?...Yea, yea yea…

Howard Hawks? John Ford?

The Underground Garage favorite is Martin Scorsese, and we are celebrating his birthday this week.

Joining us will be the Clash, the Cream, the Searchers, and the Who.

Tune in to find out what Frank Sinatra, Johnny Thunders, and Micky Dolenz have in common.

The most musical director of all time from Mean Streets to Living In The Material World.

Come enjoy a night with Martin Scorsese in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:
    Be My Baby (Ronettes)
    Musical Bed: Of These, Hope (Peter Gabriel)
    Tell Me (Rolling Stones)
    Janie Jones (Clash)
    Take It To The People (Woggles)
    Those Were The Days (Cream)
    Mickey’s Monkey (Smokey Robinson & the Miracles)
    Musical Bed: Addio Sogna Di Gloria (Guiseppe Di Stefano)

    Set 2:
    Musical Bed: Theme From Taxi Driver (Bernard Herrmann)
    Baby Blue (Badfinger)
    Some Place (Nick Waterhouse)
    Ain’t That Just Like Me (Searchers)
    All The Way From Memphis (Mott The Hoople)
    You Can’t Put You Arms Around A Memory (Johnny Thunders)
    Musical Bed: Hideaway (Eric Clapton)

    Set 3:
    Musical Bed: Cavelleria Rusticana Intermezzo (David Raskin)
    Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Bob Dylan & the Band)
    That Girl (Noisettes)
    Bell Boy (Who)
    Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Rolling Stones)
    Musical Bed: New York, New York Theme (David Raskin)

    Set 4:
    Musical Bed: The Feeling Begins (Peter Gabriel)
    I Want To Go Wild (Death By Unga Bunga)
    Last Train To Clarksville (Monkees)
    Eat My Fear (Setting Son)
    Leader Of The Pack (Shangri-Las)
    Musical Bed: The In Crowd (Ramsey Lewis)

    Set 5:
    Musical Bed: Rags To Riches (Tony Bennett)
    Musical Bed: Beyond The Sea (Bobby Darin)
    Come Fly With Me (Frank Sinatra)
    What’s The Frequency Kenneth (REM)
    Stay Away From Downtown (Redd Kross)
    I Need You (Beatles)
    Musical Bed: Theme From The Last Waltz (the Band)

Comments (13)

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Dear Administrator! Looks like you have been doing some SERIOUS OT! I'm glad to see 4 new shows up. GOOD WORK!! Now I can get to work because I have received over 20 e-mails asking me where my posts have been. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Sincerely, SMRZ!!!

    • greggie434

      Hip Hip Hooray, now we have 4 shows, 554,555,556,557 thank you,thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Let's see now! The ultimate cinematic director of ALL time! Why it must be Mr. Martin Scorsese. OK LORD! Show # 554. SCORSESE! The Genuis! Check these titles out. Mean Streets(1973)-Taxi Driver(1976)-The Last Waltz(1978)-Raging Bull-(1980)-King Of Comedy(1983)-The Color Of Money(1986)-Goodfellas(1980)-Gangs Of New York(2002)-The Aviator(2004)-Bob Dylan-No Direction Home(2005)-The Departed(2006)-The Rolling Stones-Shine A Light(2008) & George Harrison-Living In The Material World(2011)! WHEW! There were others but those were my highlights. Thank You very much, Little Steven, for an excellent 5 star Saturday Night that payed tribute to both the music & the films of the most musically cinematic American director of all time. No director, either before or after Scorsese, has utilized rock music in his films as effectively as Marty does. OK! Time for musical highlights. Set 1. Be My Baby by The Ronettes. What an excellent opening to a Great career! I will forever remember Harvey Keitel raising his head up from his pillow to the opening beats & then the Angellic voice of Ronnie Spector to open with the very 1st scene from Mean Streets(1973). I've seen MS about 20 times & when I 1st saw it, I sat in a darkened cinema seat unable to move because I was so enthralled by my 1st images that appeared before my eyes for the previous 110 minutes. I immediately gathered 3 of my friends & returned the very next night for a repeat performance. If Mean Streets taught me anything, it was that you payed Penance in the streets. Tell Me by The Rolling Stones followed nicely by The Clash with Janie Jones. Those Were The Days by Cream. Ending the perfect set was Mickey's Monkey by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. And like you, Stevie, my favorite scene from any Scorsese film was that of Johnny-Boy, played by Robert De Niro, dancing around the car before he would get in and finally end up meeting his maker with a couple of pistol shots in his neck as he stumbled along the wall before he would expire. Set 2.Nice musical bed with Theme from Taxi Driver by the late Bernard Herrmann. Taxi Driver would be Mr. Herrmann's last film score. You might remember Bernard also from his musical score from Psycho(1960). Remember that shower scene? Baby Blue by Badfinger. Nice new stuff by Nick Waterhouse with Some Place. The Searchers contribute Ain't That Just Like Me. Ian Hunter with Mott The Hoople & All The Way From Memphis. Closing another great set with the late great Johnny Thunders with You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory. Nice sound byte from Nurse Jackie aka Lorraine Bracco, who you acted with, Stevie, all those years on the excellent HBO series, The Sopranos. My Sunday nights have never been the same without that excellent series. And No! You Cannot Cast Out God!! Don't Even Try! Yes, Marty's health problems turned out to be for our benefit as he watched movie after movie & fused his cinematic visions with his favorite rock songs. Set 3. Excellent anecdote about Christmas 1972 when Marty was introduced to Robert De Niro, which turned out to be a match made in Heaven. Going over a script for a movie that was originally called Season Of The Witch but was changed to Mean Streets. Divine Intervention-to be sure. Baby Let Me Follow You Down by Bob Dylan & The Band from The Last Waltz(1978). Cool new stuff with That Girl by The Noisettes. Let's see what Mr. Pete Townsend could do with just 3 chords with Bell Boy by The Who. Moving right along with The Rolling Stones with Jumping Jack Flash. And who can forget THAT scene from Mean Streets when Johnny-Boy struts along the side of the bar just before he hooks up with Heather Weintraub. Yeah-Baby! Checking his pants at the door. Set 4. I Want To Go Wild by Death By Unga Bunga-the coolest song of the week. Nice sound byte by Marty's Priest friend who commented that Mean Streets had "Too much Good Friday & Not enough Easter". Even The Monkees get into the show with their very cool Last Train To Clarksville. More cool new stuff that fits in very nicely with Eat My Fear by The Setting Sons. And closing another very cool set with The Shangri-Las with their masterpiece Leader Of The Pack. Set 5. Going back a ways with nice musical beds by Mr. Tony Bennett & Bobby Darin before we hear from "old blue eyes", Mr. Frank Sinatra with Come Fly With Me. REM get into the show with their enigmatic What's The Frequency Kenneth. Cool new stuff from Redd Kross with Stay Away From Downtown. And The Beatles close both The Goodfellas set, as well as another excellent show with I Need You. Yes, Stevie! YOU ARE THE MAN! Mr. Maharaj Of Garage! What an excellent musical, as well as cinematic schoolin'. A truly mind-opening revelation in regards to comparing Citizen Kane to Raging Bull. That is, as you said, Stevie, "Man's Pride Prevents Redemption". Thank You , once again, Stevie, for yet another MASTERPIECE! I guess that it's about time for me to sign off-for now, anyway. But don't worry, class, as I shall return to move forward to Show # 555-Thanksgiving. After all, just as we MUST pay PENANCE, we also MUST give THANKS!! Peace Be With You-to ALL members who live IN & FOR The Underground Garage. EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!!

    • greggie434

      Amazing review SMRZ!!!!!!

      • Robert P Smarse Jr.

        Thank U very much-greggie434. I hope that you are well. I always appreciate feedback. Take care of yourself, Brosky!

  • Ron Lynch

    Worth the wait, great show Stevie.


  • Steve Hibbs

    Thanks for these 4 shows,pleased they made it up there..!! I've got some catching up to do now..!!..

  • jcjohnson63

    wow! thanks for another classic update! and the four to listen to catches us up A BIT!!! :)

  • greggie434

    Set 4, musical bed, "The Inn Crowd" is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      "I'm in with the In-Crowd-I go where the In-Crowd goes". Yeah-Baby! Take It Away!! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!!

  • Richard Kline

    Lorraine Braco intro, nice, from the old, fun Soprano's days. Budda Bing.......Which show did James guest on?

  • Richard Kline

    Great Dylan / Band track. Thanks so much Steven. Looking forward to streaming Lilly(lillie)hammer.

  • Richard Kline

    Request for Subterranean Homesick Blues.

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