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Show 538 - What It Is

Show 538 - What It Is

Air Date:

Monday, 23 July 2012

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

I hope you are on the beach, where you belong, as we enjoy the most fun month of the year.

This week’s Underground Garage show continues that fun as we feature two great guitar players, Jeff Beck and Clarence White III, and talking about stuff that is probably only important to us, but when surf’s up, who cares?

Brand new music from Jack White, King Tuff, Branden Daniel & the Chics, the Urges, Make Out, and the Cocktail Slippers.

Come find out what Bonnie Bramlett, Tom Hanks, and Moby Grape have in common.

Come join us under the boardwalk, and up on the roof for the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1
    What It Is (Dictators)
    Musical Bed: Mr. Eliminator (Dick Dale)
    Carol (Rolling Stones)
    Shake & Fingerpop (Junior Walker & His Allstars)
    I’m Shakin’ (Jack White)
    Bad Thing (King Tuff)
    The Girl Can’t Help It (Little Richard)
    Musical Bed: 00-711 (Ventures)

    Set 2
    Musical Bed: Slinky (Fifty Foot Comb)
    Shapes Of Things (Yardbirds)
    Beck’s Bolero (Jeff Beck)
    That’s Why God Made The Radio (Beach Boys)
    Nothing But A Heartache (Flirtations)
    Shapes Of Things (Jeff Beck Group)
    Musical Bed: Camel Ride To The Moon (Waistcoats)

    Set 3
    Musical Bed: Week-End (Kingsmen)
    Time Between (Byrds)
    Adeline (Nevermores)
    Going Nowhere (Moby Grape)
    Missionary (Branden Daniel & the Chics)
    Don’t Run Wild (Del Fuegos)
    Comin’ Home (Delaney & Bonnie)
    Musical Bed: Ramrod (Al Casey)

    Set 4
    Musical Bed: Rush (Seatbelts)
    Little Latin Lover (The Michael Des Barres Band)
    Solider Of Love (Arthur Alexander)
    Fire Burning (Urges)
    Little Wild One (Wonders)
    Maybe I’m The One For Me (Make Out)
    You’re Gonna Lose That Girl (Beatles)
    Musical Bed: Board Boogie (Aztecs)

    Set 5
    Musical Bed: Let It Hang (Dom Mariani)
    Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones)
    Do Wah Diddy (Manfred Man)
    Till The End Of The Day (Kinks)
    Soul Salvation Of Love (Cocktail Slippers)
    Midnight To Six Man (Pretty Things)
    Musical Bed: Machine Gun (Rip Tide)

Comments (12)

  • markalbertsad

    another great show / not that this may or may not be part of garage genre but nobody plays any snipets of firesign theater \ even those hip college radio-streams i listen to

  • plmcgill

    An outstanding program. Very well balanced.

  • bigfoot

    Beck's Bolero-SOARING!!

  • Bo MacInnis

    It seems like every show I hear a song by a band I'm not at all familiar with that just blows me away.It's kind of like being let in on a really cool secret.

  • Mike Stewart

    If there was a god, I would fall to my knees and thank him for LITTLE STEVEN and his wonderful Underground Garage - the one that fills my musical soul and restores my faith in humanity. And no, you haven't said everything there is to say, Steven. Your thoughts and insights are always more than welcome.

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Thank you once again, Little Steven, for another excellent 5 star extravaganza that stayed very focused on what is most important to your great show. "That, my friends, Is What It Is". THE MUSIC!! Hard to find a weak track on this entry. Also, as Mike Stewart pointed out so well with his comment of 7-30-12, NO, you haven't said everything there is to say BECAUSE you're thoughts & insights remain VERY BRAIN-ENHANCING!! Also, Thank You very much, ADMISISTRATOR, for keeping us right up-to date!! GOOD WORK!! Here We Go! Show # 538-WHAT IT IS!! SET 1. Very appropriate to kick off with Handsome Dick Manitoba & The Dictators with What It is(1978). Carol by The Rolling Stones, the very cool Shake & Fingerpop by Jr. Walker & The All-Stars, I'm Shakin' by Mr. Analog aka Jack White, & closing the truly excellent set out with Little Richard & The Girl Can't Help It(1956) Very Cool title track from the VERY PSYCHOTRONIC flick "The Girl Can't Help It"(1956). The movie is VERY SIGNIFICANT to rock n' roll as it starred Jayne Mansfield & Edmund O'Brien but more importantly also included Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Fats Domino, Little Richard, & The Treniers. Gene Vincent met Eddie Cochran on the film set & formed a friendship that lasted until the fatal car crash of 4-17-60, when Cochran was killed & Gene Vincent & his girlfriend were both injured. Just check out Jayne Mansfield holding the 2 large milk bottles in her hands cupped close to her well-endowed BREASTS!! YEAH-BABY!! Set 2. Another Killer! Shapes Of Things by 1st The Yardbirds & then by The Jeff Beck Group, who also did Beck's Bolero!! Nothing But A Heartache by The Flirtations & The Beach Boys with the new That's Why God Made The Radio, which is a great tune but they kinda borrowed from Sail On Sailor from their 1972 LP Holland. Just compare the melodies/refrain & you shall hear it. At least they wrote BOTH tunes. Set 3. dedicated to Clarence White, who was with The Byrds from Oct. 1968, until his unfortunate death on 7-14-73, when he was hit by a vehicle while moving equipment into their van. At least I was able to see & hear him with The Byrds at The Lenox Music Inn in July, 1971. That was the infamous gig when Officer OBIE from Alice's Restaurant fame pulled the plug on McGuinn & company because they were getting complaints from The Boston Symphony Orchestra who was playing at near-by Tanglewood which was just over 1/2 mile away. I thought that the crowd was gonna jump Officer Obie but he had the Law on his side. Time Between by The Byrds. Adeline by The Nevermores, You Ain't Going Nowhere by The Moby Grape, Missionary by Branden Daniel & The Chics, and Comin' Home by Delaney & Bonnie, who I also saw at The Lenox Music Inn during that excellent Summer Of 1971. Set 4. Soldier Of Love by Arthur Alexander, which was the original, even tho Mr. John Lennon sang an excellent version. Fire Burning by The Urges, The Make Out with their Ode To Narcissum-Maybe I'm The One(For Me), & closing the set with The Beatles & You're Gonna Lose That Girl. Set 5. Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones, Do Wah Diddy by Manfredd Mann, Till The End Of The Day by The Kinks, Soul Salvation Of Love by Cocktail Slippers, & closing the set out with Midnight To Six Man by The Pretty Things. I do want to mention King Tuff with Bad Thing because it is such a cool tune & King Tuff is from nearby Vermont. Wouln't want to STIFF him. All In All, another excellent Saturday Night which I also played on Sunday Night as well. Just a couple more things. I HATE THE SUN, OCEAN, BEACH, & SAND! I'd much rather spend my time in the ultimate COOLSVILLE which is The Underground Garage. Finishing, I would like to remind ALL members that, as Stevie said, as The Beatles evolved with SGT. Pepper to Get Back, something was gained & something was lost. But remember, as Stevie said, Rock N' Roll BEGAN as DANCE MUSIC & it shall ALWAYS BE DANCE MUSIC! That, my Friends, IS WHAT IT IS!! Gotta sign off for now. Next Week we shall be even MORE UNDERGROUND with FILM NOIR!! Gotta be one of my favs 'cause that's one thing that I helped teach to the 5-College Community of UMASS, SMITH COLLEGE, MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE, AMHERST COLLEGE, & HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE. We will be studying CLASSIC FILM NOIR! If anybody wants to know about NEO-NOIR and/or RETRO NOIR, just give me a call or buy my book when it comes out in 2013! Thank You VERY Much! Peace Be With You All!! I'll see you next week in The UNderground Garage! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!!

  • Ron Lynch

    Too cool, so many good songs. Its all good, keep Rockin Stevie. I'll be going to the Moncton New Brunswick Canada show, its going to be good to see Bruce & the E STREET Band rockin out again.

    Thanks again Stevie

  • davidpratt

    another awesome show from the greatest dj in the history of radio

  • greggie434

    "The girl can't help it", Little Richard, if that song does not get U rockin ur gone!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Dougherty

    Like the way Steve skips around here. He really covers a lot of musical ground.

  • jcjohnson63

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! yet another classic!! THANK YOU LS!!!! ;)

  • Tina Ford

    Another wonderful show, thank you! Bopping round the kitchen whilst baking lovely cakes n things here in the north of England

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