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Show 536 - Girls Of Summer 2012

Show 536 - Girls Of Summer 2012

Air Date:

Monday, 09 July 2012

This is a warning.

Don’t go out. Don’t go out alone.

They’re everywhere. You can’t get away.

You’re doomed!

It’s the girls of summer, and they’re in the Underground Garage this week and we love it.

Joining us will be the MC5, the Lyres, the Beach Boys, Moby Grape, the Clash, and Them.

Cool new bands like the Insomniacs and Catfight!

Find out what Donovan, Stiv Bators, and Joe Perry have in common.

They’re coming, you can’t stop them, it’s the girls of summer this weekend in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:

    Set 1

    Girls Of Summer (Aerosmith)

    Musical Bed: Everybody Loves Somebody (Dean Martin)

    Mamie Van Doren (Catfight!)

    Rosalyn (Pretty Things)

    Denise (Randy & The Rainbows)

    Sister Anne (MC5)

    Pictures Of Lily (Who)

    Musical Bed: Hot Cinders (Progressives)



    Set 2

    Musical Bed: Wild Thing (Ventures)

    Just Like Nancy (DM3)

    Maria Bartiromo (Joey Ramone)

    Amelia (Insomniacs)

    Shelia (Tommy Roe)

    Absolutely Sweet Marie (Bob Dylan)

    Muscial Bed: OUI (Preston Wayne 4)



    Set 3

    Musical Bed: Soul Fingers (Bar-Kays)

    Help You Ann (Lyres)

    Bettie Page (Chevelles)

    Sweet Jane (Velvet Underground)

    Janie Jones (Clash)

    Help Me Rhonda (Beach Boys)

    Miss Amanda Jones (Rolling Stones)

    Sandy (Dion)

    Musical Bed: Flashback (Davie Allan & the Arrows)



    Set 4

    Musical Bed: Night Drive (Ventures)

    Adeline (Nevermores)

    Long Tall Sally (Little Richard)

    Gloria (Them)

    Valleri (Monkees)

    Cynthia (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)

    Musical Bed: Bambora (Atlantics)



    Set 5

    Musical Bed: Blues For Pablo (Miles Davis)

    Edie (Cult)

    Dear Prudence (Beatles)

    Guinevere (Donovan)

    Lady Jane (Rolling Stones)

    Motorcycle Irene (Moby Grape)

    Musical Bed: Thank Heaven For Little Girls (Maurice Chevalier)


Comments (6)

  • Ron Lynch

    Pictures Of Lily (Who)
    Absolutely Sweet Marie (Bob Dylan)
    Help Me Rhonda (Beach Boys)
    Cynthia (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    Motorcycle Irene (Moby Grape)
    5 hot ones for a hot summer, thanks Stevie cool show.

  • markalbertsad

    great to be back in the garage/ finally my computer stopped getting those 404 errors

  • sdgakatbk

    A VERY strong show. A very good mix of the old and (relatively) new here. Not a weak song in the mix. Maybe there's hope for rock n roll afterall. And yes, I do like ending the 5th set with Maurice Chevalier.

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Thank U once again, Little Steven, for yet another VERY SPECIAL 5 star Saturday night show!! Hard to beat those Girls of Summer!! Bear with me, U.G. members as I try to hack this one out with the pain of a ruptured L Achilles Tendon. Surgery scheduled for Wed., 7-25-12. All prayers are welcomed & much appreciated! Can you feel my PAIN? Show #536. Girls Of Summer 2012. Set 1. Mamie Van Doren. What A Woman!! She still looks GREAT! Check out her website. Mamie Van Doren-Catfight. Check out the 1957 flick "Untamed Youth". about a juvenile prison farm. She sings 3 tunes, including "Salamander", Go Go Calypso, & "Oobala Baby". Eddie Cochran is also in it & sings "Cottonpicker". Somewhat dated but worth a look for Mamie, herself. Rosalyn-Pretty Things(64), Sister Anne-MC5-1971, & closing with The Who's Ode to Masterbation, Pictures Of Lily(67). Set 2. Nancy Sinatra, who remains one very cool,classy, & very groovy Woman! Just Like Nancy-DM3. Maria Bartoloma-Joey Ramone. Absolutely Sweet Marie-Bob Dylan, from 1966's Blonde On Blonde. Excellent connection here with Andy Babiuk, who, as Arthur Allen's comment from show #537 states. Specficially, that Andy was the one authenticating Dylan's Guitar as the one that he used at groundbreaking Newport Folk Festival, 1965, when Dylan first plugged in. As indicated in the excellent 1st episode of the 10th season of PBS's History Detectives. Specfically, the connection here is the hand-written lyrics, Six White Horses, which was also authenticated by a Dylan hand-writing specialist, which was on a paper found in the guitar case that Dylan left in the small aircraft. Later found by the pilot from New Jersey. I was skeptical at first but The History Detectives PROVED IT! Without a doubt! Stevie, Did you know this BEFORE the show was 1st aired on Tuesday,7-17-12? You continue to AMAZE, Mr. Maharaj Of The Garage!! Set 3. Ann Margaret. Another amazing Woman! Sweet Jane-Lou Reed with The Velvet Underground. Janie Jones-Clash. Help Me Rhonda-Beach Boys. Miss Amanda Jones-Rolling Stones from Between the Buttons. Set 4. Long Tall Sally-Little Richard(56), Gloria-Them with Van Morrison. The Original! Valleri-Monkees, written by Boyce-Hart. Cynthia by Bruce & the East St. Band. Set 5. Edie. Asyou said, Stevie, the Slow Set. Dear Prudence-Beatles from The White Album aka The Beatles. Guinevere-Donovan. Lady Jane by The Rolling Stones with Brian Jones on the Dulcimer. EXCELLENT! Closing with Motorcycle Irene by Moby Grape & written by Skip Spence. And closing, as sdgakatbk posted, with Maurice Chevalier. Thank Heaven, to say the least! I would like to thank the Administrator for keeping us right up to date. THANK U VERY MUCH! GOOD WORK! I heard about you, Stevie, & The E. St. Band last Sat. night in London's Hyde Park, when they dared to pull the plug on you & Sir Paul McCartney before you could rightfully thank the crowd. Leave it to those STUFFY BRITS! And on a Saturday Night, Yet! HOW DARE THEY! Before I sign off, I would like to send out all of my heartfelt condolences to ALL Of the Victims, as well as to their Families & Friends, from the Midnight Massacre in Colorado, who were attending the Midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises". What A Horrible Tragedy! Nothing political to say here about that! Just Prayers & Condolences! Yet ANOTHER tragedy in Colorado!! Signing off for now. Peace Be With You, Stevie, & to all who Live IN & FOR The Underground Garage! Sincerely, with my DEEPEST SYMPATHY!! SMRZ!!!

  • jcjohnson63

    the girls of summer........what a way to go!!!! thanks LS! i LOVE those chicks! peace and love. :)

  • Lane Stoneway

    Julie Newmar - the sexiest catwoman evr - meow!

    Thanks for including "Miss Amanda Jones"; this one is never played frequently enough for my tastes.

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