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Show 532 - Monterey Pop

Show 532 - Monterey Pop

Air Date:

Monday, 11 June 2012

Little Steven here with our weekly pop quiz from the Underground Garage.

What was the first important rock festival?

The Human Be-In you say? Yes, that was first.

The thing in Central Park? Yes, that was second.

What was the first rock festival anybody remembers?

That’s right, the Monterey Pop Festival. Perhaps the coolest event ever in the history of the universe, and we are going to tell you all about it this weekend in the Underground Garage.

We’ll be playing lots of the cats who played there such as the Byrds, Johnny Rivers, the Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, Otis Redding, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Brand new music from Dr. John, Capsula, Make Out, and the Hives.

Come find out what Buffalo Springfield, Ravi Shankar, and Janis Joplin have in common.

It’s the Monterey Pop Festival this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio. I’ll see you in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:

    Set 1

    Monterey (Eric Burdon)

    Musical Bed: Endless Dream (Ventures)

    So You Wanna Be A Rock n’ Roll Star (Byrds)

    Seventh Son (Johnny Rivers)

    Go Right Ahead (Hives)

    Pictures Of Lily (Who)

    Man Of The World (Alejandro Escovedo)

    Musical Bed: Hypermodels (Daniele Luppi)


    Set 2

    Musical Bed: Dhun (Ravi Shankar)

    Plastic Fantastic Lover (Jefferson Airplane)

    Wild Fascination (Capsula)

    No Time Like The Right Time (Blues Project)

    Soul Salvation Of Love (Cocktail Slippers)

    Can’t Be So Bad (Moby Grape)

    Musical Bed: Trailspotting (Krontjong Devils)


    Set 3

    Musical Bed: Captain Soul (Byrds)

    Where Did My Baby Go (Paul Butterfield Blues Band)

    Dandelion (Baby Woodrose)

    Piece Of My Heart (Big Brother & the Holding Company)

    Locked Down (Dr. John)

    Day Tripper (Otis Redding)

    Musical Bed: Jelly Bread (Booker T & the MGS)


    Set 4

    Musical Bed: Way My Baby Walks (Blues Project)

    Fire Burning (Urges)

    Groovin’ Is Easy (Electric Flag)

    Tana Mana (Ravi Shankar)

    Dandelion (Rolling Stones)

    Love Or Confusion (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

    Musical Bed: Dirtbag (Dillengers)


    Set 5

    Musical Bed: Ah Leu Cha (Miles Davis)

    Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield)

    Maybe I’m The One (For Me) (Make Out)

    Hello Goodbye (Beatles)

    Seeing (Moby Grape)

    Musical Bed: Cetacean (Country Joe & the Fish)


Comments (20)

  • Steve Oberg

    Great music, certainly a game changer.

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    MONTEREY INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL!! YEAH-BABY! Monterey was the 1st major rock festival & the precursor to Woodstock. America's 1st 3 day Pop music festival with the most established, the up & coming and the unknown acts. Excellent 5 star tribute, Little Stevie. Indeed-thank U very much! The Rock landscape changed significantly after Monterey. Set 1! Eric Burdon with Monterey. I still have the 45 WITH the picture sleeve. Great story by you Stevie, about the crazy way the whole thing started and then went down so well. Yeah-Try to get the bands from San Francisco to trust the slick Hollywood-style L.A. Kinda tricky, eh? But it was pulled off thanks to the hard work of Lou Adler, Jim Dixon, Derek Taylor, and both John AND Michelle Phillips. Monterey is really groovy man. So You Wanna Be A Rock n' Roll Star by the Byrds with the crowd yelling "RINGO" in the background. Can You hear them? Johnny Rivers with the great Willie Dixon's Seventh Son. the incredible Pictures Of Lilly by the Who and closing the set with Man Of The World by the great Alejandro Escovedo, who I just saw at The Iron Horse in Northampton, Mass. last Sat. June 9. A Be-In, Man. Sorta like Easter, Christmas, and your birthday-all in one! Set 2- L.A. VS. S.F.! Or is that Round 2? Jefferson Airplane with Plastic Fantastic Lover. No Time Like The Right time by The Blues Project with Al Kooper and Danny Kalb. Can't Be So Bad-Moby Grape with their incredible 3 lead guitar line-up and great trade-off vocals. As you said ,L.S., The Blues Project along with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band & The Electric Flag helped start the Blues Revival of the late 60's. Set 3. Very Cool story of how the movie Monterey Pop got made by the great D. A. Pennebaker. "They Needed The Bread". A very Simple but very True Fact! Good one, Maharaj of Garage! Where'd My Baby Go by the afore mentioned Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Dandelion by Lorenzo Woodrose aka Baby Woodrose whose new release-Third Eye Surgery is well worth the 20 bucks that I paid for it just for the LYSERGIC RUSH alone. Big Brother & The Holding Company with Piece Of My Heart with incredible vocals by Janis Joplin. Set 4. Groovin' Is Easy by The Electric Flag with great Mike Bloomfield on lead guitar just after he had left Paul Butterfield's group. With lead vocals by Nick Gravenites, Buddy Miles on drums, and Harvey Brooks on Bass. Actually, the group at that time were actually billed as The Mike Bloomfield Thing. Bloomfield was emerging as America's answer to England's Guitar Gods- Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. I also heard that there were some weird vibes between Butterfield and Bloomfield going down but I really can't say because I was not there. Consider The Source!! Ravi Shankar with rare vocals to Tana Mana all blissed out. I also heard that Sun. afternoon was a little bit strange without the smoking and such. But, as I repeat, unlike Woodstock, I wasn't at Monterey. Moving along to another Dandelion. This time by The Stones. A truly excellent single. Yes I have the 45 WITH the picture sleeve. Finishing off the set with Jimi Hendrix Experience and Love Or Confusion. What an introduction to the to the world. I'm 64 and I'm still not sure about which is which. Love Or Confusion. I only got 36 more years to find out. Welcome to the New World of Adult Pop! Excellent set 5. Mr Soul by the Buffalo Springfield. A little bit strange re: David Crosby and the split between the Byrds and The Buffalo Springfield. But remember, you gotta give credit to Crosby for helping to bridge the Gap between the L.A. and San. Francisco bands. the whole thing might not have gone down as well as it did without David. Hello Goodbye-Beatles. and finishing off with yet another Moby Grape song Seeing with vocals by Skip Spence from the vastly underrated LP Moby Grape '69. OK-Let's not forget about the new stuff by Capsula, The Hives, Cocktail Slippers, Make-out and the title track from Dr. John-Locked Down. A truly great album produced as well as providing tasty guitar licks by Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys. Yeah-Baby-The Night Tripper is back! Before I go, just a couple more things. First of All, I want to thank You, Stevie for another excellent Saturday Night. Also, today, 6-18-12, is Sir Paul McCartney's 70th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Paul!! And I would like to thank you so much,Little Steven for the new Excellent book that I won for my Comments, which is A PERFECT HAZE. The Illustrated History Of the Monterey International POP Festival. It is truly Excellent!! Sorta like you, Mr. Maharaj Of Garage. And just one more thing. Considering that 1967 was a pivotal year in regards to ALBUMS for the various spot-on reasons that you gave, L.S., Today is also the 60th birthday of The 33&1/3 full length Album as put out by RCA. Now that is also a significant event. For Now, it's back to reality! Peace Be With You and to all who LIVE IN and FOR The Underground garage. Please don't forget your star ratings AND your significant comments. EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!!

    • greggie434

      Robert, thanks for the heads up on Dino & Nancy show, that it was Decoration Day repeated.

      • Robert P Smarse Jr.

        You are very welcome, greggie434. Just trying to keep things in some sort of order for Stevie. Happy 1st full day of Summer!! Please try & remember to post your star ratings. Stevie is extremely busy with the tour. Supposed to be 98 degrees today with dew points up to 70!! I live in an upstairs apt. without AC. Don't know how much longer I can take. Take care and thanks for the feedback, Sincerely, SMRZ!!!

        • greggie434

          SMRZ, how do I post my star rating?

          • Robert P Smarse Jr.

            It's right above the beginning of the playlist. You can post between 1 to 5 stars. Thanks for the feedback! Take care greggie434. Sincerely, SMRZ!!!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Sorry, all Underground Garage members. RE: the album comment. Actually, on 6-18-48, COLUMBIA records revealed the new 12-inch 33 1/3 RPM long playing record. So it was 64 years ago and it was Columbia, not RCA, who did it. I'm Sorry. MY BAD! I Should Have Known better in view of the fact that it was introduced in the same year in which I was born. Yeah-64 years ago. Sorry Stevie. I hope that I don't have to give the book back now. Sincerely, SMRZ!!!

  • paco ferre

    thanks. memorable concert. Madrid 06/17/2012

  • mygeneration

    Great show as always. However, Blues Project's "No Time Like the Right Time" is not representative. It was their (failed) attempt at 3 minute commercial single success. Their blues-rockers like "Wake Me, Shake Me","Can't Keep from Cryin", and "Two Trains Runnin'" are where you hear what they were really like.

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      You hit the nail right on the HEAD!! AGREE with you 100%!Just don't tell the Maharaj of Garage!! SMRZ!!!

  • Ron Lynch

    Seventh Son (Johnny Rivers), very cool cover by Johnny.
    Go Right Ahead (Hives) it has staying power.
    Plastic Fantastic Lover (Jefferson Airplane) cool song.
    Piece Of My Heart (Big Brother & the Holding Company) the wicked voice of her never disappoints.
    Love Or Confusion (Jimi Hendrix Experience) very cool stuff, it was nice to see all the Jimi stuff laid out at the Rock & Roll Museum.
    Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield) easy to see why these guys were so popular.
    Hello Goodbye (Beatles) sweet song, I have to drop into the Cavern Club in Liverpool for sure.

    Thanks Stevie

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      Unfortunately, Go Right Ahead is a direct rip-off of ELO's Don't Bring me Down. I'm surprised that you didn't pick up on that, in view of the fact that you are a musician whose stock is steadily rising. It is a cool song anyway. Go In Peace! Sincerely, SMRZ!!!

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      Go Right Ahead by The Hives is essentially a mix of "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" and ELO's "Don't Bring Me Down". Jeff Lynne is even given a songwriting credit. It even has a video with a giant zeppelin flying through a city in black-and-white that has a steampunk-meetsDepression Era feel. It' still a very cool song anyway! TRake care on your tour. Sincerely, SMRZ!!!

  • pjweldon

    Great concept, great show. Would have liked something from Moby Grape's first album -- a masterpiece -- but Jerry Miller rocks out here anyway.

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      Agree with you 100%! Specifically, about their 1st LP. The record company really was really stupid to release 5 singles all at once from the LP. Did you get the live cd that Sundazed put out 2 years ago? It is excellent! Moby Grape '69 is also a very good release. It really goes to show how a record company can screw up a very good band. I also enjoyed their 2nd release with WOW/GRAPE JAM. 2 lp's. You must have that one. Always atreat to communicate with other Underground Garage members. Take care pjweldon! Sincerely, SMRZ!!!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    ATTENTION All LSUG members!! Show #531 is all fixed thanks to Administrator! So go ahead and enjoy and PLEASE don't forget your STAR ratings and very cool comments. EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!!

    • greggie434

      Thanks again SMRZ, I will go and listen RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  • WallyA1

    Dr. John the Night Tripper and Day Tripper by Otis Redding - you got trippin' covered day and night!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Excellent observation! Stevie was curious as to how many members would pick up on that. Kudos to you WallyA1!! Take care! Sincerely, SMRZ!!

  • jcjohnson63

    it is the middle of july. and this happened in june! WOW! cool show once again.

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