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Show 530 - Decoration Day 2012

Show 530 - Decoration Day 2012

Air Date:

Monday, 28 May 2012

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

This is a very, very, very exciting week.  It is the official end of winter as we come out of the Underground Garage and into the sunlight.

We are celebrating with some surf music this weekend.

We are celebrating the Rolling Stones coming to America.

We are celebrating James Bond.

Joining us will be the Beatles, the Stones, the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, the Impressions, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Johnny Rivers, and the Monkees.

Brand new music from Dr. John, Joey Ramone, Capsula, Make Out, and the Hives.

Come find out what the Surf Bunnies, Little Walter, and the Monkees have in common.

It’s Decoration Day, a.k.a. Memorial Day, this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

Let the summer-long party begin.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage




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  • Playlist:

    Set 1

    I Get Around (Beach Boys)

    Musical Bed: Misirlou (Dick Dale)

    Victor (Dick Dale)

    California Sun (Joe Jones)

    School Is Out (Gary U.S. Bonds)

    Locked Down (Dr. John)

    (When Summer Comes) Gonna Hustle You (Jan & Dean)

    Musical Bed: Mr. Eliminator (Dick Dale)



    Set 2

    Musical Bed: Arrow Space (Davie Allan & the Arrows)

    Decoration Day (Sonny Boy Williamson)

    You Just May Be The One (Monkees)

    Rock n’ Roll Is The Answer (Joey Ramone)

    Another Girl (Beatles)

    Got Love If You Want It (Dave Clark Five)

    Musical Bed: Arrow Highway (Davie Allan & the Arrows)


    Set 3

    Musical Bed: 2120 South Michigan Avenue (Rolling Stones)

    Around & Around (Rolling Stones)

    Wild Fascination (Capsula)

    Empty Heart (Rolling Stones)

    Confessin’ The Blues (Little Walter)

    Evil (Tom Jones)

    Musical Bed: Surfer’ Anthem (Evan Foster)


    Set 4

    Musical Bed: Skateboard USA (Krontjong Devils)

    Maybe I’m The One (For Me) (Make Out)

    Love Disease (Paul Butterfield Blues Band)

    Soul Salvation Of Love (Cocktail Slippers)

    Fool For You (Impressions)

    Sally Go Round The Roses (Jaynettes)

    Musical Bed: San-Ho-Zay (Wailers)


    Set 5

    Musical Bed: James Bond Theme (Monty Norman)

    Goldfinger (Shirley Bassey)

    Secret Agent Man (Johnny Rivers)

    Go Right Ahead (Hives)

    Summertime Is Surfin’ Time (Surf Bunnies)

    Girls On The Beach (Beach Boys)

    Musical Bed: Reef Break (Atlantics)


Comments (9)

  • greggie434

    Robert, where is ur review of the this weeks show?

    • Robert P Smarse Jr.

      It just came up this AM. I gotta work on it now. Thanks Greggie. Peace Be With YOU! Sincerely, SMRZ!!! HAPPY FATHER"S DAY!!

  • tomn66

    I see the newest shows are now up but I don't see show #529.

  • tomn66

    Just saw it. Thanks.

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    As You Said, Little Steven, SURF'S UP!! Another 5 Star Masterpiece! Thanks once again, Stevie! Now this is the way to kick off SUMMER! LET THE SUMMER PARTY BEGIN! YEAH_BABY!! Excellent tribute to both the very important Decoration Day-Thank You, Mr. Henry Wells!, as well as the start of HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME!! Excellent 1st set with the genuis of Dick Dale, who is now 75! I saw him in concert at The Iron Horse in Northampton, MASS. last October and he can still really SHRED!!! The man who invented Surf Music. Let's Go Trippin' was released 2 months BEFORE The Beach Boys single Surfin'. If antbody doesn't allreasy know, Dick Dale is a STONE-COLD GENUIS! His signature staccato slide down the strings was copied by The Chantays to open PIPELINE. Dale is left handed so he played his STRATOCASTER upside down. Dale later claimed that Jimi Hendrix came to see him play frequently at The Rendevous. Great intro by you, L.S. to the 1st set. I Get Around-Beach Boys, Victor-Dick Dale, The original version of California Sun by Joe Jones who we all remember more for his You Talk Too Much. The incredible Gary U. S. Bonds with School Is Out from way back in 1961. HI Gary! (Summer Comes) I Wanna Hustle You by Jan & Dean who also came before the Beach Boys. All nicely sandwiched by Mr. Eliminator and Misirlou by Dick Dale. Set 2.Another Girl-Beatles from HELP(1965), Decoration Day-Sonny Boy Williamson & Buddy Guy, and the Monkees' tune that doesn't sound like The PRE-FAB 4, You May Just Be The One. Set 3. Very nice 12x5 Stone's tribute with Around & Around, Empty Heart with the very poignant 2120 So. Michigan Ave. that starts the set off with it' musical bed. Confessin' The Blues by the vastly underrated Little Walter. But as you said,L.S., "HE Ain't Underrated around here". Set 4. Love Disease-Paul Butterfield Blues Band. The incredible vocals by Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions with Fool For You from 1968. Closing out with the very beautiful but haunting Sally Go Round The Roses by The Jaynettes. Set 5. Very nice tribute to Ian Flemming and James Bond-007 kicking off with Goldfinger with great vocals by Shirley Bassey from 1964. Secret Agent Man-Johhny Rivers, Summertime Is Surfin' time by Surf Bunnies & produced nicely by Gary Paxton. Nice finish with the deluxe version of Surfer Girl that was Girls On The Beach by The Beach Boys. CHARLIE DON"t SURF!! Good new stuff by Dr. John with Locked Down from excellent new release. YEAH BABY- The Night Tripper is Back! The Hives, Capsula, tom Jones, Joey Ramone, Cocktail Slippers, and old new stuff by Dave Clark Five with Got Love If You Wan't It. Thank You so much, Stevie, for another excellent Sat. Nite. And As You said "It's Summer-Go Out And Love Somebody". SURF'S UP! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!!

  • Ron Lynch

    Very Cool sets loaded with cool songs for the summer.

    Thanks Stevie

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    ATTENTION All LSUG members. Show # 531, Dino and Nancy is all fixed as of today. I WOULD have liked to hear SGT. Pepper again, especially in view of the fact that it has been 45 YEARS on June 1st. But Dino and Nancy is a very cool show. Now Ain't That A Kick in the Head!! Please remember to post your STAR ratings and your very cool and significant comments!! Thank U very much-!! SMRZ!!!

  • jcjohnson63

    thanks for another classic, finally got around to it in july!

  • Steed Colliss

    Great show again after all these years... For the Ian Fleming set, I think "Over Under Sideways Down" would be quite representative of the man's early life... (Cars and girls are easy come by in this day and age... Laughing, joking, drinking, smoking 'til I've spent my wage... When I was young, people spoke of immorality... All the things they said were wrong are what I long to be...)

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