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Show 525 - Hair 2012

Show 525 - Hair 2012

Air Date:

Monday, 23 April 2012

Hey baby, Little Steven here and this week in the Underground Garage we are celebrating Al Pacino’s birthday, and we remember back fondly when guy’s heads had hair. Not to mention the very cool William Castle electrifying movie seats. Can you imagine what he would of done for Hunger Games?

Celebrating with us will be the Blues Magoos, Randy & the Rainbows, Jeff Beck, Santana, and the Animals.

Brand new music from the Jellybricks, the Chevelles, Tom Jones, and Joey Ramone.

It’s the only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio, and you are invited.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:


    Set 1

    Pictures Of Lily (Who)

    Musical Bed: Telstar (Tornados)

    Ho-Ho Silver Lining (Jeff Beck)

    We Ain’t Got Nothing Yet (Blues Magoos)

    Evil (Tom Jones)

    Hold My Hand, Hold My Heart (Chantrellines)

    Easy Money (Bruce Springsteen)

    Musical Bed: Surf Blaster (Vara-Tones)


    Set 2

    Musical Bed: Vamos A Bailar (Maria Conchita)

    Everybody’s Everything (Santana)

    Rock n’ Roll Suicide (Jellybricks)

    Denise (Randy & the Rainbows)

    Bettie Page (Chevelles)

    Boom Boom (Animals)

    Musical Bed: Satan’s Little Helper (Kare & the Cavemen)


    Set 3

    Musical Bed: Aquarius (Galt MacDermot)

    Hair (Cowsills)

    Can You Dig It? (Monkees)

    Down To The Bottom (Baby Woodrose)

    Fat Angel (Donovan)

    She’s So Fine (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

    Musical Bed: Summer Nationals (Preston Wayne 4)


    Set 4

    Musical Bed: Cobb’s Corner (Arnett Cobb)

    Go Right Ahead (Hives)

    Leaving Here (Birds)

    Draggin’ The Line (Tommy James)

    Rock n’ Roll Is The Answer (Joey Ramone)

    Somebody’s Been Sleeping (100 Proof Aged In Soul)

    Musical Bed: Surf’s Up (Atlantics)


    Set 5

    Musical Bed: Time Is Tight (Booker T & the MGs)

    1X2X5 (The Haunted)

    Love Me Kill Me (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

    She May Call You Up Tonight (Left Banke)

    Sociopath (Prima Donna)

    The Beat Goes On (Sonny & Cher)

    Musical Bed: Surfs You Right (Laika & the Cosmonauts)


Comments (6)

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    O.K., Little Steven, Thank You so much for another GREAT show which really deserves 6 Stars.! But, alas, I can only give you a vastly underrated 5! Musically, thematically, and educationally, the show ranks up there with your BEST-SO FAR!. I do prefer the theme of HOPE, rather than Hair, because your great shows give the opportunity of unlimited possibilities!! Because of your show, every cloud does , indeed, have a silver lining! Well, here we go. The 1st set was, musically, one of the best that I have EVER heard! Pictures Of Lilly-Who, Hi Ho Silver Lining by Jeff Beck which you also included in show 521-Pirate Radio. I'm keeping track here ya' know. Telstar-Tornadoes, Blues Magoos with WE Ain't Got Nothing Yet, Evil/Wild Child by the surprisingly still solid Tom Jones with production and arrangement by Jack White who has an excellent solo release Blunderbuss. Also very cool to hear sound byte by Jack. All of this rounded out by Bruce and his excellent Easy Money. Moving on to celebrate the great Al Pacino and his great body of 70's work with Coppola. The Godfather(1972), Serpico(1973), Godfather II, (1974), followed by Pacino's great Dog Day Afternoon(1975) which was directed by the great Sydney Lumet. What a body of work! Moving onward to your 3rd set which was quite Psychedelic! I never was crazy about The Cowsills but Hair was very cool. Also The Monkees with Can You Dig It? from Head continued the non-stop coolness. Of course the Lysergic rush of Baby Woodrose with Down To The Bottom was very trippy. While we're tripping here let's celebrate the great Donovan, who was finally inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame, and coincidently, turns 66 today, 5-10-12, with his excellent Fat Angel with Trans-Love Airways and who will bring you happiness with the Pipe! Oh Yeah-Baby! Set 4 carries the torch forward with Leaving Here by the Brit Birds, which was Ron Wood's 1st group. Dragging The Line by Tommy James going solo in 1971 was a fine release. Moving on to set 5 and your tribute to William Castle who came up with horror gimmicks like "Fright Insurance", "Fright Break", "Emergo", and the very cool "Percepto", in 1959 with The Tingler. I remember seeing it at The Capital Theater in Springfield, Ma. and laughing at the kids who had the electric sets rigged to their seats and watching them JUMP when it went off. Man, you couln't make this stuff up! Musically,The Haunted with 1x2x5, The Left Banke with the very cool She May Call You Up Tonight, and Sonny And Cher finish a great show with The Beat Goes On. And indeed it does! Thanks again so much, Little Steven, for one of your best shows EVER! As long as I have your shows on Sat. Night, as well as in your Archives, I will always have HOPE and the opportunity of unlimited possibilites! Peace Be With You, L.S., and to all who live IN and FOR the Underground GARAGE! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!!

    • greggie434

      Robert, another FINE review. Show is awsome, 100 proof aged in soul is a fav of mine!

  • Ron Lynch

    Draggin’ The Line (Tommy James) brings me back to the early 70's cool song.
    The texture and tone of Easy Money by Bruce is very cool, listen close to his singing style.
    Thanks Stevie

  • clark beck

    Always love to listen to the Little Steven shows. I listen to a lot of music and talk while I'm working and every once in awhile I get sick of everything and then remember that I can listen to Little Steven online and that changes everything!!

    Rock on!


  • jcjohnson63

    once again great show! i like that you FINALLY updated the site. also, sundays are very spiritual for me. church gets me healed as does the underground garage. if i miss one or the other, something does not balance out. thanks for what you do LS!! you provide more hope then you realize!!!!

  • Glenn Sutherland

    Another excellent show! Little Steven is the ultimate rock and roll guru. I would just like to add that Al Pacino also played an excellent role in one of my favorite movies "Glen Gary Glen Ross", a must see for any salesman! It also stared Alec Baldwin and Jack Lemon.

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