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Show 523 - Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 2012

Show 523 - Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 2012

Air Date:

Monday, 09 April 2012

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

We are celebrating the Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame this weekend in the Underground Garage.

You will hear Buddy Holly & the Crickets, the Small Faces, Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps, Donovan, and Freddy King.

Very cool new records from the Jellybricks, Prima Donna, the Chevelles, Bruce Springsteen has a new album, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and an extra special, super cool, Coolest Song In The World from Tom Jones, produced by Jack White.

Come find out what Little Eva, Otis Redding, and Flea have in common.

It’s our Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame special this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:


    Set 1

    Stay With Me (Faces)

    Musical Bed: Picaninny (Small Faces)

    Itchycoo Park (Small Faces)

    Ole Man Trouble (Otis Redding)

    Afterglow (Small Faces)

    Rock n’ Roll Suicide (Jellybricks)

    Pool Hall Richard (Faces)

    Musical Bed:

    A. Callibosher (Small Faces)

    B. Sweet Child Of Mine (Guns and Roses)


    Set 2

    Musical Bed: The In Crowd (Ramsey Lewis)

    Tears Of A Clown (Smokey Robinson and the Miracles)

    Fade Away (Buddy Holly and the Crickets)

    Miss Avenue (Prima Donna)

    Pink Thunderbird (Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps)

    Shout & Shimmy (James Brown and the Famous Flames)

    Shout & Shimmy (Who)

    Musical Bed:

    A. Road Runner (Junior Walker)

    B. Give It Away (Red Hot Chili Peppers)


    Set 3

    Musical Bed: Teo (Thelonious Monk)

    Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Little Eva)

    Bettie Page (Chevelles)

    A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You (Monkees)

    Easy Money (Bruce Springsteen)

    Please Don’t Wake Me (Cinderellas)

    Musical Bed:

    A. Mr. Rebel (Eddie & the Showmen)

    B. Stoned Soul Picnic (Laura Nyro)


    Set 4

    Musical Bed: Shanghied (Wailers)

    Evil (Tom Jones)

    Goin’ Down (Freddie King)

    Tutti Frutti (Little Richard)

    Love Me Kill Me (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

    Don’t Let Me Down (Beatles)

    Musical Bed:

    A. Detroit Black Out (Outrageous Cherry)

    B. Fight For Your Right (Beastie Boys)


    Set 5

    Musical Bed: Hypermodels (Daniele Luppi)

    Hurdy Gurdy Man (Donovan)

    Down To The Bottom (Baby Woodrose)

    Sunshine Superman (Donovan)

    You Better Run (Rascals)

    Barabajagal (Donovan)

    Musical Bed: Arrow Highway (Davie Allan & the Arrows)


Comments (18)


    Great show Little Steven. You are the rock and roll radio version of Dick Clark's rock and roll in television.

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Thank You, once again, Little Steven, for yet another great 5 star special show. I was always a Small Faces/Faces fan and it was great to see them finally get their very deserving place in Rock N' Roll history. Loved hearing the great Itchycoo Park as well as Afterglow by The Small Faces, as well as the rowdy Stay With Me and Pool Hall Richard by The Faces with Rod The Mod and his vocals. Both Steve Marriot and Ronnie Lane can now rest more comfotably. Special Congrats to you, L.S., for your great induction speech that ushered the boys into The Hall Of Fame. Last year-The Hollies and this year The Small Faces/Faces. How Cool Is That? You were spot-on re: your bad feelings re: Guns And Roses and their induction as lead singer Axl Rose was a no-show. It was also very rewarding to see both the back-up groups as well as the engineers finally get their rightful appreciation. Specifically, The Blue Caps, Comets, Crickets, Famous Flames, Midnighters, and The Miracles are finally recognozed for their excellent work. Engineers like Tom Dowd and Glyn Johns are also finally appreciated. Tears Of A Clown and Pink Thunderbird were highlights. It was also nice to see the great Freddie King inducted as an early influence. Laura Nyro's induction surprised most people but her songs have stood the test of time. Moving along, Donovan, with the help of Mickie Most, proved to be an archetype of Psychedelic Rock as proven by Hurdy Gurdy Man, Sunshine Superman, and the excellent trippy Barabajagal with backing by Jeff Beck. Also nice to hear Donovan's voice on a couple of sound bytes. Donovan is certainly most deserving and his induction adds credibility to The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Set 5 was once again Psychedelic as Baby Woodrose with Down To The Bottom fit in quite rightly. Coolest Song of the week-Evil/Wild Child by Tom Jones was very cool and sonically rude with production credit going to Jack White. His 1st solo album, Blunderbuss, is very strong, and as a musician and producer, Jack will definitely be up for Hall Of Fame consideration when his time comes. He's also responsible for kick-starting the re-emergence of Loretta Lynn as well as Wanda Jackson, with his backing. Fine multi-faceted work indeed. New tunes by The Jellybricks, Chevelles, Black Keys, and especially Bruce with Easy Money are all very strong. I love the way that Bruce is yelping and hooting during the tune. It adds another dimension to the song. I also got a kick from the sound bytes that mentioned the death of Rock n' Roll. Boy, did they get that wrong!! Ha! Ha! Before I sign off, I would like to mention the passing of the late Great Levon Helm, drummer-lead vocalist for The Band. He was, by far, the best drummer-lead vocalist, EVER!! Can you imagine anyone else as Virgil Cain? I know that Joan Baez had the big hit with The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, but The Band's version was much stonger. Robbie Robertson would write songs for the Band that he rightfully judged would sound best sung by Levon. May he look down upon us now with Peace. Well, I guess that's it for now,L.S. Thanks again for another great show!! I think that this year's inductees, as well as recognizing the great groups that backed the former stars and also starting to recognize and appreciate engineers has strongly increased the credibility of The Hall Of Fame. We're getting th band back together! Peace be with You, Little Steven, as well as all who live for and in The Underground Garage! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!!

  • Greg Greenfield

    Really good shoe. Can't wait to watch the ceremonies on HBO in May. Shout out to the late Levon Helm. My first memory is him in Hollywood - but not as an actor, but as the narrator of "The Right Stuff" - which I saw in the theaters when I was 9. Little did I know what a great drummer and singer the man was. I would learn in time, however. Long Live Rock!

  • Cantara Christopher

    I'm a member? I can leave a message? Awright! Good stuff, Steven! Greetings from Quito, Ecuador! Looking forward to your tribute to Levon Helm in the near future.

  • Ron Lynch

    The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was 7 floors of the history of Rock/country/blues/punk & metal. We were blown away by the artifacts donated by some cool people. Yoko donated some very interesting things that John composed his songs on.
    Itchycoo Park (Small Faces) haven't heard that since the 60's when I was a kid.
    Fade Away (Buddy Holly and the Crickets)this must have blown the kids away back in the 50's.
    Goin’ Down (Freddie King) I have heard lots of covers but this original is very nice.
    Love Me Kill Me (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) its got that cool 60's feel.
    Easy Money (Bruce Springsteen) the soul of this song is deep and it just flows on.
    Hurdy Gurdy Man (Donovan) when people heard this back in the 60's they must have thought this song's far out there.
    Sunshine Superman (Donovan)I remember this one from the 60's, very cool song.
    Thanks Stevie, your looking cool on stage, keep Rock'n.

  • Twoey

    Was that The Doors in Evil? Wild Child full of grace savior of the human race

  • Ron Thompson

    It's "Not Fade Away", not "Fade Away".

  • jcjohnson63

    love it or hate it the hall of fame is cool! thanks for finally getting the small faces/faces in.and it IS long overdue that the back up groups got in as well.love this show!! tom jones still has it!!!!! evil by howlin wolf, right???? LOL the doors just stole,oops, borrowed it from the wolf man.

  • Mike Coollis

    Anyone who thinks Little Steven's Shows are not cool, are from another planet... Thanks for another great show...

  • slimify

    Ronnie Lane - coolest dude or what?

  • larryglucas

    another great show............
    thanks for keeping me sane here in arequipa arequipa peru

  • greggie434

    Little Steven kicked AZZ on the American Idol show! When I heard he was going to mentor the kids, I hit the DVR right away!!!!

  • kb8uls

    Out all night with Freddie King, I got to tell you Poker's his thing. And booze, and ladies, keep me right. As long as we can make it to the show tonight . . . WE'RE AN AMERICAN BAND! (mo fos!) Eee Yeah! Hurdy Gurdy, Hurdy Gurdy, Hurdy Gurdy!

  • greggie434

    Set 2 Ramsey Lewis, the Inn Crowd, is fantastic....

    • greggie434

      In the musical beds at set 2

  • sdgakatbk

    Well just listened to the show, listening to some segments twice. Great to hear Cliff Gallup and the Crickets are in!! Saw the Crickets in the late 90's and they were really good btw, This was a really good show and a good education which I like about the Underground Garage! AND WHAT ABOUT A ROCKABILLY SHOW FOR US ROCKABILLY CATS?

  • pjweldon

    The Who did some great James Brown covers.

  • tman

    ls for president

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