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Show 522 - Cultural Significance

Show 522 - Cultural Significance

Air Date:

Monday, 02 April 2012

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

Are you ready for some cultural significance this weekend in the Underground Garage?

Well come down anyway.

Joining the party will be Cream, Buffalo Springfield, Procol Harum, the Rolling Stones, the Ramones, and the Temptations.

Brand new music from the Chevelles, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Baby Woodrose, and Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band.

Come find out what Ravi Shankar, Arthur Lee, and Bill Wyman have in common.

It is our version of cultural significance in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.


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  • Playlist:

    Set 1

    Open My Eyes (Nazz)

    Musical Bed: Fine Jung Thing (Electric Flag)

    I’m A King Bee (Rolling Stones)

    Cretin Hop (Ramones)

    Bettie Page (Chevelles)

    This Year’s Girl (Elvis Costello)

    Musical Bed: Telstar (Tornados)


    Set 2

    Musical Bed:

    A. The Price Is Right Theme (Ed Kalehoff)

    B. You Better Move On (Andrew Oldham Orchestra)

    Sugar, Sugar (Wilson Pickett)

    Savoy Truffle (Beatles)

    Puta Te Amo (Prima Donna)

    Baby That’s Me (Cake)

    Tales Of Brave Ulysses (Cream)

    Musical Bed: Hip Hug Her (Booker T & the MGs)


    Set 3

    Musical Bed: Buffalo Stomp (Buffalo Springfield)

    Questions (Buffalo Springfield)

    You’re Not An Ordinary Girl (Temptations)

    Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield)

    Love Me Kill Me (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

    Good Time Boy (Buffalo Springfield)

    Musical Bed: Kahuna Sunset (Buffalo Springfield)


    Set 4

    Musical Bed: White Summer (Yardbirds)

    Down To The Bottom (Baby Woodrose)

    In Another Land (Rolling Stones)

    Mellow Yellow (Donovan)

    Talkin’ About The Good Times (Pretty Things)

    You Set The Scene (Love)

    Musical Bed: Glimpses (Yardbirds)


    Set 5

    Musical Bed: Dhun Kafi (Ravi Shankar)

    Love You To (Beatles)

    Tana Mana (Ravi Shankar)

    Heart Of Gold (Charles Bradley)

    The Devil Came From Kansas (Procol Harum)

    Musical Bed: Raga Gaud Sarang (Ravi Shankar)

Comments (11)

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    I've got your Cultural Significance right here, Little Steven! I guess that means I can put both my Twinkie AND my copy of Disraeli Gears down now-for now anyways. Can't I? Thanks once again,L.S., for another 5 star show that was both very educational as well as diverse! Special Kudos to you,L.S., for having The Great Roger Corman label you "cinematographer of Radio". How Cool is That? Yes the great Roger Corman! I spent hours of my youth during the 50's, 60's and 70's on his masterpieces. Especially loved his Poe flicks. I saw The Pit And The Pendulum at least 10 times. Caged Heat-WOW! I always wanted to spend some time with Vixen Erica Gavin! She was even better in the masterpiece Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls(1970). Do you believe that Roger Ebert wrote the screenplay? But I digress. Let's talk some music here. Excellent kick-off with Open My Eyes by The Nazz And I'm A King Bee by The Stones and dedicated to Mr. Corman and GARAGE CULTURE!! Really enjoyed The Buffalo Springfield set with exceptional sides with lead vocals by Stills, Young, and Dewey Martin. The horns in Dewey's Good Time Boy did throw me off some for Country -Rock to Outlaw-Country. Set 4 was more than a little Psychedelic with In Another Land by Bill Wyman, You Set The Scene by the late Great Arthur Lee and Love from the excellent LP Forever Changes, and extreme Lysergic Surgery by Baby Woodrose and Down To The Bottom. All sandwiched in nicely by the musical beds by The Yardbirds with White Summer and Glimpses. Yes-you are thematic! Great new stuff with The Chevelles, Prima Donnas, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Charles Bradley. Very dignified tribute to the great Ravi Shankar. Who Needs Drugs? Ending with Procol Harum's The Devil Came From Kansas. Like Arthur Lee says "Do You Like The Part You're Playing"? That's A Really Big Twinkie! I guess that's all she wrote for now, Little Steven! Thanx again so much, and Peace Be With You And All That Live For and In the Underground Garage! EEYAHH! SMRZ!!!

  • RGMike

    Hadn't heard the Lovetune in a dog's age. But OMG that Charles Bradley cover of "Heart of Gold" is awesome.

  • kb8uls

    EeeeYeah Mr. Stevie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fab show, you're the man!

  • greggie434

    Charles Bradley is Fantstic!


    Thanks for the great show Big Guy.

  • Ron Lynch

    Stevie, I want to thank you because I know it wasn't just luck when Bruce did Jack of All Trades in Cleveland on Tuesday night.
    Barb & I were not at the front, but Bruce came back to the centre platform away out in the crowd only 25 feet from us
    when he did Waitn' On A Sunny Day with a young girl.
    I got to show him a copy of my Nova Scotia license plate I put on my Bullitt in early June 2011 just before Clarence stepped into the next world.
    Bruce also did The Promised Land, Racing in The Street & Born to Run. Kinda like my life's story line.
    When Bruce came back to the centre platform again for Tenth Avenue Freeze Out it was a outstanding tribute that brought Clarence right beside Bruce.
    When Bruce was letting everyone sing the Tenth Avenue Freeze Out part over and over he looked right at me.
    When your Hero looks right at you it doesn't get any better.
    Thanks Bruce, Stevie & all of the Band I will never forget.

  • Ron Lynch

    The plate is BORN2RN

  • pjweldon

    Great show again. So good to hear "Fine Jung Thing" from The Trip soundtrack. This is one of Mike Bloomfield's greatest cuts. Some instrumentals are worthy to feature in their own right, as opposed to musical backdrop.

  • jcjohnson63

    once again....classic, man!!! LOVE baby woodrose!! great band!!!

  • DaveyVane

    Man, that is the biggest load of rubbish...I ever heard in my life. Yeah Bo Diddley!

  • Ron Evans

    Listening online, makes me happy to be

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