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Show 504 - Robbie Robertson (Part 2)

Show 504 - Robbie Robertson (Part 2)

Air Date:

Monday, 28 November 2011

Hey baby Little Steven here.

Join us this week for Part 2 of our amazing interview with Robbie Robertson.

The amazing, seminal, garage rock guitar player with The Hawks, and the man Bob Dylan went to when he decided to go electric.

Of course he is the main songwriter in The Band, and an amazing solo artist.

It’s a very rare interview; so join us this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1
    Don’t Do It (The Band)
    Musical Beds:
    A. Theme From The Last Waltz (The Band)
    B. Life Is A Carnival (2B3)
    Stage Fright (The Band)
    Obviously 5 Believers (Bob Dylan)
    When The Night Was Young (Robbie Robertson)
    Musical Bed: Wham! (Lonnie Mack)

    Set 2
    Musical Beds:
    A. Tango For Django (Robbie Robertson)
    B. Number One (Bob Dylan)
    The Shape I’m In (The Band)
    Heat Lightning (Moonlight Towers)
    The Right Mistake (Robbie Robertson)
    Musical Bed: My Baby Left Me (Scotty Moore)

    Set 3
    Musical Beds:
    A. Peyote Healing (Robbie Robertson)
    B. The Weight (Al Kooper)
    Ophelia (The Band)
    Soul Fire (Breakers)
    Sooner Or Later One Of Us Must Know (Bob Dylan)
    Musical Bed: A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You (Ventures)

    Set 4
    Musical Bed: Twisted Hair (Robbie Robertson)
    More Bees With Honey (JP Soars)
    Look Out Cleveland (The Band)
    I Can Tell (John Hammond)
    Musical Bed: T Roadster (Super Stocks)

    Set 5
    Musical Beds:
    A. MaHk Jchi (Heartbeat Drum Song) (Robbie Robertson)
    B. Madame X (Robbie Robertson)
    He Don’t Live Here No More (Robbie Robertson)
    Woodstock Daze (Eddie Phillips)
    Hang Up My Rock n’ Roll Shoes (The Band)
    Musical Bed: Theme From The Last Waltz (The Band)

Comments (8)

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Thank U very much, Little Steven, for another great 5 star show! Incredible interview with Robbie that spanned many important years in American music. The first two albums by The Band are stone-cold 5 star masterpieces!! I don't know how many times that I have used the phrase "Take What you need but leave the rest" over the past 40 years. My favorite Robbie solo releases are Storyville(1991), and Contact From The Underworld Of Red Boy(1998). Clairvoyant is stillgrowing on me with each playing. Love those Woodstock Daze by Eddie Phillips from The Creation, which is also my song of the year. Would highly reccommend the books Million Dollar Bash, Bob Dylan, The Band, And The Basement Tapes(2007) as well as Across The Great Divide The Band And America(2006). Both are excellent reads. All in All, a truly great interview with a man who,as you said, made American History cool again!! EEYAHHH!!! SMRZ!!!

  • Ron Lynch

    Robbie followed that powerful source that kept and sustained his deep interest in music. The Band & Dylan was a great collaboration. Robbie, one cool Canuck.


  • John M. Tooley

    Great stuff Steven, thank you. Saw the Band many years ago at Symphony Hall, Boston. A wonderful show with all members switching instruments and sounding wonderful in that historic hall.

  • waaw9

    If I was old enough to get into Tony Marts (at time you could get SEVEN beers for a dollar!) when the Hawks were there; the possibilities would be endless. These two shows are Hall of Famers. Many thanks; Bitter Fruit.

  • jcjohnson63

    thanks for another classic! again, did levon tell the truth in HIS book? or did robbie?? or is the truth somewhere in the middle?????.............

  • jcjohnson63

    levon and robbie need to get back together and make music again!

  • Doc Rich

    Nobody does this better! Thank you thank you thank you Steven for a compelling interview with a true and absolute living legend. Only in the Underground Garage are both The Ramones and The Band treated with equal reverence. Deservedly so. I've been singing the praises of the UG for the last 10 years - not only the best at what you do, but the only ones who do what you do!!

  • TheLion

    Enlightening. Thank you Stevie and Robbie.

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