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Show 493 - New York City Serenade 2011

Show 493 - New York City Serenade 2011

Air Date:

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hi everybody, Little Steven here.

This weekend in the Underground Garage we are changing the atmosphere a little bit as we acknowledge the 10th anniversary of 9-11.

Instead of our usual Rock n’ Roll dance party we will be doing a tribute to New York City.

Joining us will be Bob Dylan, the Blues Magoos, Velvet Underground, the Ramones, the Tuff Darts, the Dictators, and some written pieces from some great New York authors.

Come join us this weekend in the Underground Garage for our New York Serenade.

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Comments: 16 Comments

  • Playlist:

    Set 1
    New York City (John Lennon)
    Musical Bed: The Last Time (Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra)
    The Rising (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    Only In America (Jay & the Americans)
    We Ain’t Got Nothing Yet (Blues Magoos)
    14th Street (Master Plan)
    Palisades Park (Freddy Cannon)
    Musical Bed: On Green Dolphin Street (Miles Davis)

    Set 2
    Musical Bed: So What? (Miles Davis)
    Talkin’ New York (Bob Dylan)
    Crosstown Traffic (Jimi Hendrix Experience)
    Red River (Launderettes)
    MY True Story (Jive Five)
    Waiting For The Man (Velvet Underground)
    Subway Train (New York Dolls)
    Musical Bed: Because They're Young (Duane Eddy)

    Set 3
    Musical Bed: Jumpin' At The Woodside (Count Basie)           
    Roller Coaster Town (Garland Jeffreys)
    All For The Love Of RocK & Roll (Tuff Darts)
    You Know What I Mean (Genya Ravan)
    New York City (Joey Ramone)
    Til Victory (Patti Smith Group)
    Musical Bed: Body And Soul (Sonny Stitt)

    Set 4
    Musical Bed: Open Letter To Duke (Charles Mingus)
    Canarsie (Spanking Charlene)
    Avenue A (Dictators)
    Woodstock Daze (Eddie Phillips)
    Sorry (Smithereens)
    Sunday Girl (Blondie)
    New York City Blues (The Yardbirds)
    Musical Bed: If I Had You (Sonny Stitt)

    Set 5
    Musical Bed: Take The A Train (Duke Ellington)
    Differing Touch (Jim Carrol)
    The City Never Sleeps (Nancy Sinatra)
    In The Park (Ramones)
    Dressed In Black (The Shangri-Las)
    If I Should Fall Behind (Dion)
    Meeting Across The River (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    Musical Bed: The Last Time (Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra)

Comments (16)

  • cwhiteneck

    New York Dolls?? Hidden track not listed in set 2.
    "Subway Train" right after "Waiting for the Man"
    Sensible, got our junk, hit the underground and get our fix.

    • cwhiteneck

      Attention editor:
      The Yardbirds sing a song "New York City Blues"
      not listed in set 4 right after Debbie Harry

  • undergroundperson

    Unfortunately, I have gotten the impression that no one at UG actually reads comments here

  • Administrator

    The playlist that was posted was for the version of the show that ran this past weekend, we have updated the playlist with the 3 bonus songs exclusive to the web version.
    Dressed In Black - The Shangri-Las
    New York City Blues - The Yardbirds
    Subway Train - New York Dolls

    • cwhiteneck

      Rather fortunate, however.
      Looking forward to finding the bonus tracks in future exclusive web versions.
      Thank you.

  • Jim Jenks

    Where is Willie Nile on this list.? Streets of New York definitely belongs. Or The Day I Saw Bo Diddley in Washington Square or Faded Flower of Broadway. All great NYC songs.

    • cwhiteneck

      want to talk about some missing music?
      or better yet, some songs that should be replaced, taken from the shelf?

      OK, Steven played a bad song to remember an icon, not his best written lyrics.
      Leiber, rest his soul. Soul? How about Leiber's single for the Drifters, "On Broadway"?

      If it had to be do-wop, forget that American throw-back group,
      Zappa's "Big Leg Emma" live 1976 at the Palladium.

      Easier to critique than produce in the first place.
      Keep up rockin' shows and we keep up the rockin' feedback.

      • pjweldon

        American throwback group? I'm sorry, Mr. Redne... I mean Mr. Whiteneck, but Jive Five were awesome vocalists, and the group had notable hits.

        • cwhiteneck

          Well Done!! Fun with names and games. I never heard that one before, Mr. Redne... what??
          Hey, I appreciate all whatever you appreciate in American Rock'n'Roll.
          Yeah, I got the Jive5 on my Pandora.
          It's just ... they're not the ... not the best of Leiber.
          "awesome vocalists", OK.
          "notable hits", please inform us all. Little Steven doesn't mention such.
          Gracias. That's Red for "cool man, dig it".

          • cwhiteneck

            woah woah woah. Good one. you got me all off base.

            let's start again.

            my last response was pure reaction, not enough thought.

            "I got the Jive5", that has nothing to do with Leiber. Rest his soul.

            Steven played a Jay American song by Leiber which should be ... out.

            Jay and Jive are not to be confused.

            The Jive are cool. Who are the throwbacks??

            Let us all take time for reflection before we call each other names.

            I do not know where pjweldon is from, but redne... whatever you meant can be offensive in some places including the www. we can all just get along. r'n'r.

  • Ron Lynch

    Bruce's Rising has spritual & living emotions of the tragic
    day in his lyrics & voice.

  • bozito

    Thanks for the Shangri-Las! Shouldn't do NYC without them.

  • jcjohnson63

    after what we went through on 9/11 this was a wonderful tribute to NYC. thanks! again, you could have done this one in two parts and STILL not played all the cool bands from NYC!! i live here near D.C. but the show is great!

    • cwhiteneck


  • jcjohnson63

    btw- it seems every single time i play the show it crashes at the 5th set!!!!! no matter what i am doing!!!! :O

  • jon matrozza

    Mine crashes too, but i battle the computer to log back on. Even with all the computer bs i'm still addicted to the show.

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