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Sunday, 09 December 2007


Episode  297: Sinatra/Cassavetes ‘07 (Weekend of December 07 – December 09, 2007)

Hello, Little Steven here with a pop quiz. Who are the two coolest guys of all time? No…No…Close…Closer… Yes, Frank Sinatra and John Cassavetes, and we are celebrating both of them this weekend in the Underground Garage. Joining us will be the Beatles, the Pretty Things, the Shangri-La’s, and the Mothers of Invention. We’re playing some cool new stuff from Locksley, the Hives, Len Price 3, the Chesterfield Kings, the Stabilisers, Sisely & the Saftey Pin-Ups, Mick Jagger, and Mink Jaguar. Find out what Gary U.S. Bonds, Brian Wilson, and Anne Bancroft have in common. It’s Sinatra and Cassavetes this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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Comments (2)

  • junelbug

    thankyou! all light up!

  • Jerry Sherman

    There's only one problem with calling Kent the 'new' Liverpool ... Kent is a county. OK, there may be more problems than that(David Bowie is from Beckenham), , but what the hell. Great song by the Pretty Things! Glad to see they're still alive and relatively intact.

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