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Sunday, 11 February 2007

Episode 254: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre We are no longer offering Windows Media Player versions of the show. Please download the appropriate FLASH player
Breath deeply. Go ahead, it won’t hurt you, unless you’re in New York. Love is in the air, or is that gunpowder? It’s the St Valentines Day Massacre this weekend in the Underground Garage, that’s what it is. Where you can find such lovers as Radio Birdman, the Crystals, the Beatles, the Kinks, and the Stones. New music from Bobby Seger, Apple In Stereo, the Charms, the Paybacks, and the Woggles. Find out what Lou Reed, Randy Newman, Bruce Springsteen, and Al Capone have in common. It’s the St Valentines Day Massacre, this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Steed Colliss

    Playlist of show 254:

    Electric Flag: Killing Floor

    Set 1:
    Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: Murder Incorporated
    Rolling Stones: One Hit to the Body
    Hatebombs: Hunt You Down
    Radio Birdman: Murder City Nights
    Sonny Boy Williamson: You Funeral and my Trial

    Set 2:
    Rascals: You Better Run
    Saints: Lipstick on your Collar
    Bob Seger: Wreck this Heart
    Crystals: He Hit Me (and It Felt Like a Kiss)
    Lou Reed: Vicious

    Set 3:
    Deep Purple: Hush
    Dave CLark Five: Bits and Pieces
    Apples in Stereo: Steven Steven
    Transvision Vamp: Bad Valentine
    Soft Boys: I Wanna Destroy You
    Rocky Fellers: Killer Joe

    Set 4:
    Charms: Broken Heart
    Kinks: The World Keeps Goin' Round
    Paybacks: Stranger in the House
    Little Walter and his Jukes: Boom Boom Out Go the Lights
    Iggy Pop and James Williamson: Kill City

    Set 5:
    Count Five: Psychotic Reaction
    Ramones: You're Gonna Kill that Girl
    Randy Newman: Gone Dead Train
    Woggles: Sayonara Blues
    Beatles: Happinness Is a Warm Gun

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