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Show 241  -  SCORSESE '06

Show 241 - SCORSESE '06

Air Date:

Sunday, 12 November 2006

Episode 241: Scorsese '06 
Who is the coolest director like ever? Roger Corman? Close. Orsen Wells? Close. John Ford, Howard Hawks? All close but no bananasIts Martin Scorsese's birthday and we're celebrating this weekend in the Underground Garage. Joining us will be Badfinger, the Clash, Cream, R.E.M., and the Searchers, speaking of John Ford. New music from the New York Dolls, the Paybacks, the Stabilisers, the Shys, Bob Seger, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Find out what Muddy Waters, Johnny Thunders, and Joe Pesci have in common. Its Marty Scorsese's birthday, this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Title: Be My Baby
    Artist: The Ronettes
    From: Be My Baby (Philles, 1963)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Of These, Hope-Reprise
    Artist: Peter Gabriel
    From: Last Temptation Of Christ, The: (Passion) (Geffen)
    Set 1
    Title: Tell Me
    Artist: The Rolling Stones
    From: England's Newest Hitmakers - The Rolling Stones (London, 1964)

    Title: Janie Jones
    Artist: The Clash
    From: Clash (CBS, 1977)

    Title: Dance Like A Monkey
    Artist: The New York Dolls
    From: One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This (Roadrunner, 2006)

    Title: Those Were the Days
    Artist: Cream
    From: Wheels Of Fire (Polydor, 1968)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Addio Sogna Di Gloria
    Artist: Guiseppe Di Stefano
    From: Mean Streets

    Title: God's Lonely Man
    Artist: Bernard Herrmann
    From: Taxi Drivr (Arista)

    Title: Theme From Taxi Driver
    Artist: Bernard Herrmann
    From: Taxi Drivr (Arista)

    Title: Cape Fear Main Title track
    Artist: David Raskin

    Set 2
    Title: Baby Blue
    Artist: Badfinger
    From: Straight Up (Apple, 1971)

    Title: Stranger In The House
    Artist: Paybacks
    From: Love, Not Reason (Savage Jams, 2006)

    Title: Ain't That Just Like Me
    Artist: The Searchers
    From: Sugar And Spice (Pye, 1963)

    Title: You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
    Artist: Johnny Thunders
    From: So Alone (Sire / WB, 1978)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Hideaway
    Artist: Eric Clapton
    From: Mean Streets

    Title: Cavelleria Rusticana Intermezzo
    Artist: David Raskin
    From: Raging Bull Soundtrack

    Set 3
    Title: Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
    Artist: Bob Dylan
    From: Bootleg Series Vol. 4: Live 1966 "Royal Albert Hall" (Columbia)

    Title: Wanna
    Artist: The Stabilisers
    From: Wanna Do The Plastic Brane Love Thing? (Acid Jazz, 2006)

    Title: Bell Boy (Edit)
    Artist: The Who
    From: Quadrophenia (MCA, 1973)

    Title: Wreck This Heart
    Artist: Bob Seger
    From: Face The Promise (Capitol, 2006)

    Title: Jumpin' Jack Flash
    Artist: The Rolling Stones
    From: Jumpin'Jack Flash (SINGLE) (1968)

    Musical Beds
    Title: New York, New York Theme
    Artist: David Raskin
    From: New York, New York

    Title: The Feeling Begins
    Artist: Peter Gabriel
    From: Last Temptation Of Christ, The: (Passion) (Geffen)

    Set 4
    Title: So Romantic
    Artist: The Charms
    From: Strange Magic (Wicked Cool, 2006)

    Title: Last Train to Clarksville
    Artist: The Monkees
    From: Last Train To Clarksville (Colgems, 1966)

    Title: Hoochie Coochie Man
    Artist: Muddy Waters
    From: Hoochie Coochie Man (Chess, 1954)

    Title: Never Gonna Die
    Artist: The Shys
    From: Astoria (Sire, 2006)

    Title: Leader of the Pack
    Artist: The Shangri-Las
    From: Leader Of The Pack (Red Bird Records, 1964)

    Musical Beds
    Title: In Crowd
    Artist: Ramsey Lewis
    From: In Crowd

    Title: Rags To Riches
    Artist: Tony Bennett
    From: Goodfellas

    Title: Beyond The Sea
    Artist: Bobby Darin

    Set 5
    Title: What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
    Artist: REM
    From: Monster (Warner Bros., 1994)

    Title: Taxi Driver
    Artist: Hanoi Rocks
    From: Self Destruction Blues (David Geffen, 1982)

    Title: Nobody But Me
    Artist: The Human Beinz

    Title: Pink Cadillac
    Artist: Jerry Lee Lewis
    From: Last Man Standing (Art1st ("Artist First"), 2006)

    Title: My Way
    Artist: Sid Vicious
    From: My Way

    Musical Beds
    Title: Theme From The Last Waltz
    Artist: The Band
    From: Last Waltz (WB/Rhino)
    Title: Blues Theme
    Artist: Davie Allan & the Arrows
    From: Wild Angels and Other Themes (Capitol, 1993)


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