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Sunday, 12 February 2006

Episode 202: Saint Valentines Day Massacre

I'm gonna do all you guys a favor now and remind you its Saint Valentine's Day this week. You know flowers, candy, the promise of spring, and the bloody slaughter and mayhem of love. This week in the Underground Garage it's the Dave Clark 5, Radio Birdman, the Beatles, the Barracudas, and Iggy Pop. New music from the Vacancies, the Len Price 3, and brand new albums from not only the Strokes , but Ray Davies too; it's a world premiere in fact. Find out what Randy Newman, Lou Reed, Mike Bloomfield and Wendy James have in common. It's the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, this weekend in the Underground Garage.

~Little Steven~

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  • Playlist:

    Title: Killing Floor
    Artist: Electric Flag
    From: Long Time Comin' (Columbia, 1968)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Search
    Artist: Stanley Wilson

    Set 1
    Title: Murder Inc.
    Artist: Bruce Springsteen & The ESB
    From: Greatest Hits (Columbia, 1995)

    Title: One Hit (To the Body) [Edit]
    Artist: The Rolling Stones
    From: Dirty Work (CBS, 1986)

    Title: Hunt You Down
    Artist: Hate Bombs
    From: Hunt You Down (Dionysys Records, 1999)

    Title: Murder City Nights
    Artist: Radio Birdman
    From: Radios Appear (Citadel, 2002)

    Title: Death Is the Only Real Thing
    Artist: The Chesterfield Kings
    From: Mindbending Sounds Of The Chesterfield Kings (Sundazed Records, 2003)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Godfather Theme
    Artist: Satan's Pilgrims
    From: Plymouth Rock: The Best Of Satan's Pilgrums (MuSick Recordings)

    Title: The Breeze And I
    Artist: The Emporers

    Set 2
    Title: You Better Run
    Artist: The Rascals
    From: Groovin' (Atlantic, 1967)

    Title: Save Yourself
    Artist: The Vacancies
    From: Beat Missing Or A Silence Added (Blackheart, 2005)

    Title: Straight Shooter
    Artist: Reigning Sound
    From: Time Bomb High School (In the Red Records, 2002)

    Title: He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)
    Artist: The Crystals

    Title: Vicious (Edit)
    Artist: Lou Reed
    From: Transformer (RCA, 1972)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Boss Machine
    Artist: Jan Davis

    Title: Discovery
    Artist: Stanley Wilson

    Set 3
    Title: Bits and Pieces
    Artist: The Dave Clark Five
    From: Glad All Over (Epic, 1964)

    Title: Razorblade
    Artist: The Strokes
    From: First Impressions Of Earth (RCA, 2006)

    Title: Violent Times
    Artist: The Barracudas
    From: Drop Out (Voxx, 1981)

    Title: Bad Valentine
    Artist: Transvision Vamp
    From: Velveteen (UNI/MCA, 1989)

    Title: Killer Joe
    Artist: The Rocky Fellers
    From: Killer Joe (Scepter Records, 1963)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Hearse Full of Souls
    Artist: Evan Foster

    Title: Jack The Ripper
    Artist: Link Wray

    Set 4
    Title: I Wanna Destroy You
    Artist: The Soft Boys
    From: I Wanna Destroy You (SINGLE) (Armageddon Records, 1980)

    Title: Things Are Gonna Change (Edit)
    Artist: Ray Davies
    From: Other People's Lives (V2 Records, 2006)

    Title: Abra Cadaver
    Artist: The Hives
    From: Tyrannosaurus Hives (Interscope, 2004)

    Title: Boom Boom Out Goes the Light
    Artist: Little Walter and his Jukes
    From: Boom Boom Out Goes the Light (SINGLE) (Checker, 1955)

    Title: Kill City
    Artist: Iggy Pop
    From: Kill City (Bomp!, 1977)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Bambi Molester
    Artist: The Minus 5
    From: In Rock (Yep Roc Records, 2004)

    Title: Surfin' Rampage
    Artist: The Chesterfield Kings
    From: Surfin' Rampage (Mirror Records, 1997)

    Set 5
    Title: Psychotic Reaction
    Artist: Count Five
    From: Psychotic Reaction (Double Shot, 1966)

    Title: You're Gonna Kill That Girl
    Artist: The Ramones
    From: Leave Home (Sire, 1977)

    Title: Gone Dead Train
    Artist: Randy Newman
    From: Performance (soundtrack) (Warner Brothers, 1970)

    Title: The Last Hotel
    Artist: Len Price 3
    From: Chinese Burn (Laughing Outlaw, 2005)

    Title: Happiness Is A Warm Gun
    Artist: The Beatles
    From: Beatles (White Album) (Apple, 1968)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Phantom Raiders
    Artist: Stanley Wilson

    Title: Blues Theme
    Artist: Davie Allan & the Arrows
    From: Wild Angels and Other Themes (Capitol, 1993)


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    Randy the Rocker!

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