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Show 17 - Canada

Show 17 - Canada

Air Date:

Sunday, 28 July 2002

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1

    Lies (Knickerbockers)

    Midnight to Six Man (Pretty Things)

    I Just Want To Make Love To You (Rolling Stones)

    Eye to Eye (Joan Jett)

    Put Some Hurt On You (Boss Martians)

    Bits and Pieces (Dave Clark Five)

    Set 2

    Nothin' (Ugly Ducklings)

    I Am the Eye (Datsons)

    That's My Girl (The Great Scots)

    Who Dat? (The Jury)

    I Need Your Lovin' (Les Sexareenos)


    Set 3

    Day Tripper (Nancy Sinatra)

    She Rocks and Rolls All Night and Day (Redeemers)

    Last Train to Clarksville (Monkees)

    Maintaining My Cool (Sonics)

    I'm A Rocker (Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band)


    Set 4

    Paper Sun (Traffic)

    Children of the Sun (The Misunderstood)

    Sunshine Superman (Donovan)

    Sunshine of Your Love (Cream)

    Holidays in the Sun (Sex Pistols)

    Set 5

    Mystery #1 (Contrast)

    Come On Up (Rascals)

    A Lovely Sort of Death (Chesterfield Kings)

    My My Kinda Girl (Ramones)

    Da Doo Ron Ron (Crystals)

Comments (8)

  • Steven Kaminsky

    Little Steven and I love the Dave Clark Five. So. the Beatles had just invaded America, like an atomic bomb. But, right on their heals came the Dave Clark Five. It's like we died and went to heaven TWICE! People were arguing, "who is better, the Beatles or the DC5?" Okay, I'm NOT going to say the DC5, but at the time, you really had to wonder. The DC5 started out with "Bits and Pieces," and "Glad All Over." WOW. Maybe, we thought, these guys ROCK better than the Beatles. That saxophone that provided an undercurrent in which you never quite heard individual notes, but nevertheless felt the hidden power, might have been the cause. And, they wore these boots, and would stomp out the beat while the instruments would pause: that was so powerful. Then, they came out with, "Because," the most beautiful ballad you could imagine, with cool chords and a strangely beautiful low vocal harmony part, so you realize they are more than power rockers. And then came the Kinks, Hollies, Stones, Animals, Billy J Kramer, Jerry and the Pacemakers, Peter and Gordon, Chad and Jeremy, Petula Clark, Donovan, and on and on. I agree with Little Steven: THE BRITISH INVASION WAS THE HEART OF THE GOLDEN AGE OF ROCK.

  • Steven Kaminsky

    "I Am the Eye" reminds me of the Kinks. That is a BIG compliment!

  • Steven Kaminsky

    Wish I knew who played the guitar parts for "Last Train to Clarksville." I assume the classic finger-picking main sequence is 2 guitars, because I can't play it with 1 guitar. I also assume it was 2 Wrecking Crew studio musicians.

  • Steven Kaminsky

    "Come On Up," by the Rascals. These guys can make music, like this, that makes your head explode with joy. The Dave Clark Five could do that, to, like with "Glad All Over." Last show's, "See," by the Rascals was not their best work. Something seemed wrong with the tempo: it seemed uneven, drifting in tempo. Also, they had by then fallen into the trap of intellectual crap themes and preachiness that was getting common. No matter. They had already given us tons of passionate music, before "See".

  • Steven Kaminsky

    The Ramones: just because you are primitive does not mean you are good. Sometimes, primitive just means "incompetent," or "derivative." The Ramones are over-rated. Occasionally, I disagree with Little Steven. He can keep them.

    • Tommy Knox

      I can see how the Ramones don't appeal to everyone but their importance cannot be over stated. They brought back a lot of the raw energy rock had lost.

  • jcjohnson63

    THIS one will NOT play!!!!!! WHY????

  • jcjohnson63

    OKAY this WILL play on Google Chrome , go figure!!! Another great classic episode while you guys make up your minds when to post a new one!!! Peace,love and rock and roll!! :)

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