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Show 137  -  DO THE ZONK!

Show 137 - DO THE ZONK!

Air Date:

Sunday, 14 November 2004

Episode 137: Do THE ZONK!
I know what you're thinking, the party's over. There's no possible reason to ever celebrate anything again.
Ah, but not so fast, mon ami !
There is one thing we do not celebrate often enough. That's right!
Girls. Women. Females. Chicks. Skirts. Dolls.
This week in the Underground Garage, it's wall to wall Rock & Roll Chicks.
We got Cookies, Angels, Chiffons, Pandoras, Pristeens. Cool new stuff from the Cocktail Slippers from Norway, The Hawaii Mud Bombers from Sweden, and Tegan and Sara from Venus.
Find out what Dusty Springfield, Donna Loren, Marianne Faithfull, Nancy Sinatra, Joan Jett, and Ellie Vee have in common.
Find out why Goldie and the Gingerbreads are the coolest all girl Rock & Roll band ever, and more importantly, find out how to do the Zonk! They're sexy, they're sweet, they're tough, they're vulnerable, they're Rock & Roll chicks. And they're waiting for you this weekend in the Underground Garage.
~Little Steven~

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Comments (5)

  • sdgakatbk

    Some good stuff here, but the link and playlist seem unrelated.

  • mal schroeder

    Yep, too bad the playlist doesn't match the show.

  • Randy Hayter

    Love Little Steven's monologues - Very Knowledgeable and Cool. Damn if it isn't annoying when the set list doesn't match the songs I hear - how am I gonna find em?

  • Steed Colliss

    Here is the correct playlist for show 137:

    David Johansen: Girls

    Set 1:
    Chiffons: I Have a Boyfriend
    Cocktail Slippers: Give It to Me
    Pandoras: I'm your Girl
    Rev-Lons: Boy Trouble
    Dusty Springfield: Stay Awhile

    Set 2:
    Goldie and the Gingerbreads: Chew Chew Fee Fi Fum
    Charms: The Wish Song
    Nancy Sinatra: Baby Please Don't Go
    Cookies: Don't Say Nothin' Bad about my Baby
    Woggle: Soul Sister Brown Sugar

    Set 3:
    Shirelles: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ?
    Beatle-ettes: Only Seventeen
    Beatles: Boys
    Gi Gi Parker and the Lonelies: Beatles, Please Come Back
    Hawaii Mud Bombers: Wolf'n the Lamb
    Joan Jett and the Heartbreakers: The French Song

    Set 4:
    High School Sweethearts: Afterschool Special
    Rolling Stones: Da Doo Run Run
    Girls: Chico's Girl
    Pristeens: Sorrow
    Angels: Wow Wow Wee (He's the Boy for Me)

    Set 5:
    Donna Loren: Do the Zonk !
    Ramones: Baby I Love You
    Marianne Faithfull: As Tears Go By
    Tegan and Sara: Walking with a Ghost
    Carol Connors: Lonely Little Beach Girl

  • Steed Colliss

    After some research, the playlist provided by the LSUG is of show 219, including the wrong intro song... It should have been the Knickerbockers' "Lies"...

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