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Show 124  -  FESTIVAL!

Show 124 - FESTIVAL!

Air Date:

Sunday, 15 August 2004

Episode 124: F E S T I V A L!
Are you steamed?
Starting to imagine what a McDonald's French fry endures?
Feeling the dog days of summer?
Has it been so hot the Mayor of New York asked the Statue of Liberty to please, put down her arm?
Then chill out with the coolest Festivals ever to happen: Woodstock, Monterey, and a couple we don't even remember.
That's right, it's Festival Time in the Underground Garage.
We'll catch a real cool breeze spelled with a c: Cocktail Slippers, Creation, Chesterfield Kings, Chocolate Watch Band, Creatures, Caesars and Cynics. There's also Romantics, Dolls, Nancy, and other Pretty Things.
Find out what Homer Simpson, Iggy Pop, Graham Nash, and Andrew Loog Oldham have in common.
It don't get no cooler than this.
It's Festivals Are Us, this weekend, in the Underground Garage.
~Little Steven~

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  • Playlist:


    Title: Cars and Girls
    Artist: The Dictators
    From: The Dictators Go Girl Crazy (Columbia, 1975)

    Musical Bed
    Title: Soul Sacrifice
    Artist: Santana
    From: TBA
    Set 1
    Title: Little Know It All
    Artist: Iggy Pop
    From: Skull Ring (Virgin, 2003)

    Title: When I Look In Your Eyes
    Artist: The Romantics
    From: The Romantics (Epic, 1980)

    Title: Rock and Roll Babe
    Artist: The Cocktail Slippers
    From: Rock It! (MTG, 2003)

    Title: Running Through My Nightmares
    Artist: The Chesterfield Kings
    From: The Mindbending Sounds Of The Chesterfield Kings (Sundazed, 2003)

    Title: You're My Favorite
    Artist: Caesars
    From: 39 Minutes Of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Slidin'
    Artist: Evan Foster
    From: Instrumentals (Musick, 2004)

    Title: Song For Lee
    Artist: Paul Butterfield Blues Band
    From: Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin' (Wounded Bird, 1971)

    Set 2
    Title: Personality Crisis
    Artist: New York Dolls
    From: New York Dolls (Polygram, 1973)

    Title: Are You Ready For The Mountain
    Artist: The Fleshtones
    From: Do Ya Swing? (Yep Roc, 2003)

    Title: Get Loose
    Artist: D4
    From: 6Twenty (Hollywood, 2003)

    Title: She's Fine
    Artist: The Stems
    From: Buds (Citadel, 1991)

    Title: Celebrate Summer
    Artist: The Paybacks
    From: Harder And Harder (Get Hip, 2004)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Café Equator
    Artist: Laika & The Cosmonauts
    From: Amazing Colossal Band (Upstart, 1995)

    Title: Underture
    Artist: The Who
    From: Tommy (MCA, 1969)

    Set 3
    Title: On The Airwaves
    Artist: Shazam
    From: Rev 9 (Not Lame/Rainbow Quartz, 2000)

    Title: I'm A Man
    Artist: Bo Diddley
    From: Bo Diddley (Chess, 1957)

    Title: Wanna Be
    Artist: The Fondas
    From: Coming Now! (Sympathy For The Record Industry, )

    Title: When My Baby's Beside Me
    Artist: Big Star
    From: #1 Record Collection (Ardent, 1972)

    Title: Come See Me
    Artist: Pretty Things
    From: Come See Me: The Very Best of the Pretty Things (Sony, 2004)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Machine Gun
    Artist: Rip Tides
    From: TBA

    Title: Wild Turkey
    Artist: Jefferson Airplane
    From: Bark (RCA, 1971)

    Set 4
    Title: Loose 'n' Juicy
    Artist: Mooney Suzuki
    From: Alive & Amplified (Red Ink, 2004)

    Title: Don't Need Your Lovin'
    Artist: Chocolate Watch Band
    From: One Step Beyond (Sundazed, 1969)

    Title: Makin' Time
    Artist: Creation
    From: We Are The Paintermen (Hit Ton, 1967)

    Title: Tony Rome
    Artist: Nancy Sinatra
    From: Nancy In London (Reprise, 1966)

    Title: Turn Me Loose
    Artist: The Cynics
    From: Living Is The Best Revenge (Get Hip, 2003)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Gotcha
    Artist: Krontjong Devils
    From: On Tour! (Telstar, 2000)

    Title: Third Stone From The Sun
    Artist: Jimi Hendrix
    From: Are You Experienced? (Track, 1967)

    Set 5
    Title: The End Has No End
    Artist: The Strokes
    From: Room On Fire (RCA, 2003)

    Title: People Come On
    Artist: The Woggles
    From: Ragged But Right (Telstar, 2003)

    Title: Open Up Your Door
    Artist: Richard & the Young Lions
    From: Nuggets (Rhino, 1998)

    Title: Bye Bye Baby
    Artist: Creatures of the Golden Dawn
    From: 1000 Shadows (Dionysus, 1994)

    Title: I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
    Artist: Electric Prunes
    From: I Had Too Much To Dream (Reprise, 1967)

    Musical Bed
    Title: Reef Break
    Artist: The Atlantics
    From: Flight Of The Surf Guitar (Atlantics Music Australia, 2000)


    Title: Blues Theme
    Artist: Davie Allan and the Arrows
    From: The Wild Angels And Other Themes (Curb, 1993)

    Special Thanks

    Artie Kornfeld

    Graham Nash

    Phil May

    Jack Casady

    Andrew Loog Oldham








Comments (3)

  • frank munde

    all shows are fantastic. Keep this show on the air!

  • frank munde

    I hope these archived shows last a real long time.
    Frank Munde

  • Steed Colliss

    Upon hearing the D4's "Get Loose", how about putting back the video Little Steven did originally with extracts from Goldfinger, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and others ?

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