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Show 113  -  MEMORIAL DAZE


Air Date:

Sunday, 30 May 2004

Episode 113: Memorial Daze (Updated repeat)
What's the matter? You started getting used to being cold? You never lost those extra 20 pounds? Your boat is still in hock? Well, it's too late. It's Memorial Day, baby. It's hot wax, hot dogs and hot pants in the Underground Garage. Come let the Donnas get you wet and the Laudrettes hang you out to dry. We got a summer fruit cocktail of Raspberries, Cherries, Grape and Marmalade. New music from the Master Plan, Roy Loney and the Longshots, the Contrast, the Boss Martians and Patti Smith. Not to mention the coolest records ever made by the Beatles, the Rascals, the Beach Boys, the Clash and Traffic. It's Memorial Day, baby. It's "thongs for the memories." We'll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.
~Little Steven~

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  • Playlist:

    Title: One Track Mind
    Artist: Knickerbockers
    From: Lies: The Very Best Of The Knickerbockers (Collectables, 1998)

    Musical Bed
    Title: Surfari Stomp
    Artist: The Surfaris
    From: Surfaris Stomp (Varese, 1995)
    Set 1
    Title: Talk Talk
    Artist: Music Machine
    From: Nuggets Box Set (Rhino, 1998)

    Title: Take Me To The Race
    Artist: The Launderettes
    From: Take Me To The Race (Big Dipper Records, 2003)

    Title: Anarchy In The UK
    Artist: The Sex Pistols
    From: Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols (Warner Bros., 1977)

    Title: Find Something Beautiful
    Artist: Master Plan
    From: Colossus Of Destiny (Total Energy, 2004)

    Title: Little Deuce Coupe
    Artist: The Beach Boys
    From: Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys (Capitol, 2003)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Walk Don’t Run
    Artist: The Ventures
    From: Rock Instrumental Classics, Vol. 2: The 60s (Rhino)

    Title: Bulldog
    Artist: The Fireballs
    From: Teen Beat: Vol. 1 (Ace, 1993)

    Set 2
    Title: Omaha
    Artist: Moby Grape
    From: Moby Grape (San Francisco Sound, 1994)

    Title: Shake It Off
    Artist: The Supersuckers
    From: How We Rock (Various) (Epitaph, 2002)

    Title: Tommy Gun
    Artist: The Clash
    From: Give ‘Em Enough Rope (Epic, 1979)

    Title: Wow Wow Wee, He’s The Boy For Me
    Artist: The Angels
    From: My Boyfriend’s Back (Rebound, 1998)

    Title: Walk Away
    Artist: The Boss Martians
    From: The Set-Up (MuSick Records, 2003)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Walkin’ With Link
    Artist: Link Wray & The Wraymen
    From: The Epic Sessions: 1958-1961 (Sundazed, 2002)

    Title: Arrow Space
    Artist: Davie Allan
    From: Loud, Loose, And Savage (Dionysus, 1999)

    Set 3
    Title: How Does It Feel To Feel
    Artist: Creation
    From: Our Music Is Red – With Purple Flashes (Diablo Records, 1998)

    Title: I See The Rain Again
    Artist: Marmalade
    From: The Very Best Of The Marmalade (Sanctuary/Castle, 2002)

    Title: Baby You’re A Rich Man
    Artist: The Beatles
    From: Magical Mystery Tour (Capitol, 1967)

    Title: Girl You Have Magic Inside You
    Artist: Outrageous Cherry
    From: Supernatural Equinox (Rainbow Quartz, 2003)

    Title: Heaven Is In Your Mind
    Artist: Traffic
    From: Mr. Fantasy (Island, 1967)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Pickaninny
    Artist: Small Faces
    From: The Darlings Of Wapping Wharf Launderette (Sequel, 2000)

    Title: Brontosaurus Stomp
    Artist: The Piltdown Men
    From: Teen Beat: Vol. 4 (Ace, 1997)

    Set 4
    Title: Ciao Punk
    Artist: The Roolettes
    From: The Roolettes (Vinyl Records Japan, 2004)

    Title: Who Invited You
    Artist: The Donnas
    From: Spend The Night (Atlantic, 2002)

    Title: Love Is A Beautiful Thing
    Artist: The Rascals
    From: The Ultimate Rascals (Warner Bros., 1986)

    Title: Disconnected
    Artist: The Contrast
    From: Fade Back In (Rainbow Quartz, 2004)

    Title: I Wanna Be With You
    Artist: The Raspberries
    From: The Very Best Of The Raspberries (Cherry Red, 2002)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Swing Shift
    Artist: The Wailers
    From: The Fabulous Wailers Original Golden Crest Masters (Ace, 1998)

    Title: Guitar Twist
    Artist: The Ventures
    From: Dance! Twist With The Ventures/The Ventures Twist Party, Vol. 2 (One Way, 1996)

    Set 5
    Title: Twistin’ Postman
    Artist: Ko & The Knockouts
    From: Ko & The Knockouts (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2002)

    Title: Farmer John
    Artist: The Premiers
    From: Nuggets (Rhino, 1998)

    Title: Nobody Does It
    Artist: Roy Loney and the Long Shots
    From: Drunkard In The Think Tank (Career Records, 2004)

    Title: Stride Of The Mind
    Artist: Patti Smith
    From: Trampin’ (Columbia, 2004)

    Title: Him Or Me (What's It Gonna Be?)
    Artist: Paul Revere & The Raiders
    From: Revolution! (Columbia, 1967)

    Musical Bed
    Title: Reveille Rock
    Artist: Johnny & The Hurricanes
    From: The Definitive Collection (Charly, 1999)


    Title: Blues Theme
    Artist: Davie Allan and the Arrows
    From: The Wild Angels And Other Themes (Curb, 1993)

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