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Air Date:

Monday, 10 May 2004

Episode 110: Bye Bye Birdie Too
What's a matter?
You can't relate to what's going on all around you these days,
and you can't afford to travel anywhere else, can you?
Been working too hard, your money is worthless,
and your kids think you're squaresville?
Well, take a trip with the Underground Garage as we visit Sweet Apple, Ohio for our tribute to Bye Bye Birdie.

oh they’ll all be there, Ann Margret, Dick Van Dyke, Maureen Stapleton, Conrad Birdie himself,
and Ed Sullivan . . .
and it ain't just those rock and roll crazed teenage hopheads --
we got Cynics, Crickets, Woggles, Turtles, and Plimsouls, we'll be spanning the globe bringing you the best new music from England, New York City, and Seattle . . .
join us and Ann Margret's sweater in the Underground Garage!
I'll see you this weekend.
~Little Steven~

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  • Playlist:

    Title: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
    Artist: Electric Prunes
    From: Nuggets (Rhino Records, 1998)

    Musical Bed
    Title: Bye Bye Birdie (overture)
    From: Bye Bye Birdie Soundtrack (BMG, 1995)

    Set 1
    Title: Outside Chance
    Artist: The Turtles
    From: Most Of The Turtles (DJ Specialist, 1999)

    Title: Pushing Too Hard
    Artist: The Seeds
    From: Nuggets (Rhino Records, 1998)

    Title: Where Do We Go From Here?
    Artist: Chesterfield Kings
    From: Where The Action Is (Sundazed Music, 1999)

    Title: A Million Miles Away
    Artist: Plimsouls
    From: Everywhere At Once (Geffen, 1983)

    Title: I Must Be In Love
    Artist: The Rutles
    From: The Rutles (Warner Bros., 1990)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Movin’ And Groovin’
    Artist: Duane Eddy
    From: Teen Beat, vol. 3 (Ace UK, 1996)

    Title: Telephone Song
    From: Bye Bye Birdie Soundtrack (BMG, 1995)

    Set 2
    Title: You’re On My Mind
    Artist: Ko And The Knockouts
    From: Ko And The Knockouts (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2002)

    Title: Last Year
    Artist: Stiv Bators
    From: L.A. L.A. (Bomp, 1994)

    Title: I’m Gonna Love You Too
    Artist: Buddy Holly and the Crickets
    From: Buddy Holly – Greatest Hits (MCA, 1996)

    Title: Walk Away
    Artist: The Boss Martians
    From: The Set-Up (MuSick Recordings, 2003)

    Title: Stray Cat Blues
    Artist: The Rolling Stones
    From: Beggars’ Banquet (Abkco, 2002)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Gotcha
    Artist: Krontjong Devils
    From: Krontjong Devils On Tour (Telstar, 2000)

    Title: Telephone Song
    From: Bye Bye Birdie Soundtrack (BMG, 1995)

    Title: Hymn For A Sunday Evening (Ed Sullivan)
    From: Bye Bye Birdie Soundtrack (BMG, 1995)

    Set 3
    Title: Disconnected
    Artist: The Contrast
    From: Fade Back In (Rainbow Quartz, 2004)

    Title: Kind Of Boy You Can’t Forget
    Artist: Jellybeans
    From: Red Bird Story (Charly, 1991)

    Title: Absolutely Sweet Marie
    Artist: Bob Dylan
    From: Blonde On Blonde

    Title: Get My Way
    Artist: The Cynics
    From: Rock’n’Roll (Get Hip, 1994)

    Title: Don’t Bring Me Down
    Artist: The Animals
    From: The Best Of The Animals (EMI, 2000 - Import)

    Musical Beds
    Title: Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake
    Artist: Small Faces
    From: Hits Misses Thrashers & Crashers (Fuel 2000, 2004)

    Title: We Love You Conrad
    From: Bye Bye Birdie Soundtrack (BMG, 1995)

    Set 4
    Title: 40 Watt Solution
    Artist: Cotton Mather
    From: The Big Picture (Rainbow Quartz, 2002 – UK Import)

    Title: Walking Through My Dreams
    Artist: Pretty Things
    From: S.F. Sorrow (Snapper, 2000 – UK Import)

    Title: Devil Came From Kansas
    Artist: Procol Harum
    From: A Salty Dog (A&M, 1969)

    Title: Can I Join Your Band?
    Artist: Creation
    From: Biff Bang Pow! vol. 2 – The Complete Collection (Retroactive/Sin-drome, 1999)

    Title: Good Morning Good Morning
    Artist: The Beatles
    From: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Musical Beds
    Title: Reveille Rock
    Artist: Johnny & The Hurricanes
    From: Stormsville (Repertoire, 1999)

    Title: One Last Kiss
    From: Bye Bye Birdie (Movie, not soundtrack)

    Title: Got A Lot Of Living To Do
    From: Bye Bye Birdie Soundtrack (BMG, 1995)

    Title: Honestly Sincere
    From: Bye Bye Birdie Soundtrack (BMG, 1995)

    Set 5
    Title: Find Something Beautiful
    Artist: Master Plan
    From: Colossus Of Destiny (Total Energy, 2004)

    Title: First I Look At The Purse
    Artist: J. Geils Band
    From: The J. Geils Band (Atlantic, 1970)

    Title: C’mon And Swim
    Artist: The Woggles
    From: Fractured (Telstar, 2000)

    Title: A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
    Artist: The Monkees
    From: The Monkees’ Greatest Hits (Rhino,

    Title: Ramona
    Artist: The Ramones
    From: Rocket To Russia (Sire, 1977)

    Musical Bed
    Title: Bye Bye Birdie (Overture)
    From: Bye Bye Birdie Soundtrack (BMG, 1995)



    Title: Blues Theme
    Artist: Davie Allan and the Arrows
    From: The Wild Angels And Other Themes (Curb, 1993)

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