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Show 487 - Film Noir 2011

Show 487 - Film Noir 2011

Air Date:

Monday, 01 August 2011

The name is Spade, Sam Spade. I’m a private dick on a case.

The case is finding Little Steven before this week’s Underground Garage tribute to Film Noir.

Joining him, if we can find him, will be the Who, Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Vanilla Fudge, always liked fudge, the Kinks, and the Yardbirds.

Fabulous, brand new sounds from Moonlight Towers, Steve Cropper with Steven Winwood, Stupidity, Death By Unga Bunga, the Red Button, and the Sails.

Come join the party and we will see who survives the only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I get 25 bucks a day and expenses.

I’m a private dick on a case.

I’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1
    Lies (Knickerbockers)
    Musical Bed: Maltese Falcon (Adolph Deutsch)
    Run Run Run (Who)
    Fool’s Gold (Graham Parker)
    Heat Lightning (Moonlight Towers)
    Chico’s Girl (Girls)
    Hungry (Paul Revere & the Raiders)
    Musical Bed: T Roadster (Hot Rods)

    Set 2
    Musical Bed: The Man Who Knew Too Much (Elmer Berstein)
    Restless Nights (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    Liar (Sails)
    The Night Before (Beatles)
    Caught In The Middle (Red Button)
    Fool For You (Impressions)
    Musical Bed: Go (Ventures)

    Set 3
    Musical Bed: Dress To Kill (Pino Donaggio)
    You Keep Me Hanging On (Vanilla Fudge)
    I Don’t Want Anybody That Wants Me (Make Out)
    It’s Too Late (New York Dolls)
    Thirty Second Lover (Steve Cropper w/Steve Winwood)
    Heaven Only Knows (Shangri-Las)
    Musical Bed: Flight Of The Surf Guitar (Atlantics)

    Set 4
    Musical Bed: As Time Goes By (Herman Hupfield)
    14th Street (Master Plan)
    See My Friends (Kinks)
    Maryilyn (Death By Unga Bunga)
    I Know You Love Me Not (Julie Driscoll)
    Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Rolling Stones)
    Musical Bed: Moondog (Surfaris)

    Set 5
    Musical Bed: Black Rite (Mandingo & His Orchestra)
    The King Is Half Undressed (Jellyfish)
    Move (Stupidity)
    Smile On Me (Yardbirds)
    Boom Boom Out Goes The Lights (Little Walter)
    35 MM Dream (Garland Jeffries)
    Musical Bed: The Big Sleep Theme (Max Steiner)

Comments (13)

  • Stiv

    This is one of my favorite episodes.

  • ArthurAllen

    KMTT Tacoma/Seattle appears to be not running the show any more. I had mostly given up on them years ago, but it was fun to listen live on long drives on Saturday night.

    • sdingeswho

      Arthur, I sometimes listen to the show via KMTT also (I actually live in the Phoenix area, but we have no local affiliate for LSUG --- grrr!), and I looked into this. KMTT *does* still carry the show, but they've moved it to *Sunday* nights at 10. "I feel your pain" --- I've got some non-rock stuff I listen to on Saturday nights which a station in Houston used to run back-to-back-to-back, four hours of it, a *great* line-up, but then they went through a format change recently, blowing away what had been a twenty-year-plus "tradition" with me. When will radio programmers learn to leave well-enough alone, especially when they've got a real gem of a sequence that everybody has loved, forever? :-(

  • Ron Lynch

    Bruce's Restless Nights is a timeless piece and fits in any decade. Fool's Gold and Move are cool. Like the Yardbirds Smile On Me. 35mm Dream, good stuff.
    Thanks Stevie.

  • Kevin O'Neil

    A couple other things that make Film Noir, Noir is the technical advance of high speed B&W film stock that could be used in low light conditions. In addition don't forget the shadow of the Atomic Bomb, and the post WWII,early cold war unease many creative people felt before McCarthyism took their jobs.

  • michele villerot

    This show is truely entertainment. Thank You

  • john center

    great episode love all this music

  • fratman

    great show...what!!no ramones?????

  • jcjohnson63

    i love this show but i STILL do not know what film noir is! LOL

    • sdingeswho

      Heheheh . . . well, jcj, assuming you're serious about not knowing what film noir is, just go watch "Maltese Falcon" or "Dark Passage" (another great Bogart flick), and then you'll know :-D. I also like Steve's description (go back and listen to the full thing, here on the website): "If the hero goes through trials and travails, gets the girl, and learns something of value in the end, that's *not* film noir --- but, if the hero *suffers CONTINUOUSLY*, especially in matters of the heart, and never learns ANYTHING of moral value, you're looking at the genuine article". B-)

  • sdingeswho

    So much goodness in one place :-D --- I have to agree that this is always one of the very best shows, and I've been around since the very beginning. I especially love the inclusions of "Fool's Gold" (very apt, and I never got to hear that one back in the day, just "Local Girls") and the Vanilla Fudge rendition of "You Keep Me Hangin' On". The Underground Garage is the only place I've ever heard "35 mm Dreams", another blast-from-the-past. "Liar" by the Sails is the best of the new crop, this time around :-). If Stevie would tolerate / consider *later* Who for the show, it'd be great to drop in John Entwistle's "Trick of the Light" from "Who Are You" --- that's *very* "noir", I'd say! "Schweet-haht, this show is 'the stuff that dreams are made of . . .". B-)

  • matt.frangenberg

    Steven, I absolutely love the UG! Being a music & trivia fanatic, those little tidbits you throw out drive my wife & kids crazy! Keep it up, buddy!

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    Little Stephen's explanation of Film Noir is excellent. I teach a Film Noir class and will be using some of Stephen's narrative about it. Besides his excellent snippets of Noir films, by the way He reminds me of Bogart's voice in his modulations and phrasing, his visual explanations from German Expressionism and Italy's post-war neo-realism are also excellent. What a Mind!!!

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