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Show 476 - Ramones Forever & Ever 2011

Show 476 - Ramones Forever & Ever 2011

Air Date:

Monday, 16 May 2011

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

We are celebrating Joey Ramone’s birthday this week with a Ramones special.

We will be talking about all the bands that influenced the Ramones, and all the bands the Ramones have influenced, which is almost everybody.

Joining us will be the Who, Eddie Cochran, Jan & Dean, the Troggs, the Stones, and the Ronettes.

Also bands the Ramones gave birth to, like the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Social Distortion, and Eddie Vedder will be here too.

We have the coolest new music in the world including Candy Golde out of Chicago, Spanking Charlene from New York City, and the Dahlmanns out of Norway.

So come celebrate the archetype of everything that is Punk, and it is hard to imagine the modern world without them.

We are celebrating the Ramones this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.


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Comments: 8 Comments

Comments (8)

  • larryglucas

    enjoyed the shows on klos los angeles
    now i engjoy in arequipa arequipa peru
    on google chrome
    larry g lucas

  • David T. Letizia

    Steven, your intro to this particular show was brilliant!!

    You presented a micro-history of rock-n-roll (the musical renaissance of ~1951 to ~1972) that was spot on ... could not have been better.

  • Ron Lynch

    Nice set Stevie. The Dylan stuff on Sunday's show should be excellent, always listen to his music & Bruce's.

  • Erik Lux

    Great show Steve

    I still can't believe they are gone. The shows were so much fun - what a band what an act. They will never be anything like the Ramones again.

  • bob hoskins

    Eddie Vedder covering the Ramones seems to be his best attempt
    at R 'n' R to date!

    Plus overshadowing Conan O'Brien as a singer during his tour in 2010 could be considered as an achievement as well.

    p.s. As seen in the Conan documentary!

  • David Diiiiiind

    Steven, I grew up in Forest Hills in the 70s, across the street from Thorneycroft and the Ramp where Joey and Johnny hung out. Love the track New York City I always remembered the subway anoucement at the end of the track.

  • Danny Wesson

    The Ramones: Pearl Street, Northampton, MA, years ago....I was on my way and got there late, forgot what happened. Got there and had to stand against a brick wall outside catching the show as the kick-ass Ramones vibes filtered out to the night. I caught a glimpse of Joey leaning into his mike when I tried to find my way in. HARDLY ANYBODY ON THE DANCE FLOOR! I was shocked. I was ready to GO but, didn't want to get kicked out for being the only mental case out there, so, pissed, I hung out by the wall. I just couldn't believe the huge SNUB by the college-area people seemingly from the lack of attendance. ANYWAY, I STILL got an earful that night. Must have been the era... Prior to that, I saw them in full force at some New York roadhouse or VFW or something near the highway and the bridges nearby were new (Albany? Troy?) and a babe leathered out wanted me to get her up on my shoulders: talk about a division in needs here! I wanted to pound the floor with every gasping breath (they took NO PAUSE between numbers!!!!!) and did just that until she came along....now I'm pretty much anchored and in agony by the time I planted her on top of the cigarette machine (yup, they was still dispensin' back then) and bopped my way into the encore. Won't tell you what happened later.....THAT was PUNK 'N' ROLL, my friends!!! And EVERYONE IN LEATHER AND DENIM!!! Awesome unity......

  • Syd Ramone

    Steven, Listening in to your brilliant show all the way from Ireland. Been a Ramones fan since 1980 and loved Joey's new song. The sooner his second album is released the better the airwaves will. Thanks again amigo. p.s loved the excellant intro

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