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Show 472 - The Bruce and Stevie Show - Part 3 (Extended Version)

Show 472 - The Bruce and Stevie Show - Part 3 (Extended Version)

Air Date:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

Tune in this week for the finale of our conversation with Bruce Springsteen as we celebrate our 9th anniversary in the Underground Garage.

Joining us will be the Rascals, Them, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Taj Mahal, and the Youngbloods.

Tune in to hear our first public conversation after 46 years of friendship, but who’s counting.

It is basically the conversation we had in the mid 60's, as we discovered one cool band after another, and this weekend we are playing them all for you.

So tune into the only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio. It’s the Bruce and Stevie Show this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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Comments: 25 Comments

Comments (25)

  • Ron Lynch

    The shows all rocked, you guys should make this a annual event.

  • luvzlionz


  • Marcellus Erdakos

    Hey, Thanks a Ton!! Hope to see Youz on the Road SOON!

    LOVED IT!!!

  • kbaynard

    I agree with Ron Lynch: you guys should do this once a year. These shows were so much fun; thank you for the conversation and the music.

  • plexibill

    harry phillips played the B3 on those early cuts(detroit wheels/ mitch ryder)
    and he kept it and the leslie in his livin room !!
    da boss was right it was furniture i was there ,saw it
    and heard him playin a zillion times

  • Stiv

    Great interview. I especially liked Springsteen's observation that the rise of hard rock/heavy metal in the late 60s was almost like a return to the surf rock instrumentals of the early 60s.

  • John Carboni

    I agree this should be an annual event. I grew up on this music and I love it. Bruce and Stevie you guys rock.

  • greggie434

    I liked that Bruce purchased the surf mags just to look at Guitar ads.....

  • john Basile

    Truthfully those were some of the most enjoyable radio hours I have ever listened too! I love the 60's and hearing all that history is unbelievable and educational.

  • meat

    priceless! especially loved the stories about lugging equpment and polaying your sofa and refrigerator, and having to play LOUIE Louie and Gloria to get or keep a gig, and could really relate to buying albums back then just because the cover or the name of the album was so cool. seldom dissapointed. how bout semi-annualy?!

  • david mccallum

    Thoroughly enjoyed; probably one of the most honest and interesting observations of the 60's music scene (teen bands; high school dances)that I have ever heard. I can't believe we had exactly the same musical tastes. The music selection was incredible. The fact that Bruce used to buy the surf mags for the guitar ads!!! Awesome; keep up the great work Stevie

  • pjmaggs

    Listen to it through Backstreets,great chat and music,Hope your gonna come back to the UK Bruce with the E.Street Band in the near future.


    Great shows...it should be required listening in all the schools in America...LONG LIVE TRUE ROCK AND ROLL!!!

  • kristiina lampinen

    Yes, I too enjoyed very much listening to this insightful and endearing three part conversation. Thank you Bruce and Steven for making this lovely show and sharing your memories with us listeners.

  • JoAnn Paul

    I am SO grateful STEEL MILL played at my Senior Prom! And Bruce, thank you if you did indeed haul a G3 organ into that club in Belmar!

    This series is hearing what I lived through 'from the inside' - all the fabulous details navigating musically between American and the British Invasion’s ever-rapidly changing ideas and styles – whew! Thank you both, too, for the numerous, personal and funny antidotes. I have always wondered exactly how the work in process went for you live…from the Jersey Shore…Thank you.

  • greggie434

    Looking back over the set, the last song sez it all, Happy Easter and God Bless the Underground Garage

  • jcjohnson63

    WOW!!!!! what can i say? :)

  • Loboe

    Little Steven and Bruce---the veritable Encyclopaedias of Rock.
    This is how rock radio should be---tremendous first-hand anecdotes (they were there in the late '60s), meaningful quotes, great interviews with other musicians of the time period (some who they know on a personal basis), funny stories of how hard they had to work and what they had to put up with to get a gig, and background tales of particular songs and their personal meaning and historical relevance.
    Bruce and Steven's love (and outright need) for music shines through.
    Then there's the programs music...
    Little Steven, the best deejay of the past decade.

  • Chris Dougherty

    Listening to this conversation is so enlightening. You really pick up on where these guys came from. Thanks Stevie, hope to hear more conversations with Bruce and maybe other members of the Jersey Rock scene.

  • Ann Brennan

    Brilliant - thank you Bruce and Stevie. Hope to see you again real soon.

  • jbelser

    Brilliant show once again. The Youngbloods - "Tears are Falling" What a song!

  • jefftune

    LOVE listening to you two talk about the music of the 60's. I grew up in the midwest playing in bands - playing the same songs. Had to laugh hearing Bruce talk about lugging the B3 up and down stairs as we did that many nights!

  • Nancy King

    just finished listening to part 3, forgot so much of the music from that time period, it was awesome, hope to see them on tour soon

  • Bruce Prokup

    I bought many a record album just because the cover looked cool and I still have most of them! Glad to hear that I wasn't the only one. I recall being able to buy 4 albums for $12. What a bargain! Keep up the great work Steve and Bruce.

  • Steed Colliss

    Extremely Great Show !!!!!
    The discussions between the sets are so good that I guess the following songs could not be played:
    Set one: "Much too Much" and "I Can only Give You Everything"
    Set two: "Wake Me Shake Me" and Groovin' Is Easy"
    Set three: "Wild Weekend" and "Chest Fever"
    Set four: "Stranger in a Strange Land"
    Set five: "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" and "Friday on my Mind"...

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