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Show 471 - The Bruce and Stevie Show Part 2 (Extended Version)

Show 471 - The Bruce and Stevie Show Part 2 (Extended Version)

Air Date:

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Hey baby, Little Steven here.

Tune in this week for part two of our three-part 9th anniversary show in the Underground Garage, with once again Bruce Springsteen as my co-host.

We play the coolest records ever made that influenced us growing up. This week we have the Kinks, the Troggs, Dusty Springfield, the Cream, the Rolling Stones, and all kinds of cool things.

Tune in as we reveal all the secrets - like how to get from New Jersey across that river to the big city. It’s part two of the Bruce and Stevie Show, this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you in the Underground Garage.

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Comments (39)

  • Omar

    You have to get the Boss as full-time co-host, 3 shows just aren't enough!!

  • jonbraun

    I'm getting a history lesson in rock and roll from Bruce and Stevie !
    JB in Ottawa

  • Raymond Lee Carver

    I'm loving this edition of Underground Garage!!!!!!!! The 60s sure had some great music and it's great to hear Steve & Bruce talk about what they liked back then. I'm only 25 and this music is some of the best I've heard!!!!!! Way better than Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, etc.

  • David Jones

    Just signed up and this is the first show I've heard, coming from the UK it's great to hear that there were so many British bands such as the kinks who influenced Stevie and Bruce. Planning to come over to Asbury next January to soak up your culture. Great show.

    • BroadwayBill

      Well, David Jones...shoot me an email. I'm like half hour from Asbury Park and trying to put together some kind of a walking tour - even though it'll be pretty cold here in January!

      • David Jones

        Hi there Broadway Bill, I'm coming over for the Light of day concerts but would definitely like to meet up for a walk and maybe a beer or two. No problem with the weather I understand Asbury Park music scene is always hot.

  • hélio enes xavier

    Hey guys!Is there a way that i can liesten yo the show on my ipod?
    Can i download it or something like that?

  • Steve Houk

    Simply fantastic. I'm a huge Bruce/Steven fan, but this was really a unique experience, just two friends sitting around BS'ing about music, and it was fabulous. The genuine laughter, the camraderie, the memories, felt like hanging out in the garage talking tunes. Loved it. Thanks guys.

  • Maurizio

    The story about the two young guitar players is just awesome!

  • Dan Callahan

    Great interview, Steve. Not just personal stories, but the great technical stuff like how Bruce turned "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" into Badlands with a key change. That is really amazing stuff.

  • Stiv

    I loved the stories about turning up the amps to ten (very "Spinal Tap," if I may say so); buying a bass guitar without knowing it's a bass guitar and stringing it with regular guitar strings (again, hints of "Spinal Tap"); Springsteen not getting into Dylan until the release of "Like a Rolling Stone," which happened at a time when a lot of Dyan fans thought he had sold out; and how the Rolling Stones were actually more of an inspiration than the Beatles for Bruce and Steven (That reminded me of something Lester Bangs wrote about a friend saying to him, "The Beatles seem a little too perfect. The Stones seem like they could be one of us."). To me, that's the very essence of the punk rock ethos.

    • jcjohnson63


  • Christian Mihopoulos

    This was priceless. listened to it recorded it and listened to it again. Very clever of Bruce changing the animals dont let me be misunderstood from minor to a major. Gonna take a lesson with Nils online to learn this. Would love to hear Bruce and the E Street Band play the Doors break on thru some time

  • mike mcguire

    Very Surprised to hear Bruce didn't listen to Bob's
    early records....good show!

  • Federico Messina

    I wanna be where Steve and Bruce are!
    Thank you guys!

  • Mike Rice

    I listen to these greats talk to each other and it makes me think how they are the antithesis of all those other rock groups that unravel because of personality differences between the members i.e. The Beatles, The Clash, The Who, The Jam, Velvet Underground. Bruce and Stevie have maintained their friendship for decades. You can tell that they have a great love for each other. Their conversation is hypnotic and holy for lovers of rock and roll.

  • Skullington Lee Fyre

    Hey Bruce & Stevie,
    I met you guys in the bar of the hotel in Baton Rouge after y'all played at the Cotillion Ballroom (LSU) in 1980. It
    was a very rainy night and we talked for about 20 minutes;
    y'all were very friendly. I love the Troggs! I also met Reg Presley....(!)
    Your friend,

  • Carolyn Topp

    Dear Stevie,
    Thank you for doing this and sharing your love for the music and the man.

    Dear Bruce
    Thank you for coming up with a new way to continue the conversation that began 36 years ago for me.

  • ronald levine

    listening from sunny but chilly italy, really love the bruce and steve show....

  • Athena Peaceriver

    @Raymond I agree! And I'm only 22..

  • silvia

    listening to this show as well as beautifull music you can feel the sentiment of friendship
    thanks Stevie !! thanks Bruce

  • Cathy Puffer

    love the stories and the laughter that comes from knowing each other as well as Bruce and Stevie do - wow this is powerful stuff! So glad that we can hear it when ever we want to on the website - thanks!

  • gypsy

    really love this show
    great to hear steve and bruce chat this way
    and THE MUSIC...wow
    i'm buyin on itunes as i listen!
    thanks guys

  • John Marley

    I hear the show on clz,Portland,ME,sunday nights and then listen again on the website. Restores my faith. Been a Bruce,Stevie and e-street junkie since a show @ the Trenton War Memorial in 73-or74, Unforgetable show. Thanks to you both and the band!

  • jcjohnson63

    awesome does not even BEGIN to describe this series of shows!!! they are real TRUE BELIEVERS IN ROCK AND ROLL!!!

  • Rick K

    Dave played an Epiphone Casino (later adopted by Paul, then John & George) Check out early vids, I mean "promo films" on You Tube.


    stevie and bruce are cooooool !!!

  • jewels

    To the nicest man in showbusiness, i remember living most of this in real time. growing up and being a teenager in England during this period was just the best. how lucky we were.shaped all our lives.Long may you keep playing this great stuff

  • Ann McMahon

    Is anybody else cracking up listening to Steve reading the ads or is it just me?
    Is there no end to this mans talents?

    • Doreen DeFeo-Gilroy

      the man is beyond incredible==who else could read those commercials like that?? and write, arrange and produce the music he has?
      how cool is this stuff??

  • Joe

    The Beatles were "growing" music; The Rolling Stones were "groin" music. If you were searching your psyche the Fab Four couldn't be beat. If you wanted to party The Stones were your bag. The only thing I ever had in common with my father while growing up on Ridge Street in Newark New Jersey, was the Beatles (their songs from '64-'65.

  • Scott Welch

    Steven needs to do some shows like this with Southside Johnny. The stories with Bruce were great listening but Johnny and Steven are always hilarious together and Johnny has a lot more breadth to his influences. I'm sure that would lead to some great stories of how Johnny and Steven developed the early Jukes together.

  • jbelser

    This show is the greatest thing ever.

  • Michael P Sandberg

    Well I gotta say that finally someone has provided us with an alternative to the shit on TV. The coolest part is that I can relate personally to alot of the stuff you guys are talking about. I went to Freehold HS. We used to go hear Bruce and the band (at the time the Castilles) over at the Left Foot coffee shop in Freehold on South Street. Man its all coming back now.
    The music was everything back then. Still is to a certain degree. So cool. Love the shows.

  • pandaexpress

    God, I love everything about this show and then you go and add the single greatest entertainer of this or any time! BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!

  • joeyducci

    very cool. the only radio show that gets me to buy music nowadays...new and old music. good music.

  • Peter Romeo

    I love this. CANNOT.GET.ENOUGH of the love these two have for the music , and each other, guitars, jersey, cool, history, and LOUDness. just excellent Littl Steve!! your Sirius station is a national treasure.

  • terence r tumelty

    love the show,do some more!! make it a regular gig

  • Steed Colliss

    In set 3, the Hollies' "Look Through Any Window" is missing from playlist...
    In set five, the second "Confessin' the Blues" should be "Congradulations"...

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