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Show 433 - GIRLS OF SUMMER 2009

Show 433 - GIRLS OF SUMMER 2009

Air Date:

Sunday, 18 July 2010

This is a warning.

Don’t go out. Don’t go out alone.

They’re everywhere. You can’t get away.

You’re doomed!

It’s the girls of summer, and they’re in the Underground Garage this week and we love it.

Joining us will be the MC5, the Lyres, the Beach Boys, Moby Grape, the Clash, and Them.

Cool new bands like the Insomniacs and Catfight!

Find out what Donovan, Stiv Bators, and Joe Perry have in common.

They’re coming, you can’t stop them, it’s the girls of summer this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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  • sdingeswho

    Player on the new site working fine :-D, and that's a good thing, especially in the case of *this* show --- "Girls of Summer" is an absolute triumph, one of the best shows, ever, and I've been with LSUG from the beginning. Ummm, Steven, something occurs to me --- why nothing in here, or much in any other show, at all, from Debbie Harry and/or Blondie? If any singer and truly incredible band deserved to be held up as an example of how the "flame of Garage" was kept alive during the Dark Days of Disco, it's them! I've got a whole essay for you on "why Blondie is the 'elephant-gun' of latter-day garage (post '60s)", and now that the site's back up I'll hammer it into shape and send it to you. Just thinking out loud --- Hell! I could do a whole *show* on Blondie, without half trying! Plus, I *know* you know Debbie personally, Steve --- you've *got* to get her to do a program-ID spot! :-D

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