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For Clarence

For Clarence

Air Date:

Friday, 01 July 2011

Hey everybody, Little Steven here.

As most of you know by now we lost Clarence Clemons a few days ago.

The Rock and Roll world lost an irreplaceable performer. The E Street Band lost its second member. And I lost another life long friend.

So this week in the Underground Garage we are changing our format to do a tribute to Clarence, his solo work with The Red Bank Rockers, his acting roles, and of course his unforgettable work with the E Street Band.

So come celebrate “The Big Man” this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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Comments: 49 Comments

  • Playlist:

    Set 1:
    Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (Live) (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    Musical Bed: Forgivness (Clarence Clemons)
    Night (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    Jumpstart My Heart (Clarence Clemons & the Red Bank Rockers)
    Say Goodbye To Hollywood (Ronnie Spector & the E Street Band)
    Out In The Street (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    Musical Bed: Paradise By The C (Clarence Clemons)
    To Break: Time To Move On (Norman Seldin & the Joyous Noise)

    Set 2:
    Musical Bed: Peter Gun Theme (Clarence Clemons)
    Mary Lou (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    The Fever (Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes)
    Sherry Darling (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    You’re A Friend Of Mine (Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne)
    Musical Bed: Small Things (Clarence Clemons)   
    To Break: On The Edge Of Glory (Lady Gaga)       

    Set 3:
    Musical Bed: Slow Walk (Sil Austin)
    She’s The One (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    All The Good Ones Are Taken (Ian Hunter)
    Savin’ Up (Clarence Clemons & the Red Bank Rockers)
    Freeway Of Love (Aretha Franklin)
    Musical Bed: Light Of The City (Clarence Clemons)
    To Break: Back In Your Arms (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)

    Set 4:
    Musical Bed: Rosalita (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    Loose Ends (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    A Woman’s Got The Power (Clarence Clemons & the Red Bank Rockers)
    Daddy’s Come Home (Gary U.S. Bonds)
    Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    Musical Bed: Liberation Fire (Clarence Clemons)
    To Break: All Alone On Christmas (Darlene Love)

    Set 5:
    Musical Bed: Road To Paradise (Clarence Clemons)
    Gotta Get That Feeling (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    Summer On Signal Hill (Clarence Clemons & the Red Bank Rockers)
    Jungleland (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    If I Should Fall Behind (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
    Musical Bed: The Last Time (Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra)

Comments (49)

  • silvia


    "GIVE ME A C-L-A-R-E-N-C-E......"




  • alvin wayne best

    thanks, he was amazing, i met hime once and he didn't pull the star thang. i miss him with bruce, but like you're showing, he was incrediable thank you cc and little steven!

  • waaw9

    It's good to know that Danny, and Clarence, will not let the band, or us out here, fall behind, as they disappear down Flamingo Lane. Thanks so much for the heartfelt tribute to the Big Man.


    thank you stevie for just a great show
    I was only just able to listen tonight
    P.S. I appreciate so much the music on the underground garage...

  • Joe Rodak

    Steve, thank you for putting together the best Clarence tribute there could be. It must've been so difficult for you to do. To listen is both painful and soothing at the same time. Your Underground Garage is the best. Deepest condolences,
    Joe Rodak
    LV, NV

  • sanctified4one

    Absolutely beautiful...

  • davef71140

    Thank you for such great radio. I didnt know of the big man that much but the heart seems to be in the right place. Listen to Dylan to learn. My condolences Dave from Cleveland

  • barbara grinnen

    Just listening to this show today--thanks for such a moving and heartfelt tribute to The Big Man.

  • duval58

    So much good music, so many good memories, keep the E Street band going and keep the music alive Steve.

  • Tom Trapp

    'C' is for cool which only a foolish man would dispute!
    'L' is for lean and mean and loaded with loot!
    'A' is for the ACE of the saxaphone!
    'R' is cause he is a regular guy even though he is world
    'E' is for everlasting love which I hold so dear!
    'N' is for nasty-mess with him and your face he will smear!
    'C' is for that c-note he has owed me since last year!
    'E' is for everything else I forgot!

    He is the King of the World - Master of the Universe - Emporer of all things - Minister of Soul - The Doctor of Love - able to leap tall women in a single bound!

    God has left heaven and now sits besides Clarence in the Temple of Soul where the angels sit at his feet in awe as he plays for the heavens for all eternity!!

  • Wyldangel

    What a wonderful and heartfelt tribute to a one of a kind man. Thank you so much for sharing not only the music, but your personal thoughts and feelings for your lifelong friend. My condolences to his band family and his at home family. Not only will he live on through his music, but in the hearts of all those that loved him.

  • kristiina lampinen

    Thank you Steven for making this heartfelt tribute to Clarence Clemons. There are so many magical notes floating out of Clarence's saxophone here.

    • Gav Roberts

      lovely comment x

  • Gav Roberts

    Dear Steven,

    Thank you very much for this wonderful tribute. And Thank you Clarence for letting us hear you power and your heartfelt music, that got me through so many days and nights of my life from being a 14 year old kid all the way through to the 31 year old, father of 3 I am today, who had to tell a heartbroken 10 year old that the "Big Man" was gone (he seen the e-street band aged 6 in Manchester and has been a disciple ever since :-)......

    So thanks Clarence and I know Bruce, Steven and all the rest of the guys and girls will make sure we all remember you and Danny.....but that wont be hard at all.....

    Bon Voyage Big Man.


    I saw him many times in Madrid, were you know we love de E-street band.
    You lost two of greatest in too short time.
    I´m very sorry.


    Beautiful tribute Steve. Was privileged to see Clarence, you, and the rest of the band in my home country of the UK, and all over Europe and the US too. Thanks for the memories.

  • robin crowson

    great show steve lets remember the good times and the great pleasure you all have given us and will continue to do so, if we fall behind wait for us
    peace and happiness x

  • jcjohnson63

    words cannot express what clarence did to you when he played. miss him much already. great tribute to the Man! RIP

  • Brian Bowman

    Thank You Steven,
    My tears keep flowing... What a gift to us Clarence was! (Thank Goodness for recordings!)
    Keep on playing. (I know you will.)
    Sincerely Grateful,
    Brian Bowman.

  • BroadwayBill

    Does anybody know if Steve did a similar tribute to Danny? Is that show archived here?

  • gypsy


    Wonderful tribute. Clarence and his sax have had such a big influence on me, along with the rest of the E Street Band. My heart goes out to his family and many, many close friends.

    I saw Clarence and Nils sometime in the 90s in Las Vegas. Wow, what fun that was. He will be missed.

    I think the Underground Garage is the best and hope it never ends.

    Thanks Stevie!

  • fenderman31

    It has been a hard last 2 weeks knowing that the Big Man no longer exists in this mortal world. But I go on with the knowledge knowing that we all see him in the next one. Rave On Big Man!!!

  • Darren W. Alexander

    Thank you very much, Little Steven, for this heartfelt tribute. I know that the spirit of the Big Man was with the Underground Garage and you as well, and always will be.

  • Timothy Stewart

    Thanks Little Steven. What a wonderful Eulogy.

  • speady

    Gracias Little Steve por el homenaje a Clarence. He visto muchas veces a la E Street Band en Madrid y sentí una gran tristeza por su pérdida. Afortunadamene nos queda su músca y los buenísimos recuerdos.

  • Chuck Roland

    Clarence will be remembered as the greatest side man in the hisory of rock and roll; and I'm sure he was an even greater friend. Thanks,Steven, for a woderful eulogy. Rock and Roll heaven just got its sax player, and the world will always miss him.

  • TommyBo

    Great tribute to Clarence, his soul and sound will live forever in the recordings!

    Tommy & Stupidity

  • Mark Hughes

    where can i get that version of 10th ave. that opened the show? simply stunning...jus like the show, good job LS!!!

  • teri kress

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!

  • ian raby

    A fabulous tribute to the great man, he'll be missed.

  • Filippo Amati

    Big Man, death is not the last word, you have made it clear with your notes. This is the only guarantee we have, so another time blow Big Man, blow!

  • Rich Huhn

    Thanks for producing and sharing this show. A super tribute to a man and a group of musicians who have been a big impact on my life since 1972. We were hanging out in the high school parking (Juniors drinking beer, but not getting in trouble) lot when someone grabbed an 8 Track tape and said "You guys have to listen to this...It's going to be huge". Thanks C

  • raphael godemet

    thanks mister clarence clemons ! rest in peace with danny and viva rock'n' roll and the east street band for ever !

  • Kathryn Keir

    A wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. He brought us so much beautiful music and love through his saxophone. I have been honoured to have stood in front of him at so many shows.....memories that will remain with me always.

    Thank you Clarence for giving us so much beautiful music....and thank you Steve for this beautiful tribute.

    RIP Bigman. Your music will live on forever.

  • terence r tumelty

    brilliant programme!!fantastic tribute to a fantastic musician. r.i.p.big man.

  • bob parker

    I will miss you Clarence......see ya on the otherside

  • duval58

    One week later still listening to a heartfelt and emotional show Steve, will listen to this show again and again and feel the same every time for the loss of a truly wonderful and talented Big Man.

  • michael korwek

    thanks steve for a great tribute. Cant belive hes gone .

  • simon c. colombo

    Thank you, C!


  • ganesha

    thank you for this heartful tribute to a great musician and a man with human dignity and spiritual wisdom.
    Clarence, will see you further on up the road on the pilgrimage of rememberence.
    An angel is a human being, who is in love with God. Not just loves but in love, for love can be shared, but where it is in love, it is exclusive an total.
    An angel is a person with principles, who moves by the spirit not the letter of the law. He sees the motion not the moves, sees the heart not the words.
    An angel is therefore a friend for he understands not what but why and his eyes offer solution not judgement.
    An angel is a child, simple but deep. Simple in the things that make life complicated like possessions and people and deep in the things, that are hidden like the future.
    An angel is a child but an ancestor. A child hides nothing an ancestor has secrets.
    An angel is a guest, for he cleans up behind him. Where there has been misunderstanding, he returns to clarify, where there has been hatred. He is never without gifts and always without burden.
    An angel is a protector. He sings such songs that the danger averts and a fortress is build from his thinking. Come close to an angel and you feel you are safe and can rest.
    An angel is a sanctuary in which you can sit. The atmosphere inside him is of longstanding peace and quiet and the door is open. But only to those who are honest.
    An angel is a mirror that reflects the truth kindly. So that you can see in his face what you are. But if you where told you were poor you'd dance, because on the other side of the poverty would be the image of what you will be.
    An angel is made of solitude; he is also all things to all people.

  • Karen DelBrocco

    I met Clarence when I got into a backstage party after a concert you did in West Point in the 70's. You all were very nice and took pictures with us - Ed Schiaky was in the pictures too. Clarence asked me to go to a party with the band in Chicago and I told him I had to get home to Philly to work, and he said "another time then". I tell this story often as meeting him and all of you changed my life. I grieved after Ed and Danny passed away, and am now grieving for Clarence. I am appreciative of your honoring him. I can't imagine what you and the rest of the band are feeling and since I have been addicted to the band from the first note I heard you all play at West Point, I treasure the pictures and autographs you guys gave us from that concert and as anyone who knows me will say - Is that all you play is Bruce and the band's music. I will always remember the entire band as I first saw you play and want to thank you all for the hard work it took in putting out your music that in my opinion can never be matched, and would never have been the same without Clarence. P.S. Glad The Promise was released before his passing.

  • Richard Kollee

    Dear Steven,

    Great thanks for your tribute broadcast. I read about this special on Bruce's site and stayed up very, very late to enjoy it.
    There's only one true way to honour Clarence Clemons and that is through music. This more-than-man human being has been such a great contributor to both rock and soul music.
    Thank you Clarence, and thank you Steven, for selecting these beautiful songs. The end of the show just gave me chills of love.

    Richard Kollee

    - I'm glad and proud to have seen Clarence and the E Street
    Band live three times in my 20 years in the Netherlands. -

  • Mirco Vitali

    Thanks for all BIG MAN!!!

  • CHARTIER Bernard

    Thanks for this tribute to the great man. Unfortunately I never saw the E Street Band on stage but I don't despair to see it one day. Time is just a man invention and human is passing by. I got to see you one day before the whole E Street Band and myself will rock in Heaven, even if I believe Jesus likes Rock&Roll.
    Cheers to you all, keep on rocking.
    Ben (France)

  • Chris Dougherty

    This is a beautiful, loving tribute that I am blinking back tears all through out. Clarence was a wonderful, joyous and talented musician whose spirit lives on. I took my son Kyle to see Bruce and the Band at Giants stadium in 2008 and he's been a convert ever since. Thanks Steven, my deepest are with you and the E Street Band and rock on becuase I think the Big Man would want it.

  • David O'Hara

    The tribute to Clarence: First off, I LOVED it! Although I find it surreal that I maybe criticizing anything done by Little Steven and I know there was a TON of music to consider, I can't believe that "He Can't Love You" or "Lover" by The Michael Stanley Band didn't make the cut. I remember when I first saw them play live before buying the album, I thought the saxophone player was killing himself to sound like Clarence. When I bought the album, I found out why.

  • paco ferre

    we love you

  • Vicente Casanova Guerra

    Gracias Clarence

  • Mooko Marx

    I'm in tears listening to Steve's tribute in the first set.

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