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03.04.01 Episode 100:Yeah Baby, Yeah!
And They said it wouldn't last . .
This week you, the listeners, will weigh in with your choices for The Coolest Song In The World for 2003 and who you've crowned Most Cool. We're going to play the Top Ten of Last Year as decided by listener votes from all over the planet.
In addition, since it is Oscar Weekend, we are examining the Academy Awards through the Underground Garage Camera Lens and answering the really important questions such as:
Why are they called the Oscars? Did Bette Davis name them?
What actor’s career consisted of 5 movies, all 5 of which were nominated for Best Picture?
How did the Searchers get their name?
Who played piano on "Wild Horses" and why?
Will Todd Abramson get a cellphone?
What's Garland Jeffreys up to?
We're not going to tell you which bands are on the show this week because we're not giving anything away this week.
All we can say is
Forget the Red Carpet, take a ride on the Magic Carpet baby and come fly with us.

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Show 101 - ON THE ROAD Show 101  -  ON THE ROAD

03.04.07 Episode 101:On the Road
We're celebrating Jack Kerouac this week, ahem, like without whom, you dig?
As Steven says, 'jack would devour, make love to, and push to new limits a language called English which he wouldn't speak until he was five years old. ' Indeed, "on the road" would change the world and our consciousness forever.
We're spinning some road songs and some stories about and by jack himself. The atmosphere he was born into - the legendary artists and writer who became his greatest friends - the birth of the beat generation.
You'll also hear a world premiere - three songs from an upcoming album by some folks we've dug before who live rather far away. A place where the water runs down the drain backwards.
Contemporary garage from the likes of Jarvis Humby, Gluecifer, Courtney Love, Manic Hispanic, the Charms, the Chesterfield Kings, Back in Spades, the Vines, and the Defectors.
So snap those fingers, and blow baby blow.
"It was drizzling and mysterious at the beginning of our journey. I could see that it was all going to be one big sags of the mist. "Whooee!" yelled Dean. "Here we go!" and he hunched over the wheel and gunned her; he was back in his element, everybody could see that. We were delighted, we all realized we were leaving confusion and nonsense behind and performing our one and noble function of the time, move."
- Jack Kerouac, On the Road

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Show 102 - BACK DOWN UNDER Show 102  -   BACK DOWN UNDER

03.04.21 Episode 102: Back Down Under (u.r.)
We're completely fed up with this long, cold winter so we thought we'd revisit a place where it is currently summer: literally the other side of the world, Australia and New Zealand!
We shall seek the answers to cosmic questions like. . .
How was Australia discovered, like man, what's the real story?
Is it true that not one member of the legendary Aussie legends the Easybeats is actually from Australia?
Where is Peter Garrett and what is he doing?
What teen dance TV show did kids in oz watch in the 60's?
Who wrote that way cool riff in the film music of master and commander?
Along with Aussie and kiwi legends like the Easybeats, the Saints, Toni McCann, the Stems, the Bee Gees, Midnight Oil, the Lime Spiders, Radio Birdman, the Purple Hearts, Simple Image, the Scientists, the La De Das . . .
We also tune in to groovy contemporary sounds from the likes of the Chevelles, the d4, the Vines, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, Jet, the Hekawis, and Mr. Brown.
No worries, mate, we can guarantee you that no kangaroos were tied down during the recording of this show.
Pass the tim tams and turn the radio up loud.

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03.04.21 Episode 103: MOONDOG CORONATION BALL
Are you suffering from the 21st century malady known as time deficit disorder?
Can't get to the gym, pally?
No time for the kiddies?
And when was the last time you attended church?
Well don't worry about a thing this week.
Underground garage is simply divine as we celebrate the first rock concert, the first rock movie. Not to mention the vernal equinox, no that's not a sexual position, it's springtime, you stupid!
Allow us to raise your spiritual consciousness as we offer Creation, Angels, Kings, Comets, Love, and Thunder.
Don't worry, we also have Rascals, Raiders, Yardbirds, and Defectors for those of you who live on the dark side.
Come explore the mysteries of life as we open up pandora's box of goodies in the underground garage.
See you this weekend.
~Little Steven~

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Show 104 - BRANDO Show 104  -  BRANDO

03.04.28 Episode 104: WILD ONE
Have you been watching too much TV?
Getting depressed as another presidential election approaches with candidate choices you wouldn't have let in your social club, never mind elected them to some office?
Where are our heroes, you ask?
They're all in the underground garage, that's where!
And this week we salute Marlon Brando, that's right baby, the wild one himself!
and helping us celebrate is Iggy Pop, John Mayall, and Courtney Love. How's that for a trifecta?
We got vines, Fondas, Dolls, and Defectors - a virtual wild kingdom of Animals, Byrds, and Beatles - and we're going back to my hometown of Boston for our coolest song in the world this week.
We're on the waterfront baby with Zapata, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, and the godfather.
We're on a streetcar named underground garage.
We'll see you this weekend.
~Little Steven~

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Show 105 - B-MOVIE Show 105  -  B-MOVIE

04.04.04 Episode 105: B-MOVIE
Have you been going to the movies more and enjoying it less?
Does it cost you almost as much to go to the movies as it does to make them?
Well, come back to radio - where we show the coolest movies in the world every week in the Underground Garage!
And this week we honor the King of the B's himself, Roger Corman!
Helping us celebrate will be the Chocolate Watch Band, the Searchers, Donovan, the Dave Clark Five, and new music from the Defectors, the Minus 5, the Vines, Jet, and the Charms.
Find out what Edgar Allen Poe and Elmore James have in common!
And if that's not enough - a new record by The Who!
That's right, I said a new record by The Who!
Join us this week with wild angels, crab monsters, in our little shop of horrors.
We'll be tripping as we conquer the world from the Underground Garage.
See you this weekend!
~Little Steven~

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Show 106 Show 106

Episode 106: London/1964 (Updated Repeat)
You don't get a chance to travel much, do you?
If you reach the end of the mall do you feel like Vasco de Gama?
Do you read National Geographic and get off on the palm trees like they're Playboy centerfolds?
Then take a trip with us in the Underground Garage to London town - 1964 London to be even more trippy!
If you weren't one to begin with, we'll make you an anglophile by hanging out with the Beatles, the Stones, the Yardbirds, the Animals, the Hollies, the Dave Clark Five, and their black sheep mutant progeny - the Libertines, the Gore Gore Girls, the Kaisers, and the Master Plan. Not to mention cameo appearances by Small Faces, Searchers, Pacemakers, and Buzzcocks.
Its Merrie Old England in 1964 mate.
We'll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.
~Little Steven~

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Episode 107: Leader of the Laundromat
Are you fed up with the filth that permeates our disgusting society?
Gossiping reporters dishing the dirt -
Politicians slinging mud -
Buses and factories spewing pollution -
Nothing but filth, filth, filth!
Come celebrate hygiene with us in the Underground Garage.
We have shiny new Jets, immaculate Stones, organic Vines, and lucky Charms - balanced out by Rascals, Yardbirds, Defectors, and a very scary but spotless Cult or two.
Come join us as we discover why is Norway so clean, and as we answer the question what do Alex Chilton and Courtney Love have in common?
Don't mind the gas fumes and oil spots - after all, its only fossil fuels. Use 'em before we lose 'em.
And we'll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.

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Show 108 - 1958 AGAIN Show 108  -  1958 AGAIN

Episode 108: 1958 Again (Updated Repeat) Are you paying attention in school?
Are you cheating off that girl at the next desk?
Are you hacking into computers to change your grades?
Well, come to the Underground Garage for the only history that really matters!
We got professor Blues Magoo, guidance counselor Dusty Springfield, and principal David Johansen along with the rest of the faculty -- and quite a few who have misplaced their faculties, like some Woggles and Yardbirds and Launderettes and Outrageous Cherries!
Come discover the secrets of the universe , the answers to all questions and, most importantly, why all modern movies really suck. . .
There's a master plan to our reigning sound so when the Strawberry Alarm Clock goes off -- meet us this weekend in the Underground Garage!
~Little Steven~

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Show 109 - OUT OF OUR TREE Show 109  -  OUT OF OUR TREE

Episode 109: Out Of Our Tree
The flowers are blooming. The birdies are tittering. Winter’s chill has lost its sting.
Spring is upon us!
So come with us in the Underground Garage to a land where the sun never shines, the coffee is never regular, and people like it when it rains . . . . . . And on yeah, they practically invented rock and roll as we know it!
It is the Birthplace of Garage Rock.
We’ll have the Wailers, the Sonics, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and of course the Kingsmen.
New northwest cool cats like the Model Rockets, Minus Five, the Supersuckers, and the Boss Martians.
And look who else is avoiding those cancer causing rays of the sun – it’s the Kinks, it’s the Stones, the Ramones, and the Stooges. Not a George Hamilton tan in sight.
It’s Portland. It’s Tacoma. It’s Vancouver. It’s Seattle.
It’s dark, it’s wet, it’s cool!
We’ll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.

~Little Steven~

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