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Show 568 - Surfs Up! Not!

Show 568 - Surfs Up! Not!

Air Date:

Monday, 18 February 2013

Hey baby, Little Steven here.

Are you freezing to death?

Are you afraid to go outside?

Is your car not starting because the gasoline is frozen in the tank?

Then it’s time to get to the beach, and celebrate the sun this weekend in the Underground Garage, where the surf is always up.

Joining us will be Jan & Dean, the Beach Boys, Bobby Freeman, Procol Harum, Herman’s Hermits, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Brand new music from Christian McNeill and Sea Monsters, the Twylight Zones, Palmyra Delran, the Trashed Romeos, and the Nomads.

Tune in to find out what Lee Marvin, Frank Zappa, and Handsome Dick Manitoba have in common.

It’s surfs up this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you on the beach in the Underground Garage.

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  • Playlist:

    Set 1:

    It’s Cold Outside (Choir)

    Musical Bed: Grindhouse Theme (Robert Rodriguez)

    Surf City (Jan & Dean)

    Help Me Rhonda (Beach Boys)

    California Sun (Dictators)

    C’mon And Swim (Bobby Freeman)

    Then He Kissed Me (Crystals)

    Ride The Wild Surf (Jan & Dean)

    Musical Bed: Mouthbreather (Evan Foster)


    Set 2:

    Musical Bed: Spasi, Gospodi (Slavyanka Men’s Chorus)

    Shine On Brightly (Procol Harum)

    Fire (Crazy World Of Arthur Brown)

    I Will Always Be Your Friend (Christian McNeill & Sea Monsters)

    Death Of A Clown (Kinks)

    Ride On Baby (Twylight Zones)

    Ain’t That Peculiar (Marvin Gaye)

    Musical Bed: Biscaya (Krontjong Devils)


    Set 3:

    Musical Bed: Neenies Famous Weenies (Ben Vaughn)

    Catholic Girls (Frank Zappa)

    If I Needed Someone (Beatles)

    Shy Boy (Palmyra Delran)

    She’s Just My Style (Gary Lewis & the Playboys)

    Musical Bed: Wailin’ (Wailers)


    Set 4:

    Musical Bed: Walkin’ With Mr. Lee (Lee Allen & His Band)

    Miles Away (Nomads)

    In And Out Of My Life (Pandoras)

    A Must To Avoid (Herman’s Hermits)

    Somebody’s Been Sleeping (100 Proof Aged In Soul)

    Musical Bed: TNT (Champs)


    Set 5:

    Musical Bed: The Wild One Theme (Leith Stevens)

    I’m Not Talking (Yardbirds)

    Saturday’s Child (Monkees)

    Gotta Find A New Love (Trashed Romeos)

    Shakin’ Street (MC5)

    Walkin’ By Myself (Paul Butterfield Blues Band)

    Musical Bed: Watusi Zombie (Jan Davis)

Comments (13)

  • Steed Colliss

    Surf's up, s'tie ! Great first set !!! Oh, and the rest of the show was good too !!!

  • Caleb Chase

    Hello...Another great show. Also, I started watching LilyHammer. It's absolutely fabulous!!! Great cast and writing. Keep up all the great work.

  • Robert P Smarse Jr.

    O.K. WOW! I'm glad that I took only 1 hit of Hindu Masters because I got really confused over this one, Uncle Stevie! Thanks for another 5 star special, Little Steven! And also-Thank You Very Much, Administrator, for getting the show up into the Archives within 72-96 hours, depending on where you live. GOOD WORK!! A Job Very Well Done! O.K. Show # 568. Surf's Up! Not! Another new spin, Maharaj of Garage! Loved opening comments regarding THE BIG PICTURE! We need the Winter to give us a true perspective. YES! YES! YES! A Question Of Balance! And me being a New Englander my whole life has only made me stronger-FOR SURE! YES! 65 years of New England Winters! LOVE THEM! But I digress. Set 1. It's C followedold Outside by The Choir who came from Cleveland where the Winters are REALLY COLD! Jan And Dean bring us to Surf City where we all can warm up. The Beach Boys give us Help Me Rhonda from way back in 1965 & also truly one of their best from those days. Handsome Dick Manitoba & the dictators give us their cool version of California Sun. C'Mon And Swim with Bobby Freeman which is then followed by the Truly Excellent Greenwich-Berry-Spector masterpiece which we know as Then He Kissed me by The Crystals. the 1st set closes with Ride The Wild Surf by Jan and Dean. Rather unusual to have 2 songs by the same artists in the same set but Jan And Dean did come BEFORE The BEACh Boys. Cool sound byte by Woody Allen. Hi WOODY! Set 2. Nice anecdote about some religious stuff that I don't completely understand so I shall mum-up on that one. The incredible Procol Harum with the also incredible Shine On Brighty. Great Tune! The Crazy World of Arthur Brown give us FIRE which was related to that religious burning at the stake. Cool new stuff by Christian McNeil & The Sea Monsters who come crawling out of Boston Harbor to give us I Will Always Be Your Friend. the Excellent Death Of A Clown by the Kinks and more specifically Mr. Dave Davies who both wrote and sang lead. New Jerseys's Twylight Zones give us the rather obscure Rolling Stones tune Ride On baby. I hope youse guys caught that cool flick "Not Fade Away" in the cinemas where you could really here the excellent musical production of tunes picked out by Mr. Steven Van Zandt. Marvin Gaye, with his voice of silk, closes set 2 with Ain't That Peculiar. Set 3. Really, Stevie, how did you link surfing with Religion? But You Did! Patron Saint of Television! As you said, Stevie, "Stick that in your Blu-Ray"! Leave it to Mr. Frank Zappa to open the set with Catholic Girls from the back of Joe's Garage. I wonder if Zappa's garage was UNDERGROUND? The Beatles follow with If I Needed Someone from way back in 1965 which was penned by Mr. George Harrison. truly one of his finest as a Beatle. Palmyra Del ran follows up with Shy Boy. Gary Lewis and his Playboys close the T.V. set with She's Just My Style, which is then followed by the excellent musical bed by The Wailers with Wailin'. What Else? I don't know either, Stevie, as to whether or not Jesus Surfed. Why would he? Especially in view of the fact that he could WALK ON WATER!! YEAH-BABY! Thank You-Saint Claire! Yes, Stevie, we are in complete denial of Winter as SURF IS UP! Set 4. Coolest song of the week contributed by the very well named Nomads from Sweden with Miles Away. Pretty Cold in Sweden, EH? The late great Paula Pierce, who left us way too soon, leads the Pandoras with In And Out Of MY Life In A Day. Tragic Loss-To Be sure! Peter Noone leads Herman's Hermits with their very cool She's A Must To Avoid. The incredible 100 Proof Aged In Soul give us Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed. Another very cool musical bed by The Champs with TNT! Excellent tune! Set 5. Very nice tribute to Lee Marvin who was our freak of The Week. Excellent Actor! Yes! 1953 saw him "The Wild One" & The Big Heat. Lee Marvin Has Arrived! His motorcycle gang was named The Beetles in "The Wild One", which also displayed Mr. Marlon Brando in a big-time break-out! Great sound bytes from various films that Lee starred in. I'M Not Talking by the Yardbirds. sounds like Marvin, all right! One Very Cool Dude! The Monkees with Saturday's Child. The Trashed Romeos Gotta Find A New Love. Wayne Kramer & the vastly underrated MC5 follow with Shakin' Street. Not UNderrated in The Underground Garage, however, thanks to you, Little Steven! The very cool Paul Butterfield Blues Band deliver Walking By Myself which brings another show to a very bittersweet close. Nice to see that Hollywood honored Lee Marvin with An Oscar for his 1965 best Actor role in Cat Ballou. Very Well Deserved! My favorite marvin role was in the excellent neo-noir "Point Blank" from 1967. Well, Stevie, I don't know how you did it but you did put such a diverse show that ranged from Surfing to Winter to Religion to Mr. Lee Marvin. Thank You Very Much, Little Steven! It certainly was a COLD SHOT!! Signing off. To all who live IN & FOR The Underground Garage-Peace Be With You! EEYAHH!! SMRZ!!

    • Steve Hibbs

      ..as usual thanks for this review SMRZ..!!..I'm just catching up with the show,and your review,I need to listen to it and go through it a few times to take it all on board ..!!..wealth of info..!!..there's always a few gem's hidden away every week on top of everything else...Christian McNeill and the Sea Monsters,diggin' that..not crazy about the band name though..still I'll get over it.!...the other one that caught my ear, 100 Proof Aged in Soul..I'm lovin' that..!!..real eclectic mixture of sounds and vibe..fantastic..!!..as was the diverse nature of the show as you point out,from Surfing to not acknowledging Winter to Religion to Lee Marvin,Cat Ballou..!!..no explanation needed..!!..you gotta love that right??....Underground Garage for you..!!..Take it Easy ..!!

    • greggie434

      Absolutely loved it when Steven said, "Stick That In Your Blu Ray!

  • phxroger

    Great show - but could you leave out "New York's a Lonely Town"? (My woodie's outside, covered with snow . . . . )

  • Ron Lynch

    Very good history lessons and thr sets rock too. Thanks Stevie, were freezing up here too in N.S.

  • david stoops

    Another great show Little Steven. Greetings From Jacksonville,Florida........And surfs up!

  • jcjohnson63

    yet another classic update. thank you. it helps with the cold air around here. surf's up. cowabunga dude!

  • Steve Hibbs

    try living in the UK guys,2 inches of snow and the whole country grinds to a halt..!..all over..!

  • markalbertsad

    steve may you and all in the underground garage stay forever young

  • greggie434

    "It's Cold Outside", by The Choir, I played that at least 6 times, trying to memorize the words! Procol Harum, Marvin Gaye, Frank Zppa, 100 proof aged in soul, The Pandoras, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, what a show!

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